7 Maple Tree Benefits

Maple trees have been around for centuries, and they have become an integral part of many societies, even being placed on the Canadian flag! But do these trees have more to offer than only their syrup?

Whether you are looking for a tree to grow in your garden or on open land, Maple trees are a great option. Maple trees offer a host of benefits to both you and the wildlife in your area, including an array of health benefits when consumed, nesting areas, shade, and supporting bee populations.

Maple trees are well known as they span across the northern hemisphere, and they are gorgeous trees. Maple trees are from the Sapindaceae family, and there are more than 132 species of Maple trees, with, surprisingly, most of them being native to Asia.

Maple trees are some of the oldest trees in the world; they were around when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth. So, these trees have become an integral part of the earth’s ecosystem, and they offer a lot of support to many other animals and plants.

We all know that Maple trees produce Maple syrup, but did you know that Maple trees are also used to make whiskey? The wood of the Maple trees is burnt down into charcoal and used to make Tennessee whiskey.

There are many interesting facts about Maple trees, but what interests us the most are the benefits of growing this beautiful tree in your garden.

There are several benefits to Maple trees that make growing a Maple tree worthwhile and well worth the effort. Let’s go through the seven main benefits of Maple trees.

Rocky Mountain Maple (acer glabrum)
Rocky Mountain Maple (acer glabrum)

1. Maple Trees Have Medicinal Benefits

Maple trees have many health benefits and are used for medicinal purposes all around the world. Firstly, the syrup from Maple trees contains about 24 different antioxidants that help fight inflammation and free radicals in the body.

The syrup also has high amounts of Zinc and Manganese that help control the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The leaves of the Maple trees have also been studied by Pharmacological companies and have been found to contain phytochemicals that have anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties.

Over the years, different parts of the Maple tree have been used in traditional medicine to treat rheumatism, bruises, pain, and eye disease as an alternative to western medicine.

2. Maple Trees Are A Good Source Of Food

Maple trees are a good food source for humans, as most of the Maple tree is edible. The leaves of most Maple trees are edible and have many different health benefits for humans. In certain countries, Maple leaves are used in many different recipes, including deep-fried Maple leaves.

Of course, you cannot forget about the delicious Maple syrup that is harvested from Maple trees. The pure Maple syrup harvested from Maple trees is a very sweet and rich syrup with a distinct taste. Even though Maple syrup is very sweet, it is healthier for you than normal sugar.

This is because the pure Maple syrup you buy from your local store has a lower Glycaemic Index, which raises your blood sugar slower than regular sugar. The darker the pure Maple syrup is, the more antioxidants are in the syrup, which offers many different health benefits.

Red Maple Acer Rubrum Leaf
wikimedia | Willow Red Maple (Acer Rubrum Leaf

3. Good For Building Musical Instruments

Several musical instruments have parts made from Maple wood, including cellos, violins, and double basses. And there are some instruments that are made completely from Maple wood, like the bassoon and certain drums.

The reason for this is that Maple wood is tone wood. A tone wood is a type of wood that carries soundwaves through it well, which helps the notes played on an instrument made from Maple wood resonate more.

Maple wood is also a harder wood than mahogany or rosewood, which are also common woods for musical instruments, which makes the instruments sound fuller and brighter when the instrument is made from Maple wood.

4. Maple Trees Help Support Local Wildlife

Maple trees are not only a source of good Maple syrup and musical instruments, but the trees help support local wildlife if they are left alone in the wild. The wildlife in your area will use Maple trees as a food source, as a nesting location, and as a source of shade during the hotter months.

Maple trees help deer and squirrels as these animals eat the tender leaves and shoots of the tree when other food sources are scarce.

5. Maple Trees Have Long Life Spans

Maple trees are known to live for a long time. If you keep your maple trees in the right growing conditions to keep them happy and healthy, then your Maple trees can live for 300 years or more!

Maple trees can grow in almost any climate, but it does prefer cooler weather if possible. Most Maple trees prefer well-draining soil, but there are some that can survive in swampy conditions, like the Red Maple.

Red Maple Acer rubrum
wikimedia | Willow Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

This makes Maple trees perfect if you want to leave something for the next generation in your family, that will be a legacy of sorts but will not require much care.

6. Maple Trees Support Honeybee Populations

We do not really think of Maple trees as important for honeybees, but the reality is that Maple trees are a great resource for honeybees. With the dwindling honeybee populations, we need to protect the Maple trees as they are an important food source for the bees.

Honeybees are attracted to the flowers of the Maple trees as they are a great source of pollen and nectar for the bees. But the flowers are not the only food source for the bees; the sap of the Maple trees helps feed the bees too.

So, if you want to help your local honeybee population, then plant more Maple trees and help protect the already established ones, so they can keep feeding the bees.

7. Maple Trees Are Beautiful Trees

Even though the Maple tree has many different benefits, Maple trees are often only planted for ornamental purposes by business owners, homeowners, and municipalities. They are beautiful trees with stunning fall colors that will blow you away.