best cordless battery powered leaf blower featured image

The 5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers (Battery Powered) 2018

Best Choice If you want a great overall cordless leaf blower, then this model is going to work well for you. It is powerful, has a great battery, and feels nice in your hands. It also doesn’t weigh too much. Second Best If you want a powerful leaf blower that has a … Read more

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The 5 Best (Commercial) Backpack Leaf Blowers of 2018

Best Choice This is a great leafblower that you should consider buying. It is powerful enough to handle whatever job you need while not being too heavy. It’s a reliable tool that’s overall fairly fuel efficient as well so buy with confidence. Battery Powered This works very well for what it does. … Read more

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

The 9 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

The future is here. Why would you want to deal with all the inconveniences of gas lawn mowers when you don’t have to anymore? Go green, go cordless! The power of these machines has greatly improved over the past years and they put their gas guzzling, stone-age brothers to shame! Here are … Read more

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6 Best Rated Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled gas-powered lawn mowers are probably the most commonly used type of mower by homeowners in the United States. The reasons for that are obvious. They are one, if not the, most versatile mower one could have. They are great for large lawns, small lawns, hilly lawns, you name it. When the … Read more

best garden tiller

Best Garden Tiller (& rear tine rototiller)

Gardening is one of the most satisfying hobbies that you can get involved in. The process of preparing your grounds and watching your plants grow is something that will give you a sense of pride. It can be time-consuming work, depending on what your goals for the garden are, but seeing the … Read more

best zero turn lawn mower for the money

Best (Residential) Zero Turn Mower [For The Money] 2018

Best Choice This mower will work perfectly for those who need a durable mower that will stand up to regular use. It feels great to ride and it’s easy on your lawn. Don’t hesitate to consider this option when looking for a mower. Read more Best Value This is an absolutely excellent … Read more

best wood chippers electric

Best Electric Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews

Best Choice Best of the best. If you want an electric wood chipper that runs quietly and smoothly, but don’t want to sacrifice chipping power or build quality, then the CSV-2515 is the machine for you. It will be heavier and pricier than most electric models, but this is hands down the … Read more

battery chainsaw reviews

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews (Buying Guide)

Best Choice The Zombi ZCS5817 is a high-performance cordless chainsaw with matching reliability.   Second Best The GreenWorks G-MAX 20312 presents great value for a 16” battery-powered chainsaw.   Best Value The Black & Decker LCS1240 is a highly maneuverable compact chainsaw for light cutting around the yard. It also happens to … Read more

best electric chainsaw reviews

Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews (and Buying Guide)

Corded-electric chainsaws are highly versatile and great tools to have for homeowners. This type is the most affordable of chainsaws due to the lack of batteries or gas engine. For jobs where you do most of your cutting in one place, like cutting up firewood for example, or construction jobs, these saws … Read more

what is the best chainsaw for the money

What is the Best Chainsaw for the Money – Buying Guide

One of the most useful and powerful tools a homeowner can have is a chainsaw. These power tools can help you complete jobs more efficiently and quickly. You can trim bushes, fell trees, and cut firewood easier than before. They are amazingly versatile machines.  However, chainsaws can be dangerous. Every year, chainsaws … Read more