black and decker cordless pole chainsaw review

The 5 Best Cordless Pole Saws of 2019

Pole chainsaws will allow you to trim your trees without having to make use of ladders most of the time. This greatly reduces the risk that comes with working on a ladder. We reviewed the 5 best cordless pole chainsaws of 2018. These are all battery powered, so no trip hazards with … Read more

felling a tree and making the back cut

Chainsaw Stuck in Tree? Here’s How to Get it Out

Getting your chainsaw stuck in a tree can and will happen to most people who use a chainsaw from time to time. The first time this happens to you, you might panic and not know how to get it unstuck. When you get more experienced you will know how to prevent your … Read more

how to winterize your lawn mower

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Most people store their lawn mowers during the winter months and then only take them out once spring approaches. The lawn mower has a small engine fitted inside, so if it’s stored in one position for a long period of time, it may require a bit of maintenance before it can be … Read more

Best pole hedge trimmer

🥇 Best Pole Hedge Trimmer

Pole hedge trimmers, extendable hedge trimmers, telescoping hedge trimmers. Whatever you want to call them, they seem to be getting more and more popular every year. And for good reason. They can do most things regular hedge trimmers can, and they have the extra reach to get to the top of your … Read more

how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades

How to Sharpen a Hedge Trimmer

The blades of a hedge trimmer should be sharpened approximately once after every 50 hours of use to maintain a decent quality of performance. To make sure your hedge trimmer stays performing well, you should keep up with sharpening and not wait until your blades are in too poor of condition to … Read more

best cordless battery powered leaf blower featured image

🥇 The 5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers (Battery Powered) 2018

If you dread the arrival of fall and the huge amounts of leaves to clean up again, it may be time to get yourself a cordless leaf blower. These handy machines make short work of piles of leaves, freeing up your valuable time. What people forget however, is that these handy tools … Read more

Best backpack leaf blower featured

The 5 Best (Commercial) Backpack Leaf Blowers [2019]

When you are serious about blowing leaves, Backpack leaf blowers are the way to go. They are without a doubt the most powerful, and will not let you down. We reviewed the 5 best backpack leaf blowers, 4 gas powered and one battery powered. Read the full reviews further down the page. … Read more

sharpening lawn mower blades with bench grinder

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades (with file or angle grinder)

When To Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade Mowing the lawn is a typical part of everyday life, especially when you own a home. Depending on your yard, you may mow the lawn once a week, once a month, or maybe even multiple times every week; people typically learn how often they should … Read more

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

🥇 The 9 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

The future is here. Why deal with all the inconveniences of gas lawn mowers when you don’t have to anymore? Go green, go cordless! The power of these machines has greatly improved over the past years and they put their gas guzzling, stone-age brothers to shame! 🥇 The Best Battery Powered Lawn … Read more

best garden tiller

Best Garden Tiller (& rear tine rototiller)

Tilling your soil is an essential recurring garden chore. Depending on your type of garden, it might be a good idea to have one of your own. We review 5 of the best garden tillers, 2 electric and 3 gas powered models.  Best Electric Tiller If you have a small garden, this … Read more