Small Wood Chippers for Sale – Used vs New

A used wood chipper can seem like a great idea. You can save a little money and hopefully gain a helpful new machine that can help you greatly with fallen trees and other unwanted wood around your home. There’s no doubt that these are great tools, but what is the overall difference between buying a used wood chipper or potentially looking into buying new? This article is going to dive into those differences so that you can find out how to get the most for your money.

Considerations When Buying Used or New

What is Your Budget

The price of a wood chipper can depend largely on what you want to use it for. Chippers that only chip can be less expensive than those that offer the ability to chip and shred. It may seem like buying a used wood chipper is the best idea because it can offer a lower price. While you may be able to save some money in most cases, it’s also important to keep in mind that even a gently used chipper may not be in the ideal condition.

The blades can be worn down, or the machine may have other issues that aren’t readily apparent while you’re shopping. For just a little bit of an added cost, you can easily get a brand new electric chipper fresh with sharpened blades and much less of a chance to have any problems.

Is Warranty Important to You

Not only is a new wood chipper going to be able to offer you a brand new machine with minimal problems, but most new wood chippers also come with a warranty. That means that if any problems should happen to occur with normal use of your wood chipper, then you’re likely to be covered by the warranty. With a used machine, the warranty might have been broken through previous use or tampering by the previous owner. You also run the risk of getting a chipper that is past the timeframe of the warranty.

This might not seem like a big deal, but if something goes wrong with your used chipper after you purchase it then you’ll be on your own when it comes to getting it fixed. That can add a lot to the money you saved during the initial process, whereas with a new machine you may have paid a little more to begin with, but the warranty will ensure that you won’t be likely to pay more if the machine should be working incorrectly or get damaged. A warranty can save you a lot of time and frustration that may otherwise be spent on a used machine.

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Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Buying a new wood chipper can offer you a fresh start with a brand new machine that is likely to be ready to go and have no problems. You’ll have the peace of mind that all the pieces of the machine are new, and no one has used or tampered with them. If you choose to purchase online, you can also gain the benefit of having the machine delivered to your home rather than having to haul it from a store.

These can be heavy machines that may not be easy to get in or out of your vehicle, so knowing that it will be brought directly to you can be a huge convenience that can help you get to work more quickly and easily. Before you know it, you’ll be chipping up wood with little effort and enjoying all the benefits of a brand new wood chipper.


While buying a used wood chipper can save you money on the initial purchase, buying new can offer a greater chance to save money over time because you’ll be covered by a warranty. Considering that in many cases the amount of savings you gain buying new isn’t a large amount, it makes sense to opt for a new wood chipper that can offer you the chance to have any problems covered rather than having to pay for them yourself.

When you buy new, you can also have the convenience of having the machine delivered to you instead of having to haul it home yourself, if you choose to purchase online. In any cases, there a lot of benefits you can get from purchasing a new wood chipper that a used one just won’t be able to offer.