2 Typical Types of Maple Trees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to a total of 34 forests, and because it has such diverse ecosystems, you can find just about any type of tree there that you love. The terrain is also unique, which is why some of the biggest trees in the country reside there, including a Northern red oak, a Hophornbeam, and two types of maple.

Since 64% of the state of Massachusetts is covered in forests, it’s not surprising that there are so many tree types there. Some of the most common trees in the state include the magnolia, hazelnut, fir, sycamore, dogwood, cypress, and of course, maple. 

Most types of Maple trees are majestic-looking trees that do two things exceptionally well: provide great shade, and bloom beautiful colorful leaves in the fall. You can enjoy leaves in colors such as red, orange, and yellow during the fall months, and of course, you can also enjoy the maple syrup that is produced by most of these trees.

Researching the maple trees in Massachusetts is easiest if you start with online resources, and following are details regarding the two types of maple trees in the state, which can help you decide which one to purchase for your yard or garden.

1. Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)

Also called the rock maple, the sugar maple is known for two special achievements: it is the main tree used to produce maple syrup, and its leaves are always some of the brightest during the fall season. These trees can get up to 150 feet tall, but the average ones grow to roughly 115 feet high. Still, it is a beautiful and regal-looking tree indeed.

The leaves of the sugar maple are large at eight inches long, and the fall colors include yellow, orange, and bright orange-red. Because it is so easy to grow and produces such beautiful results, the sugar maple is often found in parks, gardens, and many other public areas.

2. Black Maple (acer nigrum)

The black maple and sugar maple look a lot alike, but there is one main difference: the black maple has leaves with three lobes, while the sugar maple’s leaves have five. Black maples grow 70-110 feet high and in addition to using the sap to make maple syrup, the black maple tree is used mostly as timber for landscaping.

Black maple trees’ syrup is found in a lot of different foods these days, including maple butter, maple taffy or toffee, certain beers and liqueurs, maple leaf cream cookies, and many others. It is truly a unique and versatile type of maple tree.