what can hedge trimmers be used for

What Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used for?

Hedge trimmers are versatile tools, that can be used for more than just shearing hedges into shape. They’re also great for clearing overgrown grass, weeds, shrubs and bushes. Take a look at at some examples of what hedge trimmers can cut. What Is a Hedge Trimmer Normally Used for? Hedge trimmers are … Read more

how to trim a hedge

Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working / Not Cutting / Smoking?

You might run into one of these common issues while trimming hedges. Whether your hedge trimmer is smoking, not cutting, or not working at all, keep in mind that these are common problems that can be easily prevented with proper maintenance and care. Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working? There can … Read more

ryobi hedge trimmer reviews

All Ryobi Hedge Trimmers Reviewed

Ryobi is gaining popularity with consumers year after year. The brand offers a complete range of outdoor power tools, allowing consumers to use the same batteries for all their tools. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for themselves. Ryobi hedge trimmers are sold at the biggest retailers in the … Read more

craftsman hedge trimmer review

Craftsman Hedge Trimmers

Craftsman has been manufacturing tools since 1927. Therefore it is no wonder this is a well known brand to most American people, especially since the products were sold by one of the biggest retailers in the country, Sears. Recently Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black and Decker, Craftsman is now for sale … Read more

best corded electric hedge trimmer

🥇 The 5 Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Corded hedge trimmers don’t get enough attention anymore. Their cordless cousins take all the glory these days. Corded electric hedge trimmers still have their place though. Their power and versatility is simply unrivaled at this price point. No battery or gas engine means that these machines are very affordable. It also means … Read more

best gas hedge trimmer

🥇 Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

If you’re going to be working a larger yard or for a landscaping company then you’re probably going to need a gas-powered hedge trimmer. They have the power to get through thick branches, meaning you don’t have to worry about being slowed down. In fact, keep the gas tank topped up and … Read more

Best pole hedge trimmer

🥇 Best Pole Hedge Trimmer

Pole hedge trimmers, extendable hedge trimmers, telescoping hedge trimmers. Whatever you want to call them, they seem to be getting more and more popular every year. And for good reason. They can do most things regular hedge trimmers can, and they have the extra reach to get to the top of your … Read more

low privet hedge and bench

The Best Privet for Hedges

For most people, privet has a bad reputation. This is certainly understandable. Like with any shrub, some varieties are better suited to our gardens than others. In the case of privet, the bad varieties give the whole species a bad reputation. It is therefore important to learn which variety of privet is … Read more

how to trim a hedge

How to Trim a Hedge

If you have hedges in your yard, you probably enjoy the appearance of a formal-looking cut hedge with clean lines and a boxy effect. Luckily, that traditional look is easy to achieve without any professional experience or help. The most important thing to remember before you start is that how you prepare … Read more

how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades

How to Sharpen a Hedge Trimmer

The blades of a hedge trimmer should be sharpened approximately once after every 50 hours of use to maintain a decent quality of performance. To make sure your hedge trimmer stays performing well, you should keep up with sharpening and not wait until your blades are in too poor of condition to … Read more