Best pole hedge trimmer

Best Hedge Trimmer for Tall Hedges

Many of us know that few things in life are more wonderful than the outdoors. There is just something about the air on a sunny summer day with a breeze, a cool spring morning, or a crisp and clear fall day. Even those nice days of winter can be enjoyable. We also … Read more

chainsaw safety tips

Top 6 Chainsaw Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Basic chainsaw safety is something that everyone who operates a chainsaw must take seriously. All it takes is a split second for something to go horribly wrong. And with a machine such as a chainsaw, when accidents do happen, they can very quickly turn lethal. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of … Read more

best place to buy chainsaw

Best Place to Buy a Chainsaw in 2018

Wondering what is the best place to buy chainsaw in 2018? In today’s day and age, there are countless options out there for consumers when it comes to buying goods. Old-school brick and mortar stores, retail giants, and the rapid rise of e-commerce gives people near unlimited choice when it comes to … Read more

Best Gas Chainsaw for the Money

There’s plenty of folks out there in this day and age who are following a strict budget. Money is tight in many, many households these days. It’s understandable in these turbulent economic times. Despite that fact, every now and then things pop up around the household that need to be taken care … Read more

how to clean a chainsaw

How to Clean a Chainsaw and Properly Maintain it

If you own a chainsaw, it’s absolutely essential that you know exactly how to properly clean the machine. In fact, how to maintain a chainsaw is one of the first things you should learn before you even use your new chainsaw. Proper cleaning and maintenance will extend its life and ensure you … Read more

what to do with wood chips

What to Do with Wood Chips from The Chipper?

There are a number of things you can do with the wood chips created by your wood chipper. You don’t have to simply dump or burn them. While that might seem like the easiest way to do away with the chips, there are also a number of ways you can make those … Read more

How Does a Wood Chipper Work

How Does a Wood Chipper Work

A wood chipper can be an incredibly beneficial tool when it comes to getting rid of fallen trees or other unwanted wood on your land. There are a number of benefits that these machines can provide, but what if you don’t know how it actually works? Luckily, there are articles like this … Read more

chainsaw safety tips

Wood Chipper Safety (considerations for man and machine)

Wood chippers, like any other machinery, pose the risk of injury to the operators. The equipment has moving parts which are the major cause of harm to users. For the electrically powered ones, there is an additional risk, which is the possibility of occurrence of electric shock. For these reasons, safety is … Read more