2 Typical Types of Maple Trees in Mississippi

Mississippi might be known for magnolias and pecan trees, but the forever charming maple also lays its claim over this state. If you’re looking for a gorgeous shade tree that will fill your neighborhood with warm fall colors, there is no better choice than maple trees! Let’s discover what types of maple trees grow best in Mississippi.

Anybody who has grown up in Mississippi can recall the stunning visuals of the tree population in the state. The American South is known for its luscious, green forests and surprisingly tall trees. Mississippi is no exception, and its amazing variety of maple trees further adds to the charm and character of this place.

Maple trees usually grow best in neutral to acidic pH, having a reading of 7 and under. Moreover, well-drained soils with fine-to-medium texture also promote the growth and proliferation of these trees. Luckily, Mississippi delivers on both accounts, offering well-drained, slightly acidic, and moist soils for maple tree growth.

Mississippi is located in the humid subtropical region of the country. Therefore, it is characterized by its temperate climate having moderate winters and long, hot summers. During the winters, Mississippi’s temperature ranges from 41*F to 52*F. However, in the summer, the hot sun causes temperatures to rise to an average f 90*F with 90% humidity levels.

This offers maple trees the right conditions to grow well. The state also gets its fair share of rainfall that is distributed all year round, allowing the maple population to receive plenty of water for optimal growth.

Summers in Mississippi are long and hot, with high humidity levels making it rather uncomfortable. Under such conditions, you would want nothing more than to get some shade under a gorgeous maple tree. Maple trees grow quite tall and extend their cover well, making them the perfect shade trees to plant in your backyards and in the neighborhood park.

If you’re wondering what type of maple tree would grow best in Mississippi, you’re at the right place. Let’s find out!

1. Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)

Sugar Maple acer saccharum leaves
Plant Image Library Sugar Maple (acer saccharum) leaves

Sugar maple trees are endemic to southern Mississippi. They are commonly found dotting the Loess Hills by the Mississippi River, while avoiding the pine-filled woods by the east. These deciduous, flowering trees reach heights of up to 115 feet with long and wide leaves. Sugar maple leaves are found with five lobes occurring in opposite pairs. Sugar maple trees tend to develop uneven fall colors, ranging from bright orange to fluorescent red.

2. Red Maple (acer rubrum)

Red Maple Acer Rubrum Leaf
wikimedia | Willow Red Maple (Acer Rubrum Leaf

The Red maple is one of the most widely distributed types of maple across eastern North America. Also called the Swamp maple and the Soft maple, these trees are adaptable to a variety of soil and weather conditions. Red maple trees reach heights of 120 feet and have medium-length leaves. Their crown grows irregularly. Red maple leaves are light green with a white underside that is often hairy. They have red stalks and the leaves turn red in fall.