how to winterize a palm tree featured image

How to Winterize Your Palm Trees

If you love to grow palm trees in your garden but you’re in a part of the world that gets frost during winter, you will have to take extra precautions to make sure that the cold temperatures will not damage or worse, kill your beautiful palm trees. Here are 4 methods to … Read more

scented geranium - insect repelling plants

Top 10 Insect Repelling Plants

Few things are worse than a bunch of buzzing and biting mosquitos ruining those beautiful serene summer nights. The prevalence of mosquitos can be drastically reduced by planting certain insect repelling plants. Here are 10 examples of insect repelling plants that will reduce the amount of insects annoying you. Select a handful … Read more

how to winterize your lawn mower

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Most people store their lawn mowers during the winter months and then only take them out once spring approaches. The lawn mower has a small engine fitted inside, so if it’s stored in one position for a long period of time, it may require a bit of maintenance before it can be … Read more

top plants to attract butterflies featured image

Top 10 Plants to Attract Butterflies

Who doesn’t like a colorful garden teeming with beautiful butterflies? Whether the butterflies like to come to your garden is in your control, namely by the plants you put in. So we made a list of the best plants to attract butterflies. Don’t think you need to plant them all, one or … Read more

how to prune a palm tree

How to Prune a Palm Tree

Before you get started with the task of pruning your beautiful palm trees to achieve the perfect tropical look, it’s important that you remember that pruning will not help your palm tree grow faster, better, or healthier. In fact, pruning your palm tree too much could actually hurt its health more than … Read more

low privet hedge and bench

The Best Privet for Hedges

For most people, privet has a bad reputation. This is certainly understandable. Like with any shrub, some varieties are better suited to our gardens than others. In the case of privet, the bad varieties give the whole species a bad reputation. It is therefore important to learn which variety of privet is … Read more

how to trim a hedge

How to Trim a Hedge

If you have hedges in your yard, you probably enjoy the appearance of a formal-looking cut hedge with clean lines and a boxy effect. Luckily, that traditional look is easy to achieve without any professional experience or help. The most important thing to remember before you start is that how you prepare … Read more

how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades

How to Sharpen a Hedge Trimmer

The blades of a hedge trimmer should be sharpened approximately once after every 50 hours of use to maintain a decent quality of performance. To make sure your hedge trimmer stays performing well, you should keep up with sharpening and not wait until your blades are in too poor of condition to … Read more