8 Plants That Look Like Lilies

Lilies are beautiful plants that are considered a favorite by many people. Lilies are plants that mean a lot to people as they signify rebirth and peace. These plants are also stunning to look at and have in your home, as they can provide a sense of calm and joy when you look at them.

Lilies are perennial plants, making them extremely easy to care for. These plants are perfect for beginners until advanced plant caretakers who want an easy plant to care for. Lilies come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, making it easier to find one that suits your style and home.

There are several types of Lilies that these plants can be grouped into; these groups include:

  • Oriental Lilies
  • Martagon Lilies
  • Easter Lilies
  • Asiatic Lilies
  • Pseudo-Lilies
  • Trumpet Lilies
  • Orienpet Liles

Out of these 7 Lillie types, the most common are the Oriental and Asiatic Lilies, but it’s best to have as many kinds of Lilies in your garden as possible to have a continuous bloom. So, Lilies are stunning plants to have in your garden, but not every climate or environment is suitable for Lilies to thrive.

If you live in such a location, you might wonder if there are other plants that can take the place of the Lilies that you love. Well, let’s find out!

As Lilies are loved by many, it can be frustrating when you cannot grow them in your garden for any reason. Not having your favorite plant and flowers in your garden can make it seem incomplete and not as relaxing as it could be.

Thankfully, there are several plants that you can choose from that look similar, if not identical, to Lilies. These plants generally have similar care requirements to Lilies, with some differing slightly. These other plants are usually easy to find at local plant nurseries and are just as beautiful as the Lilies they mimic.

So, if you cannot have Lilies in your garden, there’s no need to fret, as there are plants that will give you the Lillie look you want. Let’s go through the plants that look the most like Lilies.

1. Mexican Tiger Flower

Tigridia pavonia
Luis J. Romero Tigridia pavonia

The first plant you can look at is the Mexican Tiger Flower. This is a stunning, colorful flower that is native to Mexico. These lovely plants’ blooms can be red, white, yellow, pink, orchid, rose, or lavender, so you are bound to find one you like for your garden.

This plant is a member of the Iris plant family and is related to the Gladiolus plant. Mexican Tiger Flowers have longer blooming seasons than Lilies, but they look like Lilies and have similar care requirements.

These plants are in high demand, so you might battle to find them, but when you come across them, you should buy them for your garden without hesitation.

2. Clivia Plant

Crowcombe Al Clivia

Clivia plants are often confused with Trumpet Lilies as they resemble them so much, making them perfect for your garden and home if you cannot have Trumpet Lilies in particular. Unlike Lilies, these plants can be grown indoors in containers and outdoors, so you can have this plant anywhere you like, and it will usually thrive.

Clivia plants are easy to care for and offer a variety of bloom colors that will make any Lily lover happy. Their blooms are generally red, brick red, or yellow. If you care for this plant properly, it can last you years, with some owners of this plant claiming they have had the same plant for 15 years, and it’s still going strong.

3. Blood Lily

Blood Lily
UGA CAES/Extension Blood Lily

Even though the Blood Lily has “Lily” in the name, this plant is not a true Lily and is considered a Pseudo-Lily. This plant looks like a Lily so much that it gets confused for a Lily, but the plant belongs to a different plant family altogether.

The Blood Lily is a plant belonging to the Scadoxus multiflorus genus, which are also perennial plants. This plant is native to Arabia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, and Namibia, which are all in Africa apart from Arabia. These plants are considered hardy and can thrive in most areas that Lilies cannot.

These plants are beautiful, easy to care for and look almost exactly like Lilies, making them one of the best replacements for Lilies in your garden.

4. Fire Lily

Fire Lily
katie wheeler Fire Lily

As with the Blood Lily, the Fire Lily is a Pseudo-Lily and not a true Lily, meaning this plant looks like a Lily but is from a completely different plant family. This plant belongs to the Amaryllis plant family, mainly found in South Africa, but it can be grown well in countries with similar climates.

The Fire Lily looks like a Trumpet Lily and has similar care requirements, but it does need slightly drier soil. These plants’ blooms are generally only found in one color, a fire red, where the plant received its name, but these flowers can be white, yellow, or orange.

5. Monstera

Barry Jackson Monstera

Monstera plants are lovely indoor and outdoor plants that mimic the look of a Peace Lilies very well. When Monstera plants are small, they will not give you the Lily look you want in your garden, but as these plants mature and grow, they will soon become almost identical to the Peace Lily.

These plants require the same care that Lilies need, and they can be grown indoors in a container to help brighten up your home. If you want a plant that is easy to find and care for and gives you the look you want by mimicking Lilies almost perfectly, then Monstera plants are the best choice for you.

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6. Dracaena

Dracaena plants are beautiful plants that look similar to Peace Lilies when they are young, but this can change over time as they grow. This plant will only look like a Lily for about a year or two before it begins to change, but this is perfect for those who change their gardens every few years.

Dracaena plants are easy to look after and will have your garden looking lovely, no matter the stage of life they are in. when they are young, their flowers are yellow or white, and they are great if you want to bring some extra color into your garden.

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7. Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

The Pineapple Lily is another Pseudo-Lily, but it is stunning and highly sort after for its unique looks. This plant belongs to the Asparagaceae plant family and is native to South Africa. When this plant blooms, it features small basal rosettes with lovely purple petals.

The bloom of this plant looks exotic but has elements of Lilies in them, making them a stunning plant to add to your collection. Pineapple Lilies are easy to care for and requires the same care as Lilies, so there is no need to change your plant care routine for them.

The Pineapple Lily is a fast-growing plant during the warm months and is recommended for the USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11.

8. Lycoris Squamigera

Lycoris Squamigera
Sonja Lovas Lycoris Squamigera

The Lycoris squamigera plant is a beautiful plant that was native to Japan and bought to America in 1898. This plant belongs to the Amaryllis plant family and is also known as Surprise Lilies, making them Pseudo-Lilies.

These plants have a large resemblance to Trumpet Lilies, and they will add a lovely soft color to your garden. The flowers can be a delicate color of lavender or pink, and they have a pleasant, sweet smell that will make you want to sniff them whenever you walk by.

Lycoris squamigera plants are easy to care for and have the same care requirements as Lilies, so you can keep your plant care routine the same.