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Lawns and the Environment

The impact of lawns on the environment have become a hot topic in recent years. Not only the lawn itself, but perhaps more importantly the lawns mower has come under scrutiny by environmentalists. Let’s explore some of the facts. We’ll see if lawns and mowing the lawn are really bad for the … Read more

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🥇 The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower in 2019

Self-propelled gas lawn mowers are probably the most commonly used type of mower by homeowners in the United States. The reasons for that are obvious. They are one of, if not the, most versatile mower one could have. I am a great advocate for these types of mowers due to their versatility. … Read more

Tall Fescue grass - Festuca arundinacea

Tall Fescue Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

Festuca arundinacea, or Lolium arundinaceum, is native to Europe, but much more important and common in the United States. It was first brought to the United States in the early 1800s. Even though planting of this type of grass as turf was not common until the 1940s, Tall Fescue grass quickly became … Read more

Perennial Rye Grass - Lolium perenne

Perennial Ryegrass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

While Perennial Ryegrass is also commonly called ray grass, English ryegrass, and winter ryegrass, its scientific name is Lolium perenne. This type of grass is native to northern Africa, Asia, and Europe, although it has been cultivated and is widely used all over the world. Perennial Ryegrass Facts This is a low-growing … Read more

Kikuyu grass - Pennisetum clandestinum

Kikuyu Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

Pennisetum clandestinum is a tropical grass that, while native to East Africa, is popular for lawns in various areas around the world. Thought of as a weed in some areas of the world, homeowners in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the southwestern United States love this grass for its ability to … Read more

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Bahia Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

Paspalum notatum is also referred to as Bahiagrass, Common Bahia, and even Pensacola Bahia. This type of grass, while native to South America and Mexico, has been used in North America as well as other areas around the world. As it is a warm-season grass, it is not as commonly used in … Read more

Centipede grass - Eremochloa ophiuroides

Centipede Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

Centipede grass is a low maintenance, warm season grass. It is a common lawn grass in the southeastern US and Hawaii. It can be sensitive and hard to grow in less than ideal conditions, but in the right conditions it will thrive. So much so, that some people consider centipede grass to … Read more

Zoysia grass vs other types

Zoysia Grass Facts, Maintenance & Comparison

Zoysia grass is a creeping, warm season grass that is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures, prolonged drought, and heavy foot traffic. Zoysia grass is native to Asia, but has been popular in the US for over a 100 years. Depending on the region of the US you live in, … Read more

20 Popular Lawn Mower Types

Lawn mowers have been used to maintain lawns for more than one hundred and fifty years. Over the years, the invention has seen numerous modifications that have made it much easier to use than the original version. In this article, we are going to help you understand the various lawn mower types to … Read more

The Best Lawn Mower Featured

The Best Lawn Mower (21 Use Cases)

What is the best lawn mower? That is going to depend on your personal situation. There is not one lawn mower that is the best for everyone. Do you have a big or small yard? Is your yard made up of hilly terrain? Do you prefer gasoline or battery power? How big … Read more