Used Lawn Mowers For Sale: Good Idea?

When buying a lawn mower, most people question on whether to go for a new one or a used one. This may be due to numerous reasons, one of them being a new one not fitting your budget. Even though they come with a smaller price tag attached to them, there are various factors that you should take into consideration before purchasing a used lawnmower.


Factors to Consider when Buying a Used Lawn Mower

Purchasing an already used device is a great way to save money, but there are important things you need to ask yourself. This will ensure that you are not dubbed into spending more than you previously planned. Some of the factors to consider include:

Know what you want

This is a factor to consider even when purchasing a new lawnmower. To make your search less tiring, first figure out which type of lawn mower will work best for your yard. A great way to determine the type that is most suitable for you is considering the size of your yard. Also, consider if there will be any heavy-duty use of the machine. With this in mind, you can decide whether to go for a manual lawn mower or an automatic one.


A tight financial plan is one of the top reasons people consider going for a second-hand lawnmower. Before you can set a limit for your budget, do your homework on the elements that are featured on lawn mowers that determine their price tags. Once this is done, you can set a realistic amount for a used lawnmower. It is advisable to pay no more than sixty to seventy percent of the retail price for a used lawnmower. This applies to lawn mowers that have been in use for more than two or three years and are in good shape. Being equipped with such information will help you judge if the price of a used lawn mower you are eyeing is a good deal.

The type of engine

First you’re going to have to choose between electric and gas powered. It is advisable to choose a lawn mower that features an engine from a well-known manufacturer. Since it is a used lawn mower, it will need repairs at one point or another. If the engine make is a renowned brand, you will have an easy time locating spare parts.

Research on the seller

You may be purchasing a used lawn mower from a well-known dealer or the seller themselves. If you are purchasing from a dealer, ensure you find out if any adjustments have been made to the device. If there are any, ask which elements have been changed. In whichever case (buying from a dealer or individual), find out their reason for selling the lawn mower. Make sure it does not involve operational reasons that may cost you in the long run. Also, ask if there is any warranty that comes attached with the purchase of the device. It is advisable to choose one with no less than a thirty-day warranty to give you ample time to test the condition of the device. Even so, the warranty will be determined by the state and age of the lawnmower.

repairing broken used lawn mower
You don’t want to be having to do any of this…

Inspect the device’s condition

The condition of a used lawn mower should never be judged by photos or the word of the seller. It is crucial to take a personal look at the machine before any transactions are made. When performing a visual inspection, the exterior condition of the lawn mower will go a long way in telling you how well the owner has been maintaining the device.

There are various key elements you should also take a look at:

Inspect the handles: ensure that the handles are not loose or feature bent or exposed cables.

Check the wheels: if the wheels are cracked or wobble when in motion, it indicates that the lawn mower is not in its best condition. If you are purchasing a riding mower, the treads should not be worn out.

Inspect the air filter: an air filter that appears black and dirty is not a good sign. This means that a lot of dirt and debris has been pulled into the engine, which in turn shortens its lifespan. Additionally, the area behind the filter should be looked at for dirt too.

Look at the engine oil: the oil should appear clear and clean. If it happens to be black, it is an indication of poor maintenance, and the device may have problems when operating.

During the inspection, question the seller about the history of the lawn mower’s maintenance. They should touch on the inspection of engine oil before running the device each time and clean the air filter occasionally. They should also mention the change of oil, spark plugs, the air filter, and the sharpening of blades annually.

Run the device

Even though taking a look at the device will help you identify some problems with a lawn mower, running the machine will help you know how it operates. The first thing you should pay attention to is the starting of the motor. A lawn mower that is in good condition should not require numerous attempts for the device to start running. Push it around without running the blades to see if the braking system is working and the wheels are operating just fine. Once you are satisfied, you can try to cut some grass. If it comes with other features included, test them out too in various levels and ensure each one works just fine.


Once you have all these factors in order, you can proceed to purchase the used lawn mower of your choice. If you doubt your choice, consider seeking advice from an expert. With the help of a skilled eye, they may notice an issue with the lawn mower that you may not have seen. Also, consider going for someone who knows how to negotiate to get you the best deal. If you cannot find one, take the device to a lawn mower store to have it looked at. This process will probably cost nothing or close to nothing.