Why Use a Wood Chipper – Why don’t you have one yet?

Trees are heavy, and can be a huge hassle to get rid of whether it’s a fallen tree after a storm to one you’ve cut down yourself. There are a number of different ways that you can use or get rid of a fallen tree on your land. One of the best methods available is the use of a wood chipper, which can add a lot of benefits on top of getting rid of the wood that is causing you problems. This article is going to take a look into some of those benefits in order to show you the many ways in which a wood chipper can work for you.


What Does a Wood Chipper Do?

A wood chipper is a machine that turns larger pieces of wood into small chunks that can be used in a multitude of ways. It’s a great machine to help you get rid of unwanted trees and other wood on your land as well as give you a larger range of options as far as what you can do with those wood chips.


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The Benefits:

Makes Clean-Up Quicker

Because a wood chipper is capable of turning large, heavy trees into small chips, it can make the overall cleanup a lot easier than other methods you might employ while getting rid of a fallen tree. After running the larger pieces of wood through the chipper, you’ll simply have to gather up the chunks which you can then choose to use in multiple ways including use in your in your garden or sell to bring in a little extra money. It can also bring down any costs related to getting rid of “green waste”.

No Need to Burn Waste

If burning is your main method of getting rid of unwanted wood, chips can be easier to burn than larger tree chunks, but you certainly don’t have to! There are a lot of useful things you can then do with those chips that can lower your costs on fertilizers for your plants or even fuel for your car. This not only helps the environment by doing away with toxic fumes that can come from the smoke of burning it, but also add to the environment around you.

Same Effort as Hauling Away

Using a chipper might seem like it’s going to be a lot of hassle and effort, but it’s really no more laborious than most other methods of getting rid of wood, and can offer more benefits. Instead of chopping up the wood and burning it or paying to have a fallen tree removed, you can run it through a wood chipper and get more use out of the remaining materials than you would have otherwise.

Make Useful Materials


A wood chipper can help with making mulch that can help any other plants you may have grown well without the added cost of any special fertilizer or other product that you can buy in a store that might help you grow healthier plants. There are a lot of chippers available that can offer shredding of wood as well that can be very helpful for making mulch.

It’s important to look around at the wood chippers available to see what other features they can have that might help you to achieve other outdoor goals. The more you can use resources you already have and create, the more money you can save over having to buy specially made products.


Some wood chippers can also offer the option of being able to make compost through the use of the shredder. If you shred the wood you’re using as well as other compostable items, those items can get pulverized and mixed together, which allows them to be ready to use quicker than typical compost methods.

Breaking the items down can speed up the process and allow you to have wonderfully made compost that you can use in your garden or for your plants at no added cost to you. Everyone likes being able to save money, and using a wood chipper rather than paying the costs of getting rid of the waste as well as fertilizer can save you a lot overall.

Pressed Wood

Pressed wood is a material that can help to make a number of things from veneers for wooden furniture to pallets and even some furniture items. This pressed wood can be made from the wood chips you create and can help if you have an interest in making anything using the pressed wood, or you can sometimes choose to sell those chips where they may eventually end up being used in making these kinds of items and more.

In selling your wood chips whether it be for these purposes or to people who want to use them for mulching or even just flower bed cover, you end up making money rather than spending it on other methods of getting rid of unwanted wood.


One of the more interesting things you can do with your wood chips is use them to make Bio-fuel that can help to run cars and other machines that use this kind of fuel. Often, it can take quite a while for the wood chips to transform into ethanol using the help of special enzymes. Overall, Bio-fuel is a great method to potentially replace the gas we use now in a much more environmentally friendly way. Rather than destroying the wood or wood ships through fire or other means, Bio-fuel offers up another option that can provide more benefit to yourself or others.


Overall, there are several benefits that using a wood chipper can provide over other methods of getting rid of unwanted wood. These benefits can offer ways to help your flowers or plants in your garden grow, or they can be used in the building of furniture and other commodities or even Bio-fuels. Any one of these benefits can be a great reason to buy a wood chipper rather than other common methods to have fallen trees removed from your property.