9 Plants That Look Like Vagina

Everyone knows one or more plants that resemble a penis. But did you know that there are just as many plants that look like vaginas? In fact, there are many weird plants out there that have a striking resemblance to the vagina and vulva.

With some plants, it’s obvious that they look like a vagina, while others must be viewed at a certain angle. For those wanting to use a plant to represent a vagina for whatever reason, here are 9 plants that represent vaginas:

  • Poppy plant – the seed pods look like vaginas when they burst open
  • Orchid – the flowers of an orchid look like a vulva
  • Venus flytrap – an open venus flytrap resembles a vagina
  • Tulip – tulip flowers look like a vagina before they open fully
  • Cala lilies – a Cala lily flower looks like a vagina
  • Butterfly pea – the flower resembles a vagina
  • Papaya – an open papaya looks like a vulva
  • Living stone – the living stone plant looks like a vagina from below
  • African tulip flower – the flower pods look like a vagina before they open fully

Considering how many plants resemble vaginas, you may be interested to know how the above plants look like vaginas. So, to help you see the resemblance, let’s consider how these 9 plants look like a vagina.

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1. Poppy Plant (Papaver somniferum)

Papaver somniferum
Emilio Esteban-Infantes Papaver somniferum

Poppy plants are known for their bright red flowers and hallucinogenic properties. But before the flowers and seed pods appear, a poppy takes on another appearance. Just before the flower pod opens to reveal the flower, the fur-covered flower pod resembles a vagina.

This is even more so when the flower pod opens and reveals the blood-red flower petals inside. This makes the poppy plant look like an open vagina, with the seed pod resembling the vulva and the red petals resembling the inside of the vagina.

2. Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Toni Syvänen Orchidaceae

Orchids are strange-looking plants for many reasons. Some say they look like screaming faces, while others think they look like aliens. But from another angle, an orchid also looks like a vagina. This is because the outer flower petals look like the labia, while the inner petals look like the inner labia and clitoris.

Given the different colors and varieties of orchids, some look more like vaginas than others. Orchids are a good representation of a vagina, though, since the different parts of the plant represent the outer and inner labia. This is perhaps a great example when teaching a reproductive health class.

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3. Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)

Venus Flytraps
Lisa Ann Yount Venus Flytraps

The Venus flytrap is yet another plant that looks strange for many reasons. The plant looks like it has teeth and opens wide while waiting for its prey. When a fly or other insect lands inside it, it closes its mouth, and the fly is trapped inside, where it is digested.

Although a Venus flytrap looks like something from the Alien franchise, it resembles a vagina, especially when it is wide open. The teeth, green outside, and pink inside remind one of a vagina. The pinkish inside even resembles the color of a vagina. Even as the Venus flytrap closes around its prey, it also resembles a vagina.

4. Tulip (Tulipa)

Tulips are the national flower of the Netherlands. They are often associated with romance, friendship, and positive feelings. But when the tulip flowers first start to open, they also resemble a vagina.

When looking at how the flower petals fall over each other on the outside of the flower, one may start to think that it resembles the folds of the vulva.

Another way a tulip looks like a vagina is from the top. When you look at a tulip from above, you may also start to see that it resembles the folds of the vulva around the vagina. While all tulips have the same shape, a pink tulip resembles the vagina most since it also has a similar color.

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5. Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia)

Cala Lily
matt Calla Lily

While the Calla lily represents purity and new life, one cannot help but think it resembles another thing. The vagina, of course. The shape of the Calla lily flower looks like an open vagina, with the outer leaves resembling the outer labia. The long, thin flower spike looks like the clitoris.

It might also look like a penis if you look at the Calla lily for too long. While there are many different colors of Calla lilies, the red ones draw the most attention to themselves and how much they look like vaginas.

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6. Butterfly Pea (Clitoria)

Butterfly Pea
Vibhu Tewary Butterfly Pea

The butterfly pea, also known as Asian pigeonwings, is a beautiful plant with dark blue or purple flowers. It is commonly used to make blue matcha powder. But, if you leave the plant be, you’ll see that the flowers resemble a vagina in more than one way. The outer petals of a butterfly pea flower look like the outer labia.

In addition, the butterfly pea flower’s stamen sits at the top of the flower and looks like the clitoris, while the whitish yellow inside looks like the entrance to the vagina. Even the patterns on the butterfly pea’s petals remind one of the perineum (area between the vagina and anus).

7. Papaya (Carica papaya)

Kat Stan Papaya

Papayas have been used to represent a vagina for a long time, and it’s clear to see why upon closer inspection. When you cut papaya open lengthwise and remove the seeds inside, it looks like an open vagina. In addition, the shape of the papaya and the coloring reminds one of a vagina.

There are sections to represent the outer and inner labia. If you use care when scooping out the pips, there is also a white section that looks like the clitoris. Overall, papaya is an excellent way to represent a vagina.

8. Living Stone (Lithops)

yellowcloud Lithops

Living stone succulent plants are said to look like many things, a vagina being one of them. A living stone is a drought-resistant succulent with two identical sides fused together in the middle.

Although a living stone doesn’t look like a vagina the same way as the other plants in this list, it somewhat resembles it. To be precise, a living stone succulent looks like a woman bending forward.

You can see the thighs and buttocks (the two fleshy parts of the plant) with the vagina between them. While it may take some more imagination, a living stone plant resembles a vagina for those willing to look at it from another perspective.

9. African Tulip Flower (Spathodea campanulate)

African Tulip Flower
Wayne Steven Grazio aka fotograz African Tulip Flower

The African tulip flower is yet another plant that looks like a vagina. Like the poppy plant, an African tulip plant resembles a vagina the most right before the flower pods open.

As they open, you can see the bright red flower petals within, which then look like the vaginal opening. Later, when the flower petals start to come out of the flower pod, the petals look like the outer labia, while the inside of the seed pod looks like the inside of the vagina.

Once the flower fully opens, it no longer looks like a vagina. So, if you are lucky enough to see an African tulip before it is in full bloom, you may notice that it looks somewhat like an open vagina.