8 Common Types Of Maple Trees In Australia

Australia is one of the top 10 countries worldwide, with most trees with an average of 3,266 trees for every individual. And while Eucalyptus and gum tree are some of the most common trees in Australia, the country is home to several other types of trees, including a wide variety of Maple Trees.

Maple trees are medium to fast-growing trees that offer shade through their lovely green leaves and make amazing specimens and shade trees. But that’s not it. As the weather changes, Maple trees develop a fiery display of scarlet, orange and yellow in fall.

The amazing display of colors is just one of the many reasons why people love maple trees, but there are several more. Many types of maple trees grow relatively quickly, may provide fruit, and not to forget, maple syrup.

But that’s not it. The trunk of your maple tree that is usually light in color can be used for woodwork, flooring, and furniture. Moreover, the tree can be a perfect addition to your home or commercial landscape.

And the best part is that a maple tree would grow anywhere in Australia as long as you know how to take care of it. If you look forward to planting these trees in your garden, this post is for you! Here we discuss several types of maple trees that you can grow in Australia.

So without any further delays, let’s look at the types of maple trees that can be a great addition to your landscape in Australia.

1. Trident Maple (Acer Buergerianum)

Trident Maple is an attractive small to medium-sized maple that makes a great lawn specimen or shade tree. It can also be used as a street tree. With an interesting flaky bark, and a neat appearance (winter season is the only exception when you can see the hanging seeds), this maple tree has three forward-facing lobes that closely resemble a trident.

2. Field Maple Elsrijk (Acer Campestre)

Field Maple Hedge Maple Elsrijk acer campestre
Robert Vid├ęki, Doronicum Kft., Bugwood.org Field Maple / Hedge Maple ‘Elsrijk’ (acer campestre)

Acer Campestre, also known as Field Maple and Hedge Maple, is a broadleaf, rounded, deciduous tree with a height ranging between 25 and 35 feet. This type of Maple tree is a good street tree as it offers dense shade. With five blunt, rounded lobes, the leaves of Field Maple are in opposite pairs, and the tree produces flowers in spring which around the same time when the leaves open up. The foliage turns yellow to golden in fall.

3. Fern Leaf Maple (Acer Japonicum)

Fern Leaf Maple Acer japonicum Aconitifolium
Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Fern Leaf Maple (Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’)

Acer Japonicum, also known as Fern Leaf Maple and Full Moon Maple, has rounded leaves that closely resemble a full moon. It’s a small, deciduous tree with a gray bark that grows up to 20 to 30 feet. You can see small purplish-red flowers in early spring, and the leaves turn yellow to red in fall. This type of Maple Tree is native to Asia but can do fairly well in Australia as it prefers cool summer conditions.

4. Box Elder Maple (Acer Negundo)

Acer negundo, commonly known as box elder, is a fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree that can grow between 30 and 50 feet and has an irregular, rounded crown. Although it is a maple tree that produces maple fruit, it is different from most maples as it has odd-pinnate compound leaves. Moreover, there are separate male and female trees. The leaves are light to medium green, which turn yellow in fall.

5. Bonfire Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Japanese Maple acer palmatum
Pixabay Japanese Maple (acer palmatum)

Also known as Japanese maple, Bonfire Maple is a short tree with elegant leaves, broad-rounded habit, and exceptionally colorful foliage. Its striking colors can range from golden-yellow to purplish-red and lastly bronze before they shed to the ground. Bonfire Maple trees are easy to grow as they require minimal maintenance and are adaptive to various soil conditions as well as environmental factors.

6. Emerald Queen Maple (Acer Platanoides)

Emerald Queen Maple
Emerald Queen Maple

Emerald Queen Maple/Norway Maple is native to Europe, but it’s one of the many Maple trees that do well in Australia. It is another variety of medium-sized, deciduous Maple Trees that grow between 40 and 50 feet tall and have a symmetric, rounded crown. The leaves of this type of maple tree have five pointed lobes that closely resemble the leaves of sugar maple.

7. Bowhall Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)

Bowhall Red Maple (acer rubrum 'bowhall')
Washington State University Bowhall Red Maple (acer rubrum ‘bowhall’)

One of the fast-growing types of a maple tree is the Red Maple that’s known for its lovely fall color. It is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that typically grows between 40-60 feet and has a rounded oval crown at maturity. It grows faster than most other types of Maple trees that grow in Australia. Red maple makes an excellent specimen plant.

8. Taggerty Sunset Maple (Acer Truncatum X Platanoides)

Acer Taggerty Sunset Flemings
blerick tree farm Acer Taggerty Sunset Flemings

This small to medium-sized deciduous tree has dark green, glossy, sharply-lobed leaves displaying several shades of yellows, oranges, and red in fall. The tree can transplant easily, has a moderate to fast growth rate, and is tolerant of a wide range of soil and environmental conditions. Taggerty Sunset Maple can grow well in limited space in an urban setting.