Linum Lewisii

35 Beautiful Blue Perennials For Your Garden

Blue is one of the rarest color in nature, along with one of many gardeners favorite. This must have something to do with rarity creating desire. Planting blue perennials in your garden can do wonders, and break the dullness of the more traditional color schemes. I have created this extensive list of … Read more

yellow jacket wasp facts

Yellow Jacket Wasp | Nests – Stings, Traps (pictures)

Yellowjacket is the common name in North America for what other English speaking countries would simply call a wasp. Many people are fearful of these little critters. Yellowjacket wasps are important for our ecosystem as they are a natural predator of pest insects. Yellow Jacket Nests Yellow jacket nests can be found … Read more

Paper wasp facts

Paper Wasps | Nests – Stings – Traps

Paper wasps are a type of wasp that build their nests out of wood and plant fibers. Another name for paper wasps is umbrella wasp, due to the shape of the nests they build. The paper wasp is one of the most common types of wasps in the United States, Europe as … Read more

what do wasps do for the environment

What Do Wasps Do for the Environment?

Wasps can be an incredible nuisance around the yard. Contrary to bees, wasps do not pollinate. That’s make you wonder whether or not wasps have a purpose, and what they do for the environment. Spoiler alert: without wasps, we wouldn’t survive very long… What Do Wasps Do for the World? Contrary to … Read more

wasp eating caterpillar

What Do Wasps Eat?

The diets of wasps vary greatly, so there are few hard-and-fast rules regarding what wasps eat. As a general rule, most wasps prefer to eat nectar, fruit, and insects, but many of them have been known to eat a lot more than these things. Both solitary and social wasps have their preferences … Read more


16 Types of Bees With Pictures

Bees are a majorly important link in our food chains. Without bees, the entire ecosystem would quickly collapse. They also provide us with much valued products like honey, pollen and beeswax. Bees can sting, but are very unlikely to do so, unless they’re seriously under threat. So don’t be afraid, and welcome … Read more

Potter wasp

25 Types of Wasps and Hornets

Wasps can have people running around their yard out of fear. They are one of the biggest nuisances that come with summer for some people. To help you identify which type of wasp is bothering you, I have rounded up 22 common wasps and hornets.

white smoke lawn mower

Lawns and the Environment

The impact of lawns on the environment have become a hot topic in recent years. Not only the lawn itself, but perhaps more importantly the lawns mower has come under scrutiny by environmentalists. Let’s explore some of the facts. We’ll see if lawns and mowing the lawn are really bad for the … Read more

what can hedge trimmers be used for

What Can Hedge Trimmers Be Used for?

Hedge trimmers are versatile tools, that can be used for more than just shearing hedges into shape. They’re also great for clearing overgrown grass, weeds, shrubs and bushes. Take a look at at some examples of what hedge trimmers can cut. What Is a Hedge Trimmer Normally Used for? Hedge trimmers are … Read more

how to trim a hedge

Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working / Not Cutting / Smoking?

You might run into one of these common issues while trimming hedges. Whether your hedge trimmer is smoking, not cutting, or not working at all, keep in mind that these are common problems that can be easily prevented with proper maintenance and care. Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working? There can … Read more