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Some Of The Best Chainsaw Helmets To Keep Your Head Safe

Among the different personal protective equipment used in logging, the helmet may be one of the most important ones. I say this because the helmet protects your most vital organs. Namely your brain, eyes and ears. Working with chainsaws, sawdust is always flying around, especially when there is some breeze. Not to … Read more

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The 5 Best Chainsaw Chaps (Never Work Without!)

It is incredible how many people don’t recognize the importance of chainsaw chaps. When you’re using a chainsaw, the most common motion you make with the saw is downward, towards your legs. Let’s say you lose your balance for a second. Can you imagine the outcome? I have seen it happen so … Read more

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The 5 Best Cordless Pole Chainsaws of 2018

Pole chainsaws will allow you to trim your trees without having to make use of ladders most of the time. This greatly reduces the risk that comes with working on a ladder. We reviewed the 5 best cordless pole chainsaws of 2018. These are all battery powered, so no trip hazards with … Read more

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Best Cheap Chainsaw your Money Can Buy

Just because an individual has a need for a chainsaw doesn’t necessarily mean they have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars for a new one, especially in this day and age where many people are still feeling the effects of the roller coaster ride of the economy. There’s quite a … Read more

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Top 6 Chainsaw Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Basic chainsaw safety is something that everyone who operates a chainsaw must take seriously. All it takes is a split second for something to go horribly wrong. And with a machine such as a chainsaw, when accidents do happen, they can very quickly turn lethal. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of … Read more

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Best Place to Buy a Chainsaw in 2018

Wondering what is the best place to buy chainsaw in 2018? In today’s day and age, there are countless options out there for consumers when it comes to buying goods. Old-school brick and mortar stores, retail giants, and the rapid rise of e-commerce gives people near unlimited choice when it comes to … Read more

Best Gas Chainsaw for the Money

There’s plenty of folks out there in this day and age who are following a strict budget. Money is tight in many, many households these days. It’s understandable in these turbulent economic times. Despite that fact, every now and then things pop up around the household that need to be taken care … Read more

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How to Clean a Chainsaw and Properly Maintain it

If you own a chainsaw, it’s absolutely essential that you know exactly how to properly clean the machine. In fact, how to maintain a chainsaw is one of the first things you should learn before you even use your new chainsaw. Proper cleaning and maintenance will extend its life and ensure you … Read more