What Do Oak Trees Symbolize?

In many cultures, a tree is not just a tree. In Celtic and many other cultures, each type of tree symbolizes something different and important. The mighty oak tree is no different, and the amazing part is that its meaning hasn’t changed in many centuries.

So, what does an oak tree symbolize? Oak trees symbolize power, ancient wisdom, and survival. This is the reason why countries such as Germany, as well as states such as Connecticut and Illinois, chose these trees as their national and state tree.

Cultural Significance of the Oak Tree

Since the beginning of time, oak trees have been held in high regard by many cultures. This includes:

  • In New Age cultures, oak falls under the dominion of Jupiter, Mars, and the element of water.
  • The Celts thought oak trees represented hospitality, safety, bravery, and truth.
  • The Druids and Galatian tribes held assemblies in oak sanctuaries because they represented community, foresight, and religious virtue.
  • Various European gods considered the oak tree sacred, including Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, and Jumala.

The only downside to the oak tree seems to be its stubbornness, which causes it to never bend like the willow tree does. Instead, its branches will break when storms and high winds occur.

What does this stubbornness symbolize? You have to be able to bend and adapt when adversity strikes to grow and thrive!

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Oak Trees in Dreams

Oak trees also have meaning when they are seen in dreams. They represent both spiritual power and physical strength. For example, if a person dreams about a green oak tree that is several centuries old, it means he or she will live a nice long life. 

In addition, seeing an oak tree in a dream can also symbolize:

  • A happy and carefree life (oak grove)
  • A promotion (picking up acorns underneath the tree)
  • Avoiding dangerous situations (hiding under an oak tree)
  • Break up with or lose someone (a dried oak tree)
  • Full recovery from an illness (rustling of oak leaves)
  • Getting a good education (talking to an oak tree)
  • Management will appreciate your work (showering of acorns from an oak tree)
  • Marrying a wealthy man soon (decorating an oak tree)
  • Parting ways (for lovers) (deciduous oak trees)
  • Resentment from a soul mate (plucking an oak tree together with a root)
  • Sexual weakness (oak tree without leaves)
  • Significant revenue (taking care of an oak tree)
  • Some additional rest (lying under an oak tree)
  • Sorrow and temptation (deciduous oak trees)
  • The birth of a healthy son (planting of a small green oak tree)
  • Wealth and riches (centuries-old green oak tree)

As you can tell from this description, when good things happen around an oak tree in a dream, it is a positive sign. On the other hand, bad things happening around an oak tree usually symbolize bad things are about to happen.

This is because oak trees symbolize strength and, with the exception of their stubbornness, nothing but good characteristics that are sought by many.

Oak Trees’ Spiritual Relevance

As you can imagine, a lot of spiritual symbolism also surrounds the mighty oak tree. The tree’s towering strength represents not only knowledge and wisdom but also morale and resistance. Honor and nobility are also represented due to its size and longevity. 

The oak tree can live for thousands of years, and it is found in nearly every part of the world. It is indeed a life-affirming power that the oak tree has, and it stands for everything that is true, honest, stable, and wholesome.

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A few of the cultures that considered the oak tree sacred are the Greeks, Romans, and Teutonic tribes, as well as the Celts and the Slavs. To these people, oak trees were to be held in high regard, almost like a god was to be treated.

The Druids considered mistletoe – which often grows on oak trees – to be very potent and powerful. And ancient kings even wore crowns made out of oak leaves, which they considered to be “from god.”

Even today, oak leaves can symbolize military prowess, and their connection to rainfall is demonstrated in numerous folklore tales and even in poems and nursery rhymes.

Indeed, even in Christianity the oak leaf is considered a sign of spiritual piety, and you’ll find many churches that have oak groves planted on their property.