Fruit & Vegetable Seasonality

This page lists, in alphabetical order, fruit and vegetable seasonality in the United States. Seasonality can vary locally, this list covers seasonality nation-wide. Clicking on each of the fruits or vegetables in the list will take you to an article covering the seasonality of that fruit or veg in detail.

BlueberryJune to August
Brussels sproutsSeptember to February
CantaloupeJune to November
CherryMay to August
CranberrySeptember to October
Dragon fruitJune to September
EggplantJune to October
FigMay to October
GuavaNovember to April
KiwiNovember to January
KumquatNovember to April
MelonApril to December
NectarineApril to August
OrangeNovember to June
PapayaJune to October
PeachMay to September
PecanOctober to December
PersimmonSeptember to February
PlumMay to October
PomegranateSeptember to December
RaspberryJune to July
WatermelonMay to September