2 Typical Types of Oak Trees in Alberta

If you reside in Alberta, there are two major types of oak trees that you can grow. The great thing about these trees is that they can grow really tall. They can completely transform the look of your backyard garden or piece of land. You could also limit the size to fit in your residence. Read on to learn more about them!

The two types of oak trees include red oak (quercus rubra) and bur oak (quercus macrocarpa). These varieties have some interesting colors, especially during the fall (tints of orange and red). You’ll find points on the lobes of your Red oaks trees. This variety also has a relatively gothic look other than the deep color of its leaves.

On the other hand, bur oak trees have dark green leaves during spring. The leaves are glossy lobes, and they turn coppery-bronze come fall. This tree variety, like red oak, is not particularly known for its fruit or flowers. Instead, the varieties’ foliage and bark are what add to their aesthetic charm. Bur oak has black bark that truly looks captivating the longer you look at it.

Moreover, because these trees are so tall, they are grown to make a landscape more beautiful and shadier. If you grow an oak tree on your front lawn, you can best be sure that it’ll provide shade to your home and the street in front of you.

If you plan to grow an oak tree in Alberta, Canada, here are some details on these two tree varieties. Check out this article if you’re interested in the types of pine tree growing in Alberta.

1. Red Oak

Quercus Rubra
Rebecca Dellinger-Johnston Quercus Rubra
Northern Red Oak
Willamette Biology Northern Red Oak
  • Quercus rubra
  • Height: up to 75 ft

The red oak tree is native to the American Midwest and one of the fastest-growing oak tree varieties in the world. It can, however, grow well in Alberta. This tree can tolerate alkaline and clay soils. Place dogwood around a red oak tree to keep deer away from them.

2. Bur Oak

Bur Oak acorns
pixabay Bur Oak acorns. The Bur oak is one of the most common oak trees in Kansas and native to the area.
  • Quercus macrocarpa
  • Height: up to 80 ft

The bur oak tree variety originates from southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s creek valleys. You can also find some in SE Alberta. Bur oak can grow well in alkaline soils, and they can tolerate mildly acidic soils. Make sure not to grow it in salt soils.