🥇 Some Of The Best Chainsaw Helmets To Keep Your Head Safe


Among the different personal protective equipment used in logging, the chainsaw helmet may be one of the most important ones. I say this because the helmet protects your most vital organs. Namely your brain, eyes and ears. Working with chainsaws, sawdust is always flying around, especially when there is some breeze. Not to mention branches coming down off of trees right on top of your face.

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Having a good chainsaw helmet just makes the experience much more enjoyable, and it allows you to focus on the important things. Wearing a decent chainsaw helmet lets you stop worrying about your eyes and ears, and instead focus on the safety of yourself and the people around you, as well as make sure trees and branches do not fall onto houses, sheds and cars.

🥇 The Best Chainsaw Helmet

  • UV Protected Orange Hard Hat - One Size fits most
  • Adjustable 6-point suspension system
  • Includes: face visor, 25 dB (A) NRR hearing protectors, rain shield and rain...
  • New hi-viz orange color for improved visibility
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E standards

This is a helmet that will make your chainsaw work a lot simpler than it would otherwise be. The high-quality visor is going to be able to keep your eyes safe, and the hearing protectors work great. You won’t have to suffer through the loud chainsaw noises when you have this helmet.

Other Good Chainsaw Helmets:

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System
Lightweight, interchangeable mesh and plastic visors provide shielding from debris; All parts are ANSI and CE approved - Helmet carries a Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating

This is a good helmet to purchase if you want to have something that is lightweight. It will feel comfortable to wear even after many long hours on the job. The detachable earmuffs are nice, and you can reposition them.

Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet With Visor Combo Set
Impact resistant helmet with 6 ventilation holes for high breathability; Wider, durable stainless steel mesh visor, with flip up/flip down functionality

You will love how good this helmet is at keeping you safe. It can withstand an impact and the steel mesh visor will keep debris out of your eyes. The ventilation holes are nice and the adjustable harness allows for a precise fit.

This helmet will help to keep you safe from impacts. It’s a good thing to own when you’re working with a chainsaw. The helmet itself still feels lightweight and comfortable to wear, so it will be a good general purpose chainsaw helmet.

Greenworks GWSH0 Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Earmuffs
Removable mesh screen protects face from flying debris; Adjustable/ removable earmuffs; Universal fit - convenient dial knob allows for quick adjustment

Despite feeling like a bit of a no-frills helmet, this helmet from Greenworks is very nice. It feels pretty comfortable, while also being able to provide you with ample protection. It isn’t quite as heavy duty as some of the other helmets, but it is more than sufficient while remaining more comfortable.

Chainsaw Helmet Buying Guide

Using a chainsaw can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. These tools are designed to make cutting through logs and trees very easy. They are powerful tools that should not be underestimated. If you are going to be using a chainsaw on a regular basis, then you need to protect yourself properly.

You may have seen people in the foresting industries wearing helmets while they are cutting down trees. This is because they need to be able to protect themselves from the dangers associated with using a chainsaw. When you’re sawing trees and tree limbs, it is possible that something could fall on your head. It’s also likely that debris and dust from the tree are going to get in your eyes if you don’t have a visor.

If you don’t know much about chainsaw helmets, but are planning on using and or buying a chainsaw sometime soon, then you would benefit from learning a little more about it. Take a look at this information about why wearing a chainsaw helmet is absolutely crucial for your safety. You’ll have a better understanding about the helmets and why you need to own one.

always wear a chainsaw helmet

Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet

You should always wear a helmet because it is better to be safe than sorry. If you aren’t wearing a helmet while using your chainsaw, then you are going to run the risk of getting injured. This can be very dangerous and you could get a concussion or much worse. Many modern chainsaws do have safety features that help them turn off when you let it go, but you need to watch out for tree limbs and debris.

Protecting your head from an impact is the primary function of a good chainsaw helmet. They are also usually combined with protective visors that will keep your eyes safe. Anyone who has used a chainsaw will be able to tell you that wearing eyewear is important. The visor works to protect your face from getting pelted by dust and other debris, so it is equally as important as the helmet.

buying a chainsaw helmet

Most Important Considerations Before Buying

The most important things to consider when buying a chainsaw helmet are how well it fits, how durable it is, and how good the visor is. Many of the best chainsaw helmets on the market are made to be adjustable. Some of them feature knobs that can be adjusted so that they will fit perfectly to your head no matter what size you are.

It’s also crucial to look into the overall durability of the helmet. One of the most important aspects of keeping yourself safe on the job is to be able to avoid a blow to the head. If a tree limb or other debris does happen to strike your helmet, then you will be safe if you have a durable helmet that can withstand the blow. Many chainsaw helmets come with special padding and are lined in particular ways to keep you safe from blows to the head.

Many of these helmets come with visors attached to them as well. Some of them will feature ear protection of some kind too. This can be useful because you will want to protect your ears from the loud sounds of the chainsaw. A good visor will keep you from being pelted with debris, so it’s important to make sure that it works well for your purposes.

protect your eyes with a good chainsaw helmet

Less Important Considerations

The comfort of the helmet does matter, but it isn’t quite as important as how safe it can keep you. If you want to have the easiest time possible while on the job, then it can be a good idea to seek out a helmet that feels comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You may want to buy a helmet that has ventilation holes in it as well, so that you won’t feel too overheated during a long workday.

Some helmets will have visors and ear protection that are removable too. You may be able to adjust these visors and earmuffs so that they fit you better. This can be a nice touch and will make your experience a little better overall. It isn’t an imperative feature, but it is something that you may want to look into.

important considerations when buying a chainsaw helmet

Types of Visors

There are a few different types of visors that you can make use of on a chainsaw helmet. The most common type that will come included with many helmets is a mesh visor. The mesh visor helps to prevent debris from getting on your face while you’re using your chainsaw. It generally won’t feel like it impairs your vision in any way, so you’ll be able to see everything that you are doing just fine.

Mesh visors will be made out of either metal or a durable plastic. The metal is going to be more sturdy and many people prefer the metal mesh visors for this reason. Either of these will work fine, so you shouldn’t feel concerned if your helmet comes with an attached plastic mesh visor. It will keep you safe from debris and generally be good to use.

chainsaw helmet on grass

You can also find clear visors that will attach to a helmet. These solid visors do an even better job of keeping things away from your face than mesh in some ways. There are no tiny holes, so it just won’t let anything through. The problem with this type of visor is that it has a tendency to fog up due to your breathing.

Solid visors such as this are usually made out of plastic and they aren’t as commonly seen as mesh visors. The fact that they can fog up can be a bit of an inconvenience. Even condensation from your own sweat can cause problems with these visors, so you might be better off with using the mesh. Take everything into consideration before coming to an ultimate conclusion.

chainsaw helmet standards

Safety Standards and Certifications

If you want to ensure that you are purchasing the best helmet possible, then it makes sense to get one that adheres to the proper safety standards. You will find that the best chainsaw helmets on the market will be certified by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and CE (European Conformity). These helmets are made to meet the most stringent standards so that workers can feel confident in the protection that they provide.

chainsaw safety helmet reviews

Chainsaw Helmets Reviews

1. Husqvarna

  • UV Protected Orange Hard Hat - One Size fits most
  • Adjustable 6-point suspension system
  • Includes: face visor, 25 dB (A) NRR hearing protectors, rain shield and rain neck protector
  • New hi-viz orange color for improved visibility
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E standards

You probably recognize the name Husqvarna if you have been purchasing tools and protective gear for a long time. This company has been producing quality products for many years, and this helmet is no exception. You want to have a high-quality chainsaw helmet available to you in order to keep yourself safe. This helmet is going to work well for your purposes while feeling comfortable enough to wear.

The helmet itself is made in a one-size fits most style. This may not work perfectly for people who have particularly large heads, but it is going to be just fine for your average person. The face visor and hearing protectors that are present on this helmet work excellently, and you’ll have a much more pleasant time using a chainsaw because of it. The orange color increases your visibility in order to keep you safe.

  • Helmet is durable and can keep you safe. The visor and hearing protectors are great features.
  • The one-size fits most option may not appeal to everyone.
Husqvarna chainsaw helmet
Husqvarna Chainsaw helmet

2. TR Industrial

  • 5 in 1 safety helmet comes with helmet, adjustable/removable earmuffs, plastic visor, and mesh visor, providing dynamic protection for any job
  • Provides the protection you need when using chainsaws, brush cutters, and trimmers, ideal for forestry type work
  • Secures firmly on head and convenient dial knob makes it easy to adjust the circumference 20 - 24.5 inches (52-62 centimeters)
  • Lightweight, interchangeable mesh and plastic visors provide shielding from debris
  • All parts are ANSI and CE approved - Helmet carries a Z89.1-2003 ANSI rating

This helmet from TR Industrial functions quite similarly to the Husqvarna model mentioned above. One of the benefits of this TR Industrial helmet is that it allows you to detach the earmuffs. This can be convenient for when you need to position them differently. It allows for a bit of customization that can increase your comfort levels.

If you want to have a lightweight helmet that won’t feel cumbersome to wear, then this helmet is going to appeal to you. It feels like it is very lightweight, and you won’t feel like you’re wearing a helmet at all, sometimes. The mesh protection visor functions great and will keep dust and even larger debris from getting into your eyes so readily. This is a great helmet for foresting work and general chainsaw jobs.

  • Lightweight helmet feels very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • It may not feel like it provides as much protection as some of the heavier helmet.

3. Oregon

  • Impact resistant helmet with 6 ventilation holes for high breathability
  • 6 point easy adjust harness for precise snug fit. Detachable sun peak. Articulated cap-mounted ear cups
  • Wider, durable stainless steel mesh visor, with flip up/flip down functionality

Oregon has made their own helmet that is meant to withstand an impact well. All helmets are designed to take a hit, but this helmet, in particular, is very good at keeping you safe from an unexpected impact. It rivals the Neiko helmet listed above, but it is unique in a few ways. One of the most important distinctions is that this helmet has a six-point easy adjust harness, allowing you to ensure that it will fit you properly.

Having your helmet fit snugly to your head will provide you with the best protection. The visor on this helmet is made of a steel mesh and it is very wider. This allows you to keep debris at bay keep working with your chainsaw as comfortably as possible. There are ventilation holes in the helmet as well, helping you to avoid overheating on those overly hot workdays.

  • This rugged helmet can keep you safe from impacts and will fit snugly.
  • Not the most comfortable helmet, as it was designed with ruggedness in mind.

4. Neiko

  • Heavy duty hard hat meets all ANSI S12.42/S3.19 standard and are CE EN352-3 approved for highest quality and performance
  • High strength, impact resistant helmet is equipped with a foam headband, soft plastic lining and cushioned ear muffs for maximum comfort and long wear
  • Hearing block of up to NRR 22 and SNR 25.9 decibel range for a variety of projects dealing with chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers, demolition hammers
  • Lightweight, polycarbonate visor and steel mesh provides complete face shield and is interchangeable for a wide range of protection from hazardous debris (please remove green protective film on clear visor before use)
  • Convenient dial knob is fully adjustable to fit all sizes circumference

Sometimes you will want to purchase a helmet that is incredibly durable and is capable of taking a hit. This helmet made by Neiko is capable of enduring impacts and keeping you safe. The helmet itself is lined with soft plastic and a foam headband. This makes it surprisingly comfortable to wear despite being a helmet that is meant to be heavy duty.

You won’t have to worry as much about tree branches hitting your head if you have this helmet. It will be able to keep you safe from these impacts, and you will be able to work with full confidence. The helmet has a dial knob that allows you to adjust it to fit you comfortably, making this a good option for people who have slightly smaller or slightly larger heads than normal. The face shield is also quite durable, allowing it to protect you from multiple types of debris.

  • Incredibly durable and heavy duty chainsaw helmet. Can withstand an impact very well.
  • It may not be as comfortable as some of the other helmets, but it still feels fine.

5. Greenworks

  • Removable mesh screen protects face from flying debris
  • Provides the protection you need when using chainsaws, pole Saws, string trimmers, and more!
  • Adjustable/ removable earmuffs
  • Universal fit - convenient dial knob allows for quick adjustment
  • ANSI and CE approved

Greenworks makes very good products, and this helmet will definitely please you. It is another helmet that offers a universal fit. It has an adjustable knob that will allow it to fit you comfortably. It isn’t quite as rugged as the Oregon model or the Neiko, but it can keep you safe overall. It can definitely protect you from blows, and it is a bit more comfortable to wear than many of the other impact helmets.

You’ll enjoy how nice the detachable mesh screen is, and you can also remove the earmuffs when you don’t want them on the helmet. There aren’t many standout features when it comes to this particular helmet. It is a simple design that works well to protect you from potential hazards while using a chainsaw. It is a cost-effective helmet that is certainly worth consideration when you’re in the market for one.

  • A durable helmet that will protect your head. Removable earmuffs and mesh screen.
  • Not too many standout features to mention.

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