10 Best Trees for Wet Soil

Planting great trees in the yard requires homeowners to consider the soil in that particular yard. While there are a lot of trees that grow in perfect soil, what about very wet areas? It might be a little more tricky selecting trees that grow well in wet soil.

Not all trees can be grown in all types of soil. In fact, the condition and pH level of the soil is always a factor in the types of trees available for people to grow. When people live in an area that has high humidity or a lot of rain, it does somewhat limit the types of trees they can choose to plant there.

Certain areas in the country stay damp and even flood occasionally, which means homeowners have to take this into consideration before deciding which trees to purchase for the yard. It doesn’t mean one or two types of trees are available, but they will still have to research to make sure the tree they choose can handle this type of soil.

With some trees, too much rainfall can wither the roots of the tree and cause it to die, while others simply won’t thrive or look their best in these conditions. To be sure, living in places that stay wet or flood occasionally requires planting tree types that can withstand wet soil.

This being said, it doesn’t have to be complicated to get the perfect trees for wet areas because there are numerous trees that can weather the storm and still grow and thrive. Below are 10 trees that thrive in wet areas.

1. River Birch

22792934 sunrise in the autumn forest
mady70 River Birch in the autumn forest.

Just as the name implies, these trees are perfect for people who live in extra-wet areas, even areas that flood frequently. The trees are frequently found along river banks, and the best part is they can be planted anywhere in the United States.

River birches grow quickly and thrive in wet soil, but they can still handle some mild drought conditions. Unlike other birches, the river birch tree is fairly resistant to things such as the birch borer, and because of its sturdiness, it is growing rapidly in popularity for both homeowners and urban planners.

River birches also look good because they curl back in a very unique way, giving them a look that is eye-catching and which fits in anywhere it is planted.

2. Sweetbay Magnolia

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JumpStory Sweetbay Magnolia

Sweetbay magnolia trees are easy-going trees and can even grow well in standing water, making them the perfect choice for people who live in flood-prone areas. In other words, these trees absolutely love water!

Sweetbay magnolias also have a very pleasant sweet vanilla smell that lasts throughout the growing season. This makes them very popular trees, and their pinkish-white flowers are just as lovely as they are sweet-smelling.

Whether the tree is placed in the front yard or the back yard, it will call attention to itself because it is simply a beautiful tree. It is one type of tree that can withstand almost any type of weather, making it a sturdy and very reliable tree.

3. Red Maple

313487 beautiful red maple tree
Sandralise Beautiful red maple tree.

Not only are red maple trees beautiful, but they are also great trees for people who live in very wet areas. Because of its durability and its ability to grow in so many different conditions, it is a popular tree for both homeowners and urban planners all across the country.

With this tree, growers will see either buds, flowers, leafstalks, or gorgeous foliage every season of the year. The trees grow fast and are often found along streets and lanes in cities of all sizes, both because of their sturdiness and their look.

For people who live in damp areas and want to dot their landscape with something colorful and something that will last, the red maple tree is an excellent option.

4. Pin Oak

The pin oak tree grows a lot faster than other types of oak trees, and one of the things that makes it unique is the fact that it can grow in nearly any soil or weather condition. This includes not just wet soil but also heat, bad air, and dry soil, making it a very versatile tree.

This is a tall, very elegant-looking tree that looks great in anyone’s yard, making it one of the most popular trees for people who love oak trees. While it is fast-growing for an oak tree, it grows a little slower than many other types of trees, though it does get up to 70 feet in height.

Pin oak trees also grow in soils such as clay, sand, or very acidic soils, so people don’t have to live in damp or wet areas to enjoy them. They also have acorns that are a favorite of wildlife such as deer and birds, among others.

5. Hackberry

Common Hackberry celtis occidentalis
Chhe Common Hackberry (celtis occidentalis)

When it comes to trees for wet areas, this is not the tree that comes to mind for most people, but tree experts love it because it is a strong tree that can last through just about everything. It can even last through 60 inches or so of rain per year!

The hackberry tree is also a great shade tree that tends to be low maintenance, not just because it can survive in almost any soil condition but also because it doesn’t need to be watered nearly as often as many other trees do.

These trees are so sturdy, in fact, that they can withstand high winds, pollution, and a large range of temperatures, which is why they are found in nearly every area of the United States.

6. Bald Cypress

Bald Cypress
Chris M Morris Bald Cypress

The Bald Cypress tree is commonly found in the Southern part of the United States, but it can be grown nearly anywhere. They are typically found in swamps, which proves how well they can tolerate flooding and wetness.

They also tend to show themselves as cypress “knees,” the purpose of which no one knows for sure. It is thought that these “knees” are there to help the roots of the tree get more oxygen, but that is just an educated guess.

This is also a very versatile tree because even though they are known for their existence in swamps, Bald Cypress trees have been seen as far north as Wisconsin and even in some of the drier, more desert-like areas of the Southwest.

7. Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood
tom00la Dawn Redwood

For people who want sturdy trees that look very similar to evergreens, the dawn redwood tree is perfect. The trees are extremely tolerant and can grow just about everywhere, including wet and flood-prone areas.

Every spring, the dawn redwood tree produces leaves that look like fern leaves, making this a very attractive as well as practical tree for both homeowners and urban planners. They are also a fast-growing tree.

With these trees, growers get the beautiful look of an evergreen but can plant it almost anywhere, including very wet areas that stay damp all year long.

8. Willow

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JumpStory Willow Tree

If people want a fast-growing tree, willow trees are a great option, particularly weeping willows. In fact, a weeping willow tree can easily grow four feet every year, which is phenomenal when compared to other types of trees. Willows also do very well in very wet and damp soils.

Not only are willow trees fast-growing, but they are sturdy and gorgeous as well. They have an elegant look and are eye-catching, and they not only grow well in wet soils, but they tend to thrive in it.

Willow trees are low-maintenance trees that tend to increase the value of a property, and despite the fact that they can accommodate wet soils, they do well in drier soils as well. This is a very sturdy tree that can handle just about anything that is done to them.

9. Black Tupelo

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Leonora (Ellie) Enking Black Tupelo in autumn.

The black Tupelo tree is perfect for homeowners, business owners, and urban planners. Why? It has extraordinary color in the fall and is extremely sturdy, making this a perfect choice for anyone wanting a low-maintenance tree that looks fantastic.

Black Tupelo trees have bark that is unique and dark in color, and their leaves of yellow, bright red, orange, and even purple will stand out among all the other trees in the area. They make a great landscaping choice for both individuals and businesses alike.

The blooms on the black Tupelo tree won’t look like much to most people, but the birds love them. For people who want a colorful, consistent tree that can be grown even in wet soils, this is the perfect tree for them to choose.

10. Overcup Oak

Part of the white oak group, this tree got its name because of the way its acorns are encased in a cup-like structure. Although it takes 25 to 40 years to fully mature, it can be grown in a variety of soil conditions, including wet soils.

Even lowland wetland areas can grow the overcup oak tree, so they are especially popular in the southern and south-central parts of the United States. They also live for a very long time – up to 400 years – and can therefore be enjoyed by many generations.

Overcup oak trees are becoming more commonplace in cities and towns because of their sturdiness and their adaptability, not to mention their beauty.