8 Trees Similar To Weeping Willow

Weeping willows are vibrant green trees with leaves drooping downward, creating a beautiful aesthetic. There are many species of weeping trees similar to the trendy willow tree. Are you thinking of a weeping tree for your yard but are not quite set on the common willow tree?

Weeping Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple, Weeping Katsura, Purple Fountain Weeping Beech, Summer Cascade River Birch, Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud, Pink Weeping Flowering Cherry, Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry, and Inversa Norway Spruce is similar to a weeping willow.

These trees are beautiful weeping trees similar to the Weeping Willow but might be a better fit for your taste! Let’s take a closer look at the trees similar to the Weeping Willow.

1. The Weeping Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple
David Stang Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple

The Weeping Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree is like a beautiful green waterfall of subtle, lazy foliage during summer and spring.

When the weather turns icy and cold, it transforms into an entirely different tree! In the fall, the foliage changes to the color of lava and seems like it’s flowing down the sides of the trunk.

The bulky and gray braces are left bare in winter, adding visual appeal to this beautiful weeping tree.

If you prefer burgundy-red colored leaves all season long, both the Crimson Queen and Tamukeyama Japanese Maples will be the perfect fit for your garden. It will provide you with a rich red color among graceful weeping leaves.

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2. The Weeping Katsura Tree

Katsura Tree
Plant Image Library Katsura Tree

The Weeping Katsura Tree is completely covered in beautiful leaves taking on the form of a heart. The leaves hug the drooping branches plunging to the ground.

This tree is a waterfall of soothing green during the summer, and in the fall, the leaves turn into a cherry yellow with an occasional hint of pumpkin orange.

But wait, there’s more! The Katsura tree will trick you during the late stages of autumn. Its falling leaves smell almost identical to cotton candy!

The Weeping Katsura Tree grows quickly, so be sure to provide it with plenty of water!

3. The Purple Fountain Weeping Beech

Purple Fountain Beech
Frank Richards Purple Fountain Beech

The graceful Purple Fountain Weeping Beech has been around for what seems like ages. This tree has a highly unusual weeping form and is seen as a showstopper in any garden!

The Purple Fountain Weeping Beech develops a naturally prominent central branch that shoots high in the sky while its branches on the side weep firmly downwards. The beautiful branches are covered in vibrant crimson foliage.

In summer, the crimson foliage soon becomes a deep chocolate-purple color and turns in shades of butterscotch in autumn before falling off.

This tree can definitely be seen as an investment in your home, as it will only get more valuable with each year it grows!

4. The Summer Cascade River Birch

Summer Cascade River Birch
David Stang Summer Cascade River Birch

This fast-growing tree will provide your garden with a restful atmosphere all season because of its lovely weeping shape and light leaves that will flutter like butterflies in the wind.

In fall, you will see its foliage turn into a melted buttery yellow before they start to drop on the ground, giving way to a peach-colored bark.

This unique tree will remind you of the true beauty of nature! The Summer Cascade River Birch will make the perfect addition to your garden if you don’t want a tree requiring constant care.

It is more resistant to pests and diseases and is more heat-resistant than most other Birches!

5. The Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud Tree

With its drooping branches covered in large heart shapes leaves, the Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud tree is such to add an easily achievable elegance to any landscape!

In early spring, you’ll experience many delicate pink-colored blossoms that create a strong contrast to its charcoal gray stems. This tree is different from other weeping trees, as its branches are much more durable.

You will be pleased to hear that this tree is a fast grower, but it stays small enough to use in small gardens. So, if you only have limited space in your garden, this tree is the perfect match for you!

6. The Weeping Flowering Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry tree
Degueulasse Weeping cherry tree

You may have thought of the Pink Weeping Flowering Cherry Tree at the mention of Weeping Trees, as it is a well-known tree in many gardens, and rightfully so!

This famous tree is a centerpiece in many neighborhoods during the springtime, with its lengthy, arching branches covered in sweet pink cherry blossoms! This tree quickly becomes large, so it could be a good choice if you have a huge backyard.

However, The Weeping Flowering Cherry Tree might not be the best fit in places where space is limited.

7. The Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree

Snow Fountain Weeping Flowering Cherry
David Stang Snow Fountain Weeping Flowering Cherry

This next tree is known as the Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree, a beautiful and petite weeping tree. Where space is limited, this stylish small tree’s branches will droop and fall straight down like a curtain and will touch the ground if you do not trim them.

During the early stages of spring, the braches are covered in frosty white-colored blossoms. During the fall, the tree seems to light on fire, with gold, orange, and red tones.

This Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree is sure to draw a lot of attention and will be a conversation starter between any nature enthusiasts who has an eye for beautiful weeping trees!

8. The Inversa Norway Spruce Tree

If you’re looking for a weeping tree that will add a little height to your garden, the Inversa Norway Spruce Tree is your perfect match! The height of this tree will ultimately depend on how high you train it to be.

Without a support structure, it will grow as a weeping ground cover. If you want to encourage vertical growth, you can attach a pole to give it some extra height.

This is known to be one of the hardiest weeping trees, and it’s the ideal tree for you if you don’t have loads of time on your hands. As long as you place this beautiful tree in full sun in the morning, where it will receive some afternoon shade, it will thrive in your garden!