24 Yellow Flowering Trees in Spring

Do you want to beautify your garden with distinctive, bright yellow flowering trees that bloom in spring? Well, you will be immensely pleased to know that there is no shortage of pretty yellow-hued blossoming trees in the US! Read on to discover some truly stunning yellow flowering trees with spring blossoms! 

Flowering trees are undeniably breathtaking attractions that will beautify and enrich your garden and boost your home’s curbside appeal. You can plant flowering trees as large, spreading shrubs or pruned, neat, compact shrubs. You can also plant them as understory trees, accent plants, and standalone yard trees. Alternatively, you can plant blossom trees as part of a mixed, eclectic hedge. 

Apart from their gorgeous, vibrant, fragrant blossoms, flowering trees also offer spectacular fall foliage. Some of them also bear edible fruit capsules, berries, and nuts that might bring a wide array of birds, bees, butterflies, and squirrels to your lawn. 

If you’re looking for eye-catching, beautiful, and vibrant flowering trees and shrubs that bloom in spring, look no further than yellow flowering trees. Their yellow blossoms are undeniably attractive, and due to their bold color, they quickly stand out and become instant showstoppers. You can plant yellow flowering trees with blossoming trees that produce contrasting white or purple-hued blossoms. 

Some of the most popular and beautiful yellow flowering trees include the prolific Golden Chain Trees, the striking Camellias, the distinctive Forsythias, the ever-popular Witch Hazel Trees, and the perennial Golden Trumpet Trees. You can plant these and many other yellow flowering trees in your garden. They will surely become a talking point among your neighbors and guests. 

Here are the best yellow flowering trees in spring:  

1. Yellow Tabebuia

  • Tabebuia rosea
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20-25 ft
Yellow Tabebuia
Yay Yellow Tabebuia

Native to northern Venezuela, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, and Colombia, Yellow Tabebuia is an evergreen, small-sized flowering tree with a long, smooth trunk and a rounded, spreading crown. Also known as Rosy Trumpet Tree, this tree grows spectacular clusters of trumpet-shaped, showy, and purplish-pink to white blossoms with distinctive yellow throats. It features elliptic, toothless, leathery, scaly, and medium to dark green leaves with undulate margins. Yellow Tabebuia thrives in moist, deep, well-drained, fertile soils and sunlit areas. 

2. Forsythia

  • Forsythia europaea
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 8-10 ft
4000899 a close up of a yellow forsythia flower
Yay A close up of a yellow Forsythia flower.

Also known as Golden Bell, Forsythia is a small, deciduous ornamental tree that also grows as a shrub. This East Asian and Eastern European native has upward and arching shoots and three-part petiole ovate, narrow, pointed, lush green leaves that turn bronze in fall. This shrub produces solitary, greenish-yellow, bright, 4-petaled, star-shaped blooms. Forsythia grows well and flowers brilliantly in organically rich, well-drained, moist soils and full sun. 

3. Peltophorum

  • Peltophorum pterocarpum
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 50 ft 
24811644 yellow flamboyant tree
Yay Yellow flamboyant tree (Peltophorum pterocarpum)

Native to the Indo-Malaysian region and Australia, Peltophorum is a fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous flowering tree with a handsome bark and a wide-spreading crown. It produces massive clusters of bright, orange-yellow, fragrant blossoms. Peltophorum features dark green, oblong, large, bipinnate leaves. This easy-to-grow tree thrives and flowers wonderfully in well-drained, sandy soils and full sun. 

4. Cornelian Cherry

  • Cornus mas
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 15-25 ft
Cornus mas Cornelian cherry
Plant Image Library Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry)

Cornelian Cherry or Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is a small-sized southern and central European, and western Asian native tree. This deciduous ornamental tree grows minute, yellow flowers surrounded by yellowish, petal-shaped bracts. It has dense, elliptic to ovate, dark green leaves. Cornelian Cherry Trees grow amazingly well in speckled or sunny areas and organically rich, moist, well-drained soils. 

5. Golden Chain 

  • Laburnum spp.
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20 ft
Golden Chain tree
Peter Stevens Golden Chain tree

Golden Chain Tree is a small-sized, low-branching, deciduous flowering tree native to southern and central Europe. It grows a profusion of dense, yellow blossoms that grow in pendulous, wisteria-like, dense racemes. The blooms give way to seed pods with pea-like fruits. This tree features elliptic-lanceolate to obovate, trifoliate dull green leaves. Golden Chain Trees thrive in full sun or speckled areas and organically rich, well-drained, medium moist soils. 

6. Yellow Azaleas

  • Rhododendron luteum
  • Flowering in: Late Winter to Early Spring
  • Height: 20 ft
Yellow Azaleas
Allan Harris Yellow Azaleas

Also known as Honeysuckle Azaleas and Pontic Azaleas, Yellow Azaleas are upright, spreading, flowering trees native to the forests, alpine meadows, and slopes in southern Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus. They feature linear, oblong to oblong-lanceolate leaves that turn orange, red, and yellow in fall. These trees grow funnel-shaped, yellow-hued, sweetly fragrant flowers that blossom in dense clusters on naked stems. Yellow Azaleas grow well in light, well-drained, acidic, moist, sandy soils and dappled shade. 

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7. Camellia

  • Camellia japonica 
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 8-12 ft
Camellia japonica
Acabashi Camellia japonica

Native to China, Japan, and Korea, Camellia is a gorgeous, broad-leaved, evergreen shrub with a shapely, compact habitat. It features leathery, oval, glossy, dark green leaves with serrated margins. Camellias produce striking red, pink, or white blossoms with distinctive yellow anthers. The blooms come in various shapes, including peony, single, semi-double, and rose-form. These trees thrive in evenly moist, well-drained, acidic, loose, organically rich soils and speckled or full shade. 

8. Witch Hazel

  • Hamamelis x intermedia
  • Flowering in: Late Winter to Early Spring
  • Height: 10-20 ft
Witch Hazel hamamelis x intermedia
Yay Witch Hazel (hamamelis x intermedia)

Witch Hazel Trees are small-sized, deciduous, flowering specimens with a spreading crown decked with oval to obovate, dark or medium green leaves with wavy edges. These trees grow stem-hugging clusters of bold yellow-hued, crinkly blossoms with unique ribbon-shaped petals. Witch Hazel Trees are best grown in medium moist, fertile, well-drained, organically rich soils and sun-kissed or partially shaded areas. 

9. Palo Verde

  • Cercidium ’desert museum
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20-35 ft  
Palo Verde in Bloom.
Kimberly Kling Palo Verde in Bloom.

Palo Verde is a small-sized, deciduous flowering specimen that typically grows in the desert areas of southern California. Palo Verde Trees have a conspicuously smooth, green bark and intricate branches that are decked with tiny, compound leaves. These trees grow clusters of bright yellow blossoms that are followed by bean-like pods. Palo Verde Trees are drought-tolerant specimens that thrive in well-drained, slightly sandy soils and sunlit spots. 

10. Yellow Chain Tree

  • Laburnum
  • Flowering in: Spring to Early Summer
  • Height: 20 ft

Yellow Chain Tree is a small-sized, poisonous flowering tree recognized for its pendulous, axillary, massive, dense racemes of wisteria-like, yellow-hued, pea-like spring blossoms. You can grow it as a small tree or a large shrub. It features clover-like, trifoliate, medium green leaves. Yellow Chain Tree grows well in well-drained, medium moist, organically rich soils and full sun to part shade. 

11. Golden Shower

  • Cassia fistula
  • Flowering in: Early Spring
  • Height: 40 ft
Cassia fistula..
Mauricio Mercadante Cassia fistula

Native to Malaysia, India, and Southeast Asia, Golden Shower Tree is a medium-sized, upright, semi-deciduous flowering specimen. Also known as Cassia Tree, Golden Shower produces spectacular pendulous clusters of bright yellow, slightly fragrant blossoms that cover the entire growth of the tree. It has pinnate, compound leaves with ovate, lance-tipped leaflets. Golden Shower is a somewhat drought-tolerant tree that thrives in medium moist, well-drained soils and sunlit areas. 

12. Golden Trumpet

  • Handroanthus chrysotrichus
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 30-40 ft
Golden Trumpet tree
Hiker- Hu** Golden Trumpet tree

Golden Trumpet is a medium-sized, perennial flowering tree with an open, spreading crown. This Central American and northern South American native features a stunning display of trumpet-shaped, bright golden-yellow blossoms that contrast brilliantly with its glossy, dark green foliage. Golden Trumpet Trees are drought-tolerant specimens that grow well in full sun and sandy soils. 

13. Sweet Acacia

  • Vachellia farnesiana
  • Flowering in: Late Winter and Early Spring
  • Height: 25 ft
Sweet Acacia
Tonithedocent Sweet Acacia

Sweet Acacia Trees are small-sized flowering specimens with a wide canopy. You can grow them as single-trunk understory trees or multi-branched shrubs. They yield puffball-shaped, sweetly fragrant, golden-yellow blossoms. They also feature soft, dark green, bipinnately divided leaves. Sweet Acacia is a drought-tolerant tree that thrives in full sun and well-drained loams and sandy soils. 

14. Palo Brea

  • Parkinsonia praecox
  • Flowering in: Mid Spring
  • Height: 20-25 ft
Parkinsonia praecox
Anne Reeves Parkinsonia praecox

Native to South America, Palo Brea is a small-sized, semi-evergreen flowering tree with a spreading, loose, umbrella-shaped canopy, twisting and turning branches, and distinctive blue-green bark. It produces a profusion of brilliant yellow blossoms covered with orange dots. Palo Brea features pinnately compound, small, blue-green leaves. This drought-tolerant tree grows well in full sun and deep, fertile, well-drained, rocky soils. 

15. Tipu Tree

  • Tipuana tipu
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20-50 ft
Tipuana tipu
Daniel Ventura Tipuana tipu

Tipu Trees are small-sized, semi-evergreen, fast-growing, tropical Bolivian native flowering specimens. These trees have a high-spreading canopy that is decked with pinnate, oval, compound, green leaves. They produce orange-yellow-hued, pea-shaped blossoms that give way to large, brown-hued seed pods. Tipu Tree is a drought-resistant flowering tree that thrives in clay, loamy, sandy, well-drained, acidic soils, and sun-kissed or partially shaded areas. 

16. Yellow Oleander

  • Cascabela thevetia
  • Flowering in: Spring to Fall 
  • Height: 8-12 ft   
Yellow Oleander
Forest and Kim Starr Yellow Oleander

Yellow Oleander is a tropical, evergreen, upright shrub that features alternate leaves and yellow blossoms. Native to South America, southern Mexico, Belize, and the West Indies, this shrub features glossy green, willow-like, linear-lanceolate leaves. It also produces somewhat fragrant, yellow-hued, large, funnel-shaped blossoms that bloom in terminal clusters and give way to black seed pods. Yellow Oleander grows well in sun-kissed or speckled areas and rich, sandy, medium moist soils. 

17. Bailey Acacia

  • Acacia baileyana
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20-30 ft
Acacia baileyana
KENPEI Acacia baileyana

Bailey Acacia is a fast-growing, evergreen, tall shrubs that you can also grow as a small tree. Native to Australia and New South Wales, this shrub has weeping branches and a wide-spreading canopy decked with feathery, blue-gray, finely-cut leaves. Bailey Acacia produces clouds of minute, rounded bright golden-yellow blossoms that bloom in axillary racemes. This shrub thrives in moist, well-drained, and neutral to acidic soils and sunlit locations.  

18. California Glory Fremontia

  • Fremontodendron californicum california glory
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 15-30 ft
Fremontodendron californicum california glory
Stan Shebs Fremontodendron californicum ‘california glory’

California Glory Fremontia is a fast-growing, tall-sized, broadleaf, evergreen shrub with an irregular habitat. It produces a spectacular show of large, cup-shaped, open, 5-petaled, bright yellow blossoms that develop orange tints with age. It features thick, 3-lobed, fuzzy, dark green leaves with densely hairy undersides. This vigorous, drought-tolerant shrub grows well in sheltered areas in poor-to-average, well-drained gravelly soils, and full sun. 

19. Willow Pittosporum 

  • Pittosporum phillyraeoides
  • Flowering in: Late Winter and Early Spring
  • Height: 12-20 ft
Pittosporum phillyreoides
Stan Shebs Pittosporum phillyreoides

Native to Australia, Willow Pittosporum is a small-sized, robust, evergreen flowering tree with an erect or weeping, low-branching, spreading, rounded canopy and a smooth, light gray bark. It features linear to lanceolate, silver or bluish-green leaves and showy, fragrant, spring yellow blossoms that give way to prolific, small, yellow capsules. This drought-tolerant flowering specimen thrives in moist to dry, clay, loamy, or sandy, slightly acidic to highly alkaline soils, and full sun to partial shade. 

20. Heath Melaleuca

  • Melaleuca ericifolia
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 25-30 ft
Melaleuca ericifolia.
John Tann Melaleuca ericifolia.

Native to Australia, Heath Melaleuca is a multi-trunked, evergreen, small-sized flowering tree with an erect, low-branching, rounded canopy. It features linear, dark green leaves and showy, fragrant, yellow spring blossoms. The female flowers give way to small, brown, or gray-hued fruit capsules. This drought-tolerant tree grows well in wet to dry, slightly acidic or highly alkaline, loamy, sandy, or clay soils and full sun to partial shade. 

21. Sydney Golden Wattle

  • Acacia longifolia
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 25 ft
Acacia longifolia
Nuytsia@Tas Acacia longifolia

Native to Southeastern Australia, Sydney Golden Wattle is a fast-growing, small-sized, bushy, erect, evergreen tree with a rounded, spreading, low canopy and dark gray bark. It produces a striking show of feathery, tubular, scented, light lemon-yellow blossoms. It features obovate-lanceolate, light green leaves. This drought-tolerant tree thrives in well-drained, light, fertile, sandy soils and full sun. 

22. Evergreen Dogwood

  • Cornus capitata
  • Flowering in: Spring
  • Height: 20-40 ft
Cornus capitata
James Gaither Cornus capitata

Also known as Himalayan Strawberry Tree, Evergreen Dogwood is a small to medium-sized, semi-evergreen flowering tree native to China, northern India, and the Himalayas. It features leathery, rough, and ovate to lanceolate, dark green leaves with grey-green undersides. The leaves might turn red to purple in fall. Evergreen Dogwood grows clusters of greenish-white flowers surrounded by four, pointed, pale yellow, petal-shaped bracts. It grows well in medium moist, organically rich, sandy, well-drained soils and sun-kissed to partially shaded locations. 

23. Yellow Silk Cotton Tree

  • Cochlospermum religiosum 
  • Flowering in: Early Spring
  • Height: 25 ft 
Cochlospermum religiosum
Prenn Cochlospermum religiosum

Yellow Silk Cotton Tree is a small-sized, fast-growing, tropical, deciduous Indian and Mexican flowering native. Also known as Torchwood Tree, this blossoming specimen features palmate, cordate, 5-lobed leaves. It produces stunning buttercup-shaped, distinctive bright yellow blossoms with orange stamens. This highly drought-resistant tree thrives in moist, well-drained soils and full sun.