When Are Calla Lilies In Season?

While Calla lilies are not considered a true lily, they are a welcome addition to any garden. Even though Calla lilies are available in many colors, white Calla lilies are the most popular. They are often used for funeral or wedding arrangements. When are Calla lilies in season?

Calla lilies are in season in spring and summer. Depending on the variety of Calla lily you have and when you plant them, Calla lilies will bloom anywhere from early spring to summer. Calla lilies bloom for three to eight weeks. The length of their bloom depends on when they start flowering.

When Are Calla Lilies In Season?

Calla lilies originated in South Africa and bloom in spring and summer. However, since planting your Calla lily rhizomes, it will be about two weeks before the first shoots start appearing. Then, it will take another thirteen to sixteen weeks for your calla lilies to bloom.

The Calla lilies will continue to bloom for three to eight weeks. However, this will depend on when they started flowering. Therefore, if you want your Calla lilies to flower for a longer time, you must plant them earlier.

There are various colors of Calla lilies, including white, purple, yellow, and pink. Each of these colors has its own meaning.

White Calla lilies are a symbol of purity and rebirth. They are often used in wedding bouquets to symbolize both purity and fertility. In funeral arrangements, calla lilies are a symbol of peace and sympathy.

Purple Calla lilies are symbols of passion and charm. They are also associated with status and royalty. Therefore, Calla lilies were historically often given as gifts to nobles.

Yellow Calla lilies are a symbol of gratitude and can be given to someone who has done something for you in the past or someone you are grateful for.

Pink Calla lilies symbolize love and romance. For this reason, a bouquet with Calla lilies is a great Valentine’s gift or can be given to someone you are romantically interested in.

Black Calla lilies symbolize mystery and elegance. Red Calla lilies symbolize courage and determination and can be given to someone who is nervous or has to overcome a difficult task.

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Due to their various meanings and symbols, Calla lilies make a wonderful gift. Calla lilies can also be planted in a pot to keep as an indoor plant. Indoor Calla lilies often have a more extended flowering period because they are less exposed to cold.

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How Do You Care For Calla Lilies?

Calla lilies are grown from a rhizome. When choosing a rhizome, opt for the biggest one as this will produce a bigger plant and more prominent flowers. Calla lilies grow best in full sun areas. However, if you live in a hot climate, plant your Calla lilies in partial sun.

Calla lilies grow well in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Therefore, it is important to water your Calla lilies often. Be careful not to overwater them, though, as they are prone to root rot. Calla lilies can be planted near ponds or streams. They can also be used as border plants in a garden.

While some Calla lilies are winter hardy, it is best to plant your Calla lilies in spring, when the winter frost has passed. Plant Calla lilies roughly four inches deep and twelve inches apart. Be sure to place your rhizome in the ground with the growing tips facing up.

After placing your Calla lily rhizome, water it and then fill the hole back up with soil. Using mulch will help keep the rhizome moist.

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Most Calla lilies will only bloom for one year. When the winter season arrives, the rhizome will die of the cold. However, you can dig up your rhizome before the first frost if you wish to. Keep the Calla lily rhizome in a cool, dry place and replant the rhizome next spring. This is not a guarantee that the rhizome will bloom again next season.

Can Calla Lilies Be Planted In Water?

Some Calla lilies can be grown in water. While not all Calla lilies are suitable for planting in water, some varieties, such as Zantedeschia Aethiopica, can be planted in ponds with great success.

To plant your Calla lily in a pond, there are a few things you must consider. First, Calla lilies are poisonous to humans and animals, so be sure to put them in a part of the pond where the fish cannot easily feed on them. Second, Calla lilies should be set in the sunniest part of the pond to ensure they receive adequate sun.

How do you plant Calla Lilies in a Pond? It’s not a complicated process, and there are just a few steps to follow:

  • You need to plant your Calla lilies in a fabric planter before placing them in the pond. This will ensure the lilies receive sufficient water and fertilizer while keeping their roots away from fish.
  • Fill the fabric planters with heavy loam soil.
  • Place two or three Calla lilies in the container, depending on how big the container is.
  • Place the container in the pond in a sunny area. Make sure that the water is about two inches above the roots of the Calla lilies.
  • Be sure to Fertilize your Calla lilies once a month between June and August to get the best bloom.

Calla lilies can be perennial when grown in water. However, it depends on where you live. Calla lilies are more likely to bloom for more than one year in the south. Unfortunately, the winter months are two cold in the north, and the Calla lilies will mostly only be annual.

Can You Use Calla Lilies In A bouquet?

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Yay Calla lily in a blue purple arrangement

You have probably seen Calla lilies in wedding or funeral bouquets. However, they can be used to make bouquets for any occasion.

Calla lilies are best used in bouquets on the day they open, making them last longer. Cut your Calla lilies at the base of the stem so that the branch doesn’t stick up. You will not harm your Calla lily by removing these stems.

Once cut, immediately place your Calla lilies in a bowl of lukewarm water. Before placing your Calla lilies in a vase, fill the vase with two inches of water mixed with cut flower food. You can buy cut flower food or make your own.

To make your cut flower food, mix one part of sugar, one part of bleach, one part of lemon juice, and ten parts of water. Fill the vase with two inches of water. Cut your Calla lilies to the desired length. Be sure to cut them underwater. You should only remove the Calla lilies from the water to place them in the vase.

Cut Calla lilies should last between seven and ten days. Check the water mixture daily and always keep it at two inches. Calla lilies can be placed in a vase by themselves or arranged using other flowers and foliage.