gas powered lawn mower and canister gas

Buying a new Lawnmower – Electric vs Gas Powered?

If you happen to own a yard with grass growing on it, you probably understand the importance of practicing lawn care. From time to time, the grass needs to be trimmed to keep your home neat. One piece of equipment that you can’t go without is a decent lawn mower.  In the … Read more

two gas powered lawn mowers

Lawn Mowing Equipment: The Essentials

Everybody loves a beautiful lawn. However, that doesn’t just happen on its own. Quite an amount of effort has to be put in to keep the grass trimmed and any other lawn areas well kept. Various lawn care supplies are required to achieve this, and knowing the right ones to go for … Read more

used hedge trimmer for sale good idea

Used Lawn Mowers For Sale: Good Idea?

When buying a lawn mower, most people question on whether to go for a new one or a used one. This may be due to numerous reasons, one of them being a new one not fitting your budget. Even though they come with a smaller price tag attached to them, there are … Read more

how to use hedge trimmer

How To Use A Hedge Trimmer – Quick Guide

If you’re new to cutting hedges, it’s important that you learn how to use a hedge trimmer before getting down to the job. While they are relatively simple to use, they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Luckily, articles like this one exist to help give you some starting pointers so … Read more

used hedge trimmers

What Power Source For Your Hedge Trimmer?

There are so many decisions that need to be made when it comes time to shop for a hedge trimmer, the first of which being what you want the source of power on that trimmer to be. There are three different options as far as that decision goes, and they include gas-powered … Read more

manual vs electric garden shears

Manual or Electric Garden Shears; which is better?

When taking care of your lawn, it’s not always clear which tool is going to be best for the job. This is particularly true when shopping for shears. How do you know which kind of shear is going to work best for your hedge at the end of the driveway? You could … Read more

electric hedge trimmers

Electric Hedge Trimmers vs. Gas Powered

One of the first choices you have to make when purchasing a hedge trimmer is whether you want a gas-powered trimmer or an electric one. In order to make this decision, you’re going to need to know what kinds of jobs it’s going to be used for. If you’re working for a … Read more

Electric or Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Corded Electric vs Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

There are a lot of decisions to make when purchasing a hedge trimmer. The first of which is whether you’re going to want something that is gas-powered or electric. If you’re looking for a hedge trimmer that isn’t going to have a negative impact on the environment, then electric is the way … Read more

used hedge trimmers

Used Hedge Trimmers For Sale: Good Idea?

When shopping for a hedge trimmer, quality is important. Quality can refer to the quality of a particular brand, or it can represent the quality between new and used hedge trimmers. A lot of people don’t want to have to spend too much money on a hedge trimmer that they only intend … Read more

Evergreen Hedges Featured

The Best Evergreen Hedge Shrubs For Privacy

There are numerous suitable shrubs that can make beautiful hedges large and small, it would take a high density book to cover all of them. However, we have covered some of the best evergreen hedge shrubs that offer great privacy screens due to their dense foliage. Most of them are fast-growing if … Read more