How Does a Wood Chipper Work

How Does a Wood Chipper Work

A wood chipper can be an incredibly beneficial tool when it comes to getting rid of fallen trees or other unwanted wood on your land. There are a number of benefits that these machines can provide, but what if you don’t know how it actually works? Luckily, there are articles like this … Read more

chainsaw safety tips

Wood Chipper Safety (considerations for man and machine)

Wood chippers, like any other machinery, pose the risk of injury to the operators. The equipment has moving parts which are the major cause of harm to users. For the electrically powered ones, there is an additional risk, which is the possibility of occurrence of electric shock. For these reasons, safety is … Read more

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Best Chipper Shredder for Composting in Your Garden

When handling all the gardening work, there will likely be a pile of twigs and branches left when you are finished. The problem becomes how to deal with them. Transporting them for disposal is a hectic affair and costly in its way. It turns out to be uneconomical every time you tend … Read more

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How to Start a Chainsaw

While at first glance, how to start a chainsaw might seem extremely self-explanatory, one must remember that we are all novices at anything when we first start out. What might seem like incredibly common knowledge to one person could be an extremely complicated scenario for another. Thankfully, starting a chainsaw doesn’t fall … Read more

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What is the best Homeowner Chainsaw?

Choosing the right chainsaw for your needs as a homeowner can definitely be a challenging endeavor. This is especially true if you’ve never purchased a chainsaw before. It’s our hope that by the end of this article, you will be armed with all of the information you need to know how to … Read more

best chainsaw for cutting firewood

Best Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood

You might be surprised to learn that you can’t just use any type of chainsaw when it comes to firewood. There are actually many factors involved that you must take into consideration. The best chainsaw for cutting firewood isn’t necessarily the same chainsaw that you would use to trim branches or even … Read more

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Buying a new Lawnmower – Electric vs Gas Powered?

If you happen to own a yard with grass growing on it, you probably understand the importance of practicing lawn care. From time to time, the grass needs to be trimmed to keep your home neat. One piece of equipment that you can’t go without is a decent lawn mower.  In the … Read more