15 Delicious Tangerine Tree Varieties

If you are a fan of citrus fruits and enjoy gardening, you might love the idea of growing your own tangerines. Tangerine trees come from the same citrus family as lemon, limes, and oranges. In fact, tangerine is classified as a type of orange. However, these fruits tend to be more reddish-orange and smaller in size than your regular oranges.

You can grow tangerine trees in the ground or container. Either way – your tree will require plenty of fertilizer, water, and a layer of mulch around the base to produce the sweetest tangerines. But don’t worry – it can be a lot of fun to care for a tangerine tree when you know what you are doing. Plus, the reward in the form of sweet tangerines makes your efforts worthwhile.

Tangerine trees are available in tons of varieties, which means you will have plenty of choices when it comes to picking the perfect tangerine tree for your garden. Regardless of the variety you choose, make sure you pick a sunny spot for your new plant, as tangerine trees love sunshine.  

Despite being a tropical plant, tangerine trees are some of the most cold-hardy citrus fruit trees out there. This makes them one of the best choices for your garden. However, keep in mind that tangerine trees may still require frost protection. So, if you live in a cold climate area, it is best to grow your tangerine trees in a pot.  

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So, are you ready to grow a tangerine tree to enjoy an unlimited supply of your favorite citrus fruits? Here are some of the tangerine tree varieties that you should consider.

1. Dancy Tangerine

  • Citrus tangerina ‘dancy’ 
  • Harvest time: February through April 
  • Height: 10 to 15 ft

Also known as Kid-Glove tangerine, Dancy fruit is one of the oldest American citrus varieties. The tree has an erect shape. Leaves are wide and lance-shaped. It produces small to medium-sized fruits that are easy to peel. They are moderately juicy but have a rich and sprightly flavor. Generally, the Dancy tangerine tree bears fruit in alternate years. 

2. Murcott/Honey Tangerine

  • Citrus tangerina ‘murcott’
  • Harvest time: January through early April  
  • Height: 8 ft  
murcott tangerine
pixabay murcott tangerine

As the name suggests, the Honey tangerine tree produces super sweet and juicy fruits. However, the fruit is relatively small as compared to most other types of tangerines. It is also full of seeds. The medium to large size tree is a great choice for home growers as it is a heavy producer and is abundant with mid-season fruits. Plus, the tangerines are superior in terms of taste and sweetness!   

3. Sunburst Tangerine

  • Citrus tangerina ‘sunburst’
  • Harvest time: November to January  
  • Height: 10 to 15 ft

Sunburst tangerine is an evergreen variety with dark green foliage. It upright, moderately vigorous, and features a spreading shape. If you want to collect tangerines throughout the Holiday season, this is the perfect tree for you. The fruit is juicy, sweet, medium-sized, and easy to peel. Plus, it spreads a lovely fragrance in the atmosphere.  

4. Fallglo Tangerine

  • Citrus tangerina ‘fallglo’
  • Harvest time: September to December   
  • Height: 6 to 8 ft

Fallglo Tangerine is characterized by its small size and light green foliage. These trees are thornless, upright, moderately vigorous, and moderately cold-hardy. Surprisingly, Fallglo Tangerine tree fruit is fairly large, ranging between 2 to 4 inches in diameter. At maturity, the fruit is deep reddish and peels easily.

5. Satsuma Tangerine

  • Citrus unshiu
  • Harvest time: October to December   
  • Height: 8 to 11 ft
Citrus unshiu
Forrest and Kim Starr Citrus unshiu

Satsuma Tangerine is one of the most cold-hardy species, so if the temperature drops down fairly low in your area of residence, this is an excellent choice of citrus trees for you. These small to medium-sized trees produce loose, leather-skin fruits that feature juicy flesh and are easy to peel.

6. Page Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata
  • Harvest time: October to December   
  • Height: 8 to 10 ft
Citrus reticulata
Forrest and Kim Starr Citrus reticulata

If you can’t wait to get your hands on sweet and delicious tangerines, consider planting a Page tangerine tree in your garden, as it can produce fruit as early as the first year of growth! Plus, the tree is low-maintenance, and pruning is only required if you want to reduce the growth. It features dark, glossy foliage and produces rich orange-red fruits. 

7. Pixie Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata ‘pixie’
  • Harvest time: September to December   
  • Height: 8 ft

Just like the Page tangerine tree, Pixie tangerine can also produce delicious fruits in the very year of growth. It is a cross between Dancy and King with dark green leathery foliage. If you are one of those people who enjoy the juicy flavor but don’t care for the sweet-tart taste, then Pixie tangerine is the perfect choice for you. Another reason why we love pixie tangerine fruit is that it does not contain seeds!    

8. Gold Nugget Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata gold nugget
  • Harvest time: March to June   
  • Height: 8 ft

Gold Nugget tangerine trees are vigorous and produce medium-sized fruits with a unique flavor. The fruit looks more like oranges than tangerine. However, keep in mind that your Gold Nugget will only produce fruit in alternate years. 

9. Tango Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata ‘tango’
  • Harvest time: January 
  • Height: 8 to 10 ft

Tango tangerine is one of the latest additions to the family. It was developed in an effort to attain Clementine fruit that was a little bigger, more juicer, and easier to grow. Apart from giving you some of the sweetest, juiciest tangerines you have ever tasted, the Tango tree will also boost the curb appeal of your home. With glossy leaves and a great shape, these trees are highly ornamental and suitable for all landscapes. 

10.Clementine/Algerian Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata ‘clementine’
  • Harvest time: January to early April 
  • Height: 8 to 10 ft

With Algerian origins, Clementine is a Mediterranean fruit. The tree is an adequate grower. However, it is showy and ornamental. The best part is that the fruit can stay on the tree for several months after maturity. Plus, the foliage is dense and attractive, adding to the beauty of the tree.   

11.Encore Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata ‘encore’
  • Harvest time: January to early April 
  • Height: 10 to 12 ft

Encore tangerine tree is another highly ornamental species. These trees produce highly flavorful, firm-fleshed fruits that are easy to peel and have a long hanging period. While Encore tangerine is not available commercially, the tree works as the perfect backyard tangerine supplier, thanks to its sweet fruit and ornamental value.   

12.Kinnow Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata cv. kinnow Blanco
  • Harvest time: February to May  
  • Height: 8 ft

Kinnow tangerine trees are large, frost-tolerant trees with dense foliage. They produce medium-sized fruit that is yellow-orange in color. The fruit is very juicy, rich in flavor, and loaded with seeds. It is also easy to peel. However, if you are considering this tangerine tree variety, keep in mind that these trees have a high tendency for alternate fruiting.

13.Ponkan/Chinese Honey Tangerine

  • Citrus poonensis
  • Harvest time: December to January   
  • Height: 10 to 12 ft

Chinese Honey tangerine trees bear fruits every other year, but they are such heavy growers that you may have to prop the limbs to keep them from breaking with the weight of the fruit! The fruits are very sweet and almost the size of an orange.    

14.Wilking Tangerine

  • Citrus reticulata Blanco Rutaceae
  • Harvest time: January to March    
  • Height: 8 ft

Wilking tangerine is closely related to Kinnow tangerine. The tree is moderately vigorous with long, broad, and taper-pointed leaves. It bears small to medium-sized fruits that are slightly oblate with a flattened base. The rind is somewhat brittle but easily peelable.  

15.Kara Tangerine

  • Citrus sinensis’ Cara Cara’
  • Harvest time: February to April   
  • Height: Up to 20 ft

Kara tangerine tree is medium to large with an open and drooping habit. It harvests heavily in alternate years, producing fruits with tender, rich, and juicy flesh. It has a distinctive taste and fragrance. The tree is a cross between Owari Satsuma and King.