The 5 Best Cordless Pole Saws of 2019


Pole chainsaws will allow you to trim your trees without having to make use of ladders most of the time. This greatly reduces the risk that comes with working on a ladder. We reviewed the 5 best cordless pole chainsaws of 2018. These are all battery powered, so no trip hazards with cords, mixing gasoline, and smelly fumes to worry about anymore!

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πŸ₯‡ The Best Cordless Pole Chainsaw

1. greenworks 80 volt pole saw

  • 10” Bar and Chain. High Performance 1/4" Chain For Quick Cutting
  • Brushless Motor Provides More Torque, Quiet Operation, and Longer Life
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil To The Bar and Chain For Continuous Lubrication
  • (Replacement Chain: 2937002). Use Greenworks GWSH0 Chainsaw Safety Helmet For...
  • 2Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included

This cordless pole chainsaw from Greenworks is one of the best options on the market overall. This is a pole chainsaw that you should be able to get many years of use out of.

2. Greenworks 40 Volt Pole Saw

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20672
8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches. Product weight: 8.360 pounds; Easy adjust chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain

This is another reliable cordless pole chainsaw from Greenworks. If you want to purchase an affordable pole chainsaw that will work nicely for most tasks, then this is going to be perfect. It may not work as well as the pro model for some tasks, but it has a slightly friendlier price tag.

3. ryobi cordless pole saw

You will like this pole chainsaw if you are okay with the fact that it doesn’t have an included battery or charger. This will be a deal breaker for some, but you can decide to purchase those things separately.

4. black and decker cordless pole saw

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch (LPP120)
Provides up to 100 cuts of 1 1/2 inches pine branches per charge; 8" cutting bar & chain allows for a maximum cutting diameter of 6"

This is a highly recommended purchase. It shares many of the positive qualities of the Greenworks Pro while extending even further. Consider purchasing this if you need a long pole chainsaw.

5. worx cordless pole saw

This is a good tool that is very lightweight overall. Its lack of weight may wind up leading to durability issues, but it cannot be denied that it is easy to use. It has an adequate reach and a good 20V battery, so it should appeal to many people.

Greenworks 80 V91012.8
Greenworks 40 V8.588.36
Black & Decker10810.4

Cordless Pole Saw Buying Guide

If you want to be able to cut down tall tree limbs, then you need to make sure that you have the right tool for the job. Owning a cordless pole saw is going to be the most effective way to cut down limbs and branches without having to climb a ladder. Climbing a ladder with a saw is never something that feels natural to many people, so the option of buying a cordless pole saw is very welcome. These tools are exceptionally easy to use and they have a lot of utility.

Most of the cordless pole saws on the market will have a length of at least eight feet, but some will be able to extend well beyond that. It isn’t uncommon to see a cordless pole saw that is as long as 12 feet, and this can make reaching tall branches a breeze. If you have many trees on your property, then it would certainly be beneficial to purchase one of these handy tools. You may want to learn a little bit more about them before you make an ultimate purchasing decision, though.

benefits of cordless pole chainsaws

Why We Love Cordless Pole Saws

Cordless pole saws are a very convenient way to take care of many tasks in your yard. If you need to cut something that is high up in the air, then you will be able to do the job with the cordless pole saw most of the time. With the reach of an average cordless pole saw being very high, it’s easy to cut down many tree limbs or branches without having to climb a ladder. This allows you to get these chores taken care of without having to go to too much trouble.

When you take your own wingspan into account, you should have a lot of reach with your cordless pole saw. Getting it where you need it to be will never feel too difficult. It’s also a fairly lightweight tool and it is significantly easier to hold for long periods of time than a gas powered pole saw. You won’t feel like it is too cumbersome to use for long periods of time, so finishing jobs will be very easy.

These saws are very desirable for several other reasons as well. One of the most important things you should know about cordless pole saws is that they are very environmentally friendly. These cordless pole saws run on battery power, and they are going to come with or without batteries, depending on your needs. The batteries are rechargeable and can be used repeatedly.

Being able to recharge the batteries means that you won’t have to worry about using gas. This means that your cordless pole saw won’t be emitting noxious fumes and it will be much more pleasant to use. It is a bit less powerful than a typical gas-powered model, but it is more than strong enough to handle most jobs. As long as you aren’t trying to cut through a tree limb that is exceptionally thick, a cordless pole saw will be able to do the job well.

The lack of having to deal with a cord makes these cordless pole saws very portable as well. You will be able to easily take this saw wherever you need it to go. If you have a large property, then this is going to be very convenient. Having a cord on your pole saw would effectively tether you to a certain location, but you won’t have to worry about that with a cordless model.

Saws such as this also have a tendency to operate much more quietly than many other pole saws. You won’t have to worry about waking up all of your neighbors when you need to cut down a few tree limbs. It is loud enough for you to know that it’s on, but it won’t be so obnoxious that it bothers other people. The fact that it runs quietly is certainly another reason to love it, as it just makes using it that much more pleasant.

best cordless pole chainsaw reviews

How to Use Cordless Pole Saws

Cordless pole saws are very easy to use overall. You simply need to make sure that the battery for the saw is charged up and ready to go. Once your battery pack is installed into your saw properly, you will be able to use the saw. You will be able to reach upwards with the saw and use it to cut down tree limbs and branches relatively easily.

Turning the saw on is very easy too. The handle will have a convenient button that you can press in to turn it on and off. You must continuously hold this trigger button in for the pole saw to stay on. Once you let it go, the saw is going to turn off as a safety feature to prevent you from accidentally harming yourself.

You shouldn’t need to stand on a ladder in order to reach what you’re trying to cut with your cordless pole saw. Simply stand near the tree branch that you are trying to cut down and reach up to it with your saw. You’ll be able to position the saw properly to cut the branch down and your job will be done. This makes trimming your trees a lot easier than it would otherwise be.

Many people use cordless pole saws to keep tree branches from growing over the top of their garages or homes. You don’t want tree limbs to grow large and then fall on your property after a heavy storm. These are also effective tools for trimming trees to make them look nicer. If you want to ensure that your trees will be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, then you’ll be able to use this saw to great effect.

safety pole chainsaws

Important Safety Considerations

You should do your best to be very careful while you are using your cordless pole saw. There are several safety features built right into the pole saw so that you won’t harm yourself. As mentioned above, you have to hold the button trigger on the handle in for the saw to stay on. Once you release it, the saw will automatically turn off, preventing potential injuries.

Despite being able to rely on this feature to keep you safe, there are other safety concerns to take note of. You need to be careful about where you are standing when using your cordless pole saw. You don’t want to stand directly under a branch or tree limb that you are trying to cut down. This may seem like common sense, but you don’t want a tree branch to fall on top of your head.

It is always possible for a tree branch to fall down in a bit of an unexpected way, so be mindful of your surroundings when a branch is about to come down. People don’t use these saws to cut through incredibly thick branches most of the time, but you may cut through some heavy branches depending on your needs. In this situation, you need to watch out for yourself so that you don’t get hurt. It may even be appropriate to wear a helmet as a safety precaution, but that will ultimately be your call to make.

What to Look for in a Cordless Pole Saw

If you want to have the best experience possible with your cordless pole saw, then you should try to purchase one that has the best features. You’ll want the saw to be able to have a long battery life so that you can get your job done without needing to stop and recharge. Look at the cordless pole saw that you’re thinking of purchasing and get some information on its average battery life before you make the decision to purchase it.

It is also good to buy a saw that is powerful enough to handle the task that you want to use it for. For the most part, these cordless pole saws are going to be excellent for cutting down small tree limbs and branches. Certain cordless pole saws will be a bit more powerful than others and will have an easier time with thicker branches on trees. If you know that you’re going to be using it to cut down thick tree branches, then it is sensible to try to purchase the most powerful cordless pole saw that you can find.

Always remember that gas powered pole saws are going to be more powerful than their electric or cordless cousins. If you have a really heavy duty job that you need to do, then it might make sense to purchase a gas-powered model. They aren’t as convenient as the cordless saws in many ways, but they do have their uses. Some people avoid them entirely due to environmental concerns, though.

cordless pole chainsaw features

Lastly, it is good to buy a cordless pole saw that feels comfortable to use and is lightweight. Most of these cordless pole saws are going to feel very light in your hands. They aren’t quite as light as a corded electric pole saw would be, but they’re significantly less cumbersome than gas-powered models. Get a feel for the cordless pole saw that you are looking at to see if the weight feels right to you.

You need to be able to hold this saw up in the air for potentially long periods of time. This means that having one that is lightweight enough is going to be very important. If it is too tough to use, then you aren’t going to be able to get your job done quite so easily. It should also feel comfortable in your hands and very natural.

Cordless Pole Chainsaws Reviews

Greenworks 80 V91012.8
Greenworks 40 V8.588.36
Black & Decker10810.4

Greenworks 80 Volt Pole Saw

  • 10” Bar and Chain. High Performance 1/4" Chain For Quick Cutting
  • Brushless Motor Provides More Torque, Quiet Operation, and Longer Life
  • Automatic Oiler Applies Oil To The Bar and Chain For Continuous Lubrication
  • (Replacement Chain: 2937002). Use Greenworks GWSH0 Chainsaw Safety Helmet For Added Protection
  • 2Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included
greenworks pro battery powered pole chainsaw review

This has been one of the top-selling cordless pole saws for some time now. It is a quality machine that will get the job done, whatever you throw at it. Equipment like this is the reason gas is on its way out!

The Greenworks Pro features a brushless motor that will be very reliable for you over the years. The 2.0 AH battery will last for a long time, too, ensuring that you’ll have ample time to complete your tasks before running out of energy.

The saw blade of this tool is ten inches long, and it will work adequately for whatever tasks you have planned for it. There is an eight-foot extension for the handle included with this tool, so you’ll have no trouble making it reach high places. This feels very natural to use and will most likely suit your needs.

You will really enjoy this pole chainsaw from Greenworks. It is durable and the battery is reliable. It feels good to use, so you’ll want to consider purchasing this one if you’re in need.

If you’re lucky enough to already own another Greenworks 80 Volt tool, you might be able to purchase a bare pole saw without battery and charger, thus making this even more of a no-brainer!


  • Long reach coupled with 10 inch saw blade
  • Brushless motor
  • Powerful machine
  • Part of the Greenworks 80 Volt Ecosystem


  • Longer length can be harder to handle
  • Relative higher price
freenworks pro cordless chainsaw review
greenworks pro cordless chainsaw

Greenworks 40 Volt Pole Saw

  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools for complete yard system-includes 2Ah Battery and Charger
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches. Product weight: 8.360 pounds
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use with a translucent oil tank for clear view of oil level
  • 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft. for the perfect extended

You will be able to see that this pole chainsaw has some similarities to the Greenworks pro listed above. It functions in a similar fashion and feels somewhat close to the pro model. There are some features that are a bit different from this one, though. The biggest difference that becomes apparent as soon as you start using this is that chainsaw is only eight inches long on this tool.

Overall, losing the two inches doesn’t make an incredibly big difference. It will matter if you need to reach higher up or are looking for a bit more power. Considering the difference in price, this model may be more appealing to some people. It features the same well-designed 2.0 AH battery as the pro model, but it just costs a bit less and has a slightly shorter saw. The decrease in weight makes this machine much easier to handle for most folks.


  • This is a very reliable pole chainsaw that feels nice to use. It has a good battery.
  •  Plenty powerful for most homeowners
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money


  • The saw isn’t as long as the pro model
  •  Hard to come up with any cons!
greenworks pole chainsaw

Ryobi One+ Cordless Pole Saw

  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

Ryobi is a brand that has been making many quality tools for a long time. This cordless pole chainsaw is designed to be easy to use. It feels very light in your hands when you’re sawing through limbs, so this makes it an easy recommendation. There are some issues with the pole saw that make it a little less desirable than some of the other options on the market, though.

To start with, this has an eight-inch saw similarly to the Greenworks standard model listed above. This tool doesn’t include a battery or a charger. This can be a bit of a surprise, and is something you need to pay close attention to whenever you’re buying battery powered equipment online. The price point for this pole chainsaw is very fair, even with the battery and charger on top of it.

Of course, not being forced to purchase the machine with a battery is going to benefit you if you already own another piece of Ryobi equipment of which you can use the battery. Make sure it is of the same type though.


  • Lightest weight of all in our comparison
  •  Good all round machine


  • The lack of an included battery and charger
ryobi pole saw review

Black and Decker Cordless Pole Saw

  • Provides up to 100 cuts of 1 1/2 inches pine branches per charge
  • 8" cutting bar & chain allows for a maximum cutting diameter of 6"
  • Includes 1 high capacity 20V LI ion pack, charger, oil bottle & wrench
  • RPM:375
  • Power Source : battery powered

If you want to be able to reach tree limbs that are very high up, then this pole chainsaw from Black and Decker might be your best option. This saw can be used at either a six and a half foot length or a ten-foot length. It is very convenient for getting those hard to reach branches cut down. You’ll have a simple time making use of this saw and should definitely consider it when you’re on the market for a new one.

It only has an eight-inch saw, but it is quite powerful overall. The 20-volt lithium-ion battery is actually very impressive. It works to provide ample power to the saw, and it lasts for quite a long time. It is one of the most convenient cordless pole chainsaws on the market and it can be purchased at a very reasonable price.


  • Great overall length for a chain pole saw and an impressive battery.
  • Sleek design of the head makes it easy to navigate through canopy


  • Doesn’t feel as durable as some of the other brands
  • Plastic chain bar
  • No automatic chain oiler
black and decker pole chainsaw review

Worx Cordless Pole Saw

  • [12 Inches EXTRA REACH] It takes just a few minutes, and no tools to attach the pole; And with a reach of up to 12 inches, and at only 10 lbs you’ll be able to get to branches and limbs before they become a problem
  • [FAST, CLEAN CUTS] This cordless 20V Power Share chain saw is as fast and powerful as anything in its class; And with no gas, and no cord, there’s much less muss and fuss
  • [AUTOCHAIN TENSION] The automatic, toolfree chain tension system ensures you’ll always have the correct tension for the job at hand
  • [AUTOCHAIN LUBRICATION] The automatic chain lubrication system not only makes for smoother, more efficient cuts, but it extends the life of the tool; And the oil level indicator lets you know exactly where you stand
  • [COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT] The saw itself weighs only 6.2 lbs, about as much as a 2Liter bottle of soda; You’ll work longer, with less strain on your hands, arms, back, and legs

This cordless pole chainsaw is a bit different from the other ones on this list. The extension pole is completely detachable and can be extended to a length of ten feet, giving you an ample amount of reach.

The extension pole is detachable, turning this pole say into a regular cordless chainsaw. I imagine this can make some people buy this saw. You’re basically buying 2 machines in one. But keep in mind, in those situations, you usually get 2 machines that are nothing more than adequate.

Since this being simply a cordless chainsaw with an extension pole, most of the weight of this machine will be at the top. This can make it heavy and cumbersome to handle.

The grip handle on this model is really nice and worth mentioning. It makes the experience of holding this tool feel less cumbersome, making longer jobs less laborious in the process. If you want a versatile tool that is easy to use and is good value for money, then this might be your best bet.


  • Versatile and easy to use, making it a good option for lots of homeowners
  • 2 machines in one!


  • May not be as durable as some of the other brands
  • Weight distribution is not ideal
worx cordless pole chainsaw


Cordless Pole Saw FAQ


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