4 Types of Maple Trees in Alberta

Are you looking to plant a Maple Tree in your garden? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is no shortage of striking Maple Tree varieties in Alberta with varying fall foliage. Read on to find out the best Maple Trees to grow in Alberta, Canada!

Maple Trees fall under the genus Acer. There are around 150 species of Maple throughout the world. Most of these trees grow in the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere, and many of them are native to eastern Asia.

However, ten Maple Tree species are native to Canada, including the well-known Sugar Maple, whose leaf is Canada’s official arboreal emblem. Many of these native and foreign Maple species are also found growing in Alberta, including the Manitoba Maple.

Maples that grow in the state range from small-sized, almost shrubby specimens to tall and stately varieties. These trees produce a striking range of flaming red, orange, and yellow-orange fall foliage. Thanks to the generous size of the Maple leaf, these trees are a sight to behold in autumn.

Moreover, Maple Trees also produce beautiful, red-hued, two-winged samaras that contrast incredibly well with their light-hued, straight-grained wood. These ornamental trees offer ample shade due to their dense crown of leaves. Moreover, the syrup acquired from these trees contributes greatly to Canada’s economy.

So, if you want to grow these trees on your lawn, you will have to ensure the proper growing conditions. Make sure to plant your Maple in bright light so that it receives direct sunlight for at least 6 hours of the day. You can also plant it in bright, speckled locations. Additionally, keep a check on the water and soil requirements of your chosen Maple to ensure that it grows beautifully.

So, let’s take a look at the types of Maple Trees in Alberta!

1. Manitoba Maple (Acer Negundo)

Manitoba Maple is a 30 to 50 feet, fast-growing, deciduous tree with a rounded, irregular crown. It has large, distinctive, odd-pinnate, medium green, compound leaves and pendulous clusters of yellow-green spring flowers that give way to abundant two-winged samaras. This tree thrives in full sun and medium to wet soils.

2. Amur Maple (Acer Ginnala)

Amur maple acer ginnala leaves
USDA Amur maple (acer ginnala leaves)

Native to Siberia, Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries, Amur Maple is a 15 to 20 feet tall Maple Tree. It features lustrous, distinctively three-lobed leaves with significant red fall color. It also produces fragrant, yellow-green blossoms that give way to red-winged samaras. It thrives in well-drained, organically rich, moist soils and full sun or bright, speckled locations.

3. Silver Maple (Acer Saccharinum)

Silver Maple is a 50 to 80 feet tall, fast-growing specimen with a spreading, rounded, and open crown. It produces clusters of yellow-green blooms that give way to two-winged, red-hued samaras. It is decked with light green, deeply lobed leaves with silvery undersides. Silver Maple grows well in full sun to speckled sites and in moist soil.

4. Freemanii Maple (Acer Freemanii)

Acer x freemanii Freeman maple
James St. John Freeman maple (Acer x freemanii)

Freemanii Maple is a distinctive hybrid of Red Maple and Silver Maple. It’s a 40 to 55 feet tall tree with a solid structure, attractive crown, rapid growth, and impressive adaptability. It produces incredible fall foliage with red-hued leaves. It thrives in moist, free-draining, acidic soils and full sun to part shade.