10 Plants That Look Like Boobs

There are many interesting plants around the world. While some of these plants look like stars, hearts, or marbles, others have a more arousing symbolism attached to them. There are plenty of plants that look like breasts worldwide.

Some are obvious and easy to consider, while others are more interesting, and you may not have heard of them. Some plants resemble boobs regarding their shape, while others look like boobs in terms of their coloring and patterns. Some plants that look like boobs are:

  • Nipple fruit – these fruits produce notches that look like nipples on them
  • Boob cactus – the cactus has hanging lobes that look like boobs.
  • Venus puffball – the mushroom’s color looks like a boob with a nipple on top
  • Breastmilk fruit – the fruit looks like a dissected breast
  • Saguaro – when it reproduces, it creates booblike notches
  • Golden barrel cactus – the shape of this cactus looks like a boob
  • Banana flower – look like hanging boobs
  • String of pearl – look like strings of tiny boobs
  • Cantaloupe – the shape and veins look like boobs
  • African sausage tree – the fruit look like hanging boobs

For those interested to know more about plants that look like boobs, continue reading. Whether it’s out of curiosity or you are working on a breast-related project, here are 10 plants that look like boobs for inspiration.

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1. Nipple fruit (Solanum mammosum)

Solanum mammosum
walter_bean Solanum mammosum

The nipple fruit is an orange fruit native to China, and it looks so much like boobs that it is even named after nipples. Nipple fruit are bright orange and waxy; they have several round or sometimes oblong notches that reminds one of nipples.

Nipple fruit is usually thought to look like cow udders because of their many notches. But they also resemble human nipples to some extent, which is why they are said to look like boobs. While these fruits may have an aphrodisiac effect when looking at them, they are poisonous and shouldn’t be eaten.

Nipple fruit grows on shrubs throughout China and is said to signify good fortune. They are often given as gifts to improve your wealth.

2. Boob Cactus (Myrtillocactus geometrizans)

Boob Cactus
Loozrboy Boob Cactus

The boob cactus is one plant of the cacti family that looks remarkably similar to a boob. This long, cone-shaped cactus is covered with tear-shaped notches that look like pairs of hanging breasts. The end of each tear has some thorns protruding from it, making it look like a nipple squirting milk.

Boob cacti are pretty rare, and not many people know they exist. Still, when you see them, you cannot help but think they look like they have green boobs hanging from them. The entire plant is covered with booblike notches.

The boob cactus usually grows about 4 to 5 inches tall, though it can grow bigger under the right circumstances.

3. Venus Puffball (Lycoperdon mammiforme)

Lycoperdon mammiforme
Irene Andersson (irenea) Lycoperdon mammiforme

Venus puffballs are a kind of mushroom. These mushrooms may have the typical color, but they have a brown spot in the middle of their tops, making them look like nipples from above.

Venus puffballs also have a slightly protruded top, making them look like a boob with a nipple from the side. Venus puffball mushrooms are edible. They are native to North America and parts of Europe.

However, while the Venus puffball mushroom is edible, the destroying angel looks like a puffball but is fatally poisonous. If the mushroom is white inside, it is likely a Venus puffball and is safe to consume.

4. Breast Milk Fruit (Chrysophyllum caimito)

Chrysophyllum cainito
barloventomagico Chrysophyllum cainito

Breast milk fruit is one fruit that looks so much like a breast it is even named after it. But breast milk fruit doesn’t look like boobs until you cut them open. If you cut the fruit horizontally, it looks like a dissected breast with milk ducts.

The fruit is also known as breast milk fruit because it is milky inside. Although the fruit doesn’t taste like breast milk (or any milk for that matter), it looks so much like boobs that it is commonly named after them.

5. Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea)

Katja Schulz Saguaros

Saguaro is another cactus plant known to produce booblike structures. Saguaro grows upright before producing branches. As the trademark image of the wild west, you may be familiar with the saguaro. However, you may not know that before this treelike cactus produced branches, it produced boobs.

Before the branches start growing out to the side, they appear as notches on the main plant. This often makes it look like the saguaro has round boobs, which has led to many exciting photos and memes.

6. Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii)

Golden Barrel Cactus
Derek Bruff Golden Barrel Cactus

Another cactus that looks like a boob is the golden barrel cactus. Given its perfectly round and full shape, the golden barrel cactus looks like a voluptuous boob from above, and the two of them planted next to each other often look like a pair of breasts next to each other.

Although the color and shape of a golden barrel cactus don’t resemble a boob, its mere imagery does. Golden barrel cacti are often used to represent boobs in commercials and photos.

The way a golden barrel cacti’s thorns form on its top also makes it look like it has a nipple when viewed from above, making it look even more like a boob.

7. Banana Flowers

Banana Flower
Dennis Tang Banana Flower

Although bananas often represent another human organ, their flowers look more like hanging boobs. These dark brown, pointed flowerheads look like boobs, especially when you look up at them hanging down from a tree.

Since many people go their entire lives without seeing a banana flower, you’ll be surprised to see what they actually look like. Banana flowers are long, cone-shaped, and dark brown. They are broader at the base than their ends, making them look like boobs when hanging down from a banana tree.

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8. String Of Pearls (Curio rowleyanus)

Curio rowleyanus
David Seibold Curio rowleyanus

String of pearls is a succulent that may resemble boobs under the right circumstances. While string of pearls is often said to look like pearls or peas, they can also look like tiny strings of boobs to some. String of pearls are succulents with long, narrow stems and round, juicy leaves.

String of pearl plants have hundreds of little round leaves on each plant. These leaves run down the plant’s entire stem, making excellent hanging plants. They appear like tiny, perfectly round boobs, so they might be the ideal plant to display when planning a romantic evening.

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9. Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo)

liz west Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes are the fruit most often used to represent boobs in commercials and social media. There is a reason for it since the cantaloupe looks like a perfect boob. The coloring, veins, and stem make a cantaloupe look precisely like a boob.

Where the stem is before it dries and falls off, the cantaloupe is left with a darker, round patch that looks like an areola. When two melons are held next to each other or lie next to each other in the field, they look like a voluminous pair of breasts.

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10. African Sausage Tree (Kigelia Africana)

Kigelia Africana
Linda De Volder Kigelia Africana

Finally, the African sausage tree is another tree with an interesting fruit. The fruit or pod of this tree is commonly known as sausages. While they may be used to represent another part of the body, they also look remarkably similar to boobs, especially when hanging on the tree.

They don’t have nipples or veins. Instead, they merely look like breasts when hanging down from the tree. So, if you are lucky enough to spot an African sausage tree, you’ll know why it is included in this list.