When Are Oranges In Season?

Wintertime is the orange time! The moment summer disappears, and everyone starts to get those winter blues, bright orange, juicy fruits come into the stores to brighten up the days! Along with orange season arrives various other loved citruses, such as tangerines and mandarins, to fill up the fruit bowls.

In North America, oranges come into session during winter. In general, most oranges, and other citrus fruits, come into season around November and can extend to June. However, there are various types of oranges that will come into season at different points during that winter period.

When Are Oranges In Season?

The orange season usually starts around November and continues until June. Oranges are known as a winter fruit and therefore flourish during this time.

Many different types of oranges are ready for harvesting during those winter months. However, each type of orange will be found at a different point in the orange season.

Below are 8 common types of oranges that are found in US stores during winter:

  1. Valencia Orange
  2. Navel Orange
  3. Clementine
  4. Cara Cara Orange
  5. Blood Orange
  6. Seville Orange
  7. Mandarin Orange
  8. Bergamot Orange

When Are Valencia Oranges In Season?

The Valencia orange is one of the most common oranges grown within the USA. This orange comes into season later than most oranges and only becomes available from March until July.

The Valencia orange is popular due to its relatively low acidity, making it ideal for juice. It is also very sweet and is full of juicy goodness – perfect for orange juice!

This delicious orange can also be eaten straight off the tree – keep a lookout for seeds!

When Are Navel Oranges In Season?

The Navel orange has a long season running from November all the way to June.

It is considered one of the most common oranges to eat, and it is often grown seedless for this purpose.

When Are Clementine’s In Season?

Clementine’s are in season from October to January.

These oranges are known for their tiny size and sweet flavor. Clementine’s are very small, seedless and have thin skin making them perfectly suited for a juicy snack!

Clementine’s are also used in cakes and salads.

Oranges in bowl
Yay Oranges in bowl

When Are Cara Cara Oranges In Season?

Cara Cara oranges come into season between December and April.

This orange is sometimes referred to as the pink or red navel orange because it falls under the Navel orange variety. It is also given this name due to its interesting coloring inside.

The Cara Cara orange is very sweet with few seeds. It is most often used in fruit salads but can also be squeezed into a delicious orange juice!

When Are Blood Oranges In Season?

Blood oranges come into season from November until March. However, blood oranges are pretty hard to find as they are not grown in abundance across North America.

These oranges are known for their deep red inside. Some people describe their taste to be similar to that of a raspberry.

The most common types of Blood oranges are the Sanguinello and the Moro.

When Are Seville Oranges In Season?

The Seville orange has a short season that starts in December and goes until the beginning of February.

The Seville orange is often referred to as the bitter or sour orange because it falls into the Sour orange variety.

Despite it not being ideal for eating, it is excellent in cooking and is sometimes preferred over lime or lemon.

When Are Mandarin Oranges In Season?

Mandarin oranges have a very long season that starts in January and goes all the way through to May.

Mandarin oranges are much smaller than a regular orange but are just as sweet and juicy. They have very few seeds and are therefore great to snack on!

When Are Bergamot Oranges In Season?

The Bergamot orange season is relatively short. It starts in November and goes until January.

The Bergamot Orange is part of the Sour orange variety and is known for its use in Earl-grey tea.

This orange can be yellow or occasionally is found in a lime-green color.

Sliced oranges
Yay Sliced oranges

When are Oranges In Season In Different States?

Oranges are grown throughout the US in various states. Within each state, the different types of oranges will come into season around similar but slightly different times of the year.

There are, however, four states that are recognized as the top orange producers in the US.

The top orange producers are:

  • Florida
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Texas

When Are Oranges In Season In Florida?

In Florida, the orange season generally runs from October to June.

Florida is the USA’s top producer of not only oranges but also other citrus fruits. This state accounts for above 90 percent of the oranges produced to make orange juice.

The most-common oranges grown in Florida are:

  • Navel orange
  • Hamlin orange
  • Valencia orange
  • Pineapple orange
  • Ambersweet orange

When Are Oranges In Season In California?

In California, the orange season runs from November until the end of June.

California has a wide variety of oranges that are grown there and peak at different times.

Some common types are:

  • Navel Orange
  • Cara Cara Orange
  • Heirloom Navel Orange
  • Valencia Orange
  • Mandarin Orange

When Are Oranges In Season In Arizona?

Within Arizona, the orange season runs from the end of October through to the end of May.

Arizona has a wide range of oranges grown during the year.

Some common types are:

  • Navel Oranges
  • Valencia Oranges
  • Blood Oranges
  • Sour Oranges – Bergamot and Seville Oranges

When Are Oranges In Season In Texas?

Orange season in Texas usually begins around September or October and goes until February and sometimes May.

Just like the other states, Texas has many orange varieties.

One of the most common types of orange that is grown is the Navel oranges. Other common types are Blood oranges and Valencia oranges.

Are Oranges Available Year-round?

Oranges are not available year-round in most states, except for California. Orange season is usually during the winter months within the US, and, in most cases, they can only be found during that time.

California, however, is a major producer of oranges, so they commonly have oranges year-round.