How to Water Your Lawn the Right Way

Spending time at home is something that you grow to appreciate more and more the older that you get. After a tough workday, it can be so refreshing to just sit out on your back deck and enjoy the breeze. When your property looks fantastic, it can be that much more soothing. As a homeowner, it is up to you to make sure that everything in your yard looks as good as it should.

Keep Your Lawn Green and Beautiful

Maintaining a healthy lawn is an important part of being a homeowner. You want your lawn to look nice and for it to feel as if it is an inviting place for your family. In order to ensure that your lawn stays green and beautiful, it’s important to water it properly. The grass needs nourishment to be able to thrive so it should stand to reason that you’re going to need to give it a drink every once in a while.

If you live in an area that only sees intermittent rainfall, it is even more crucial that you water your lawn. When your grass is deprived of water for too long, it can turn ugly really fast. No one wants to wake up to see that his or her lawn is brown and dead in certain spots. Avoiding this sort of outcome will simply take some diligence and an understanding of how to water your lawn the right way.

watering the lawn with handheld sprayer gun

There is a chance that you don’t know much about what you need to do for your lawn. To get the best results possible, it’s important to follow certain guidelines when watering your lawn. Take a look at these tips for watering your lawn the right way. You’ll come out with a better understanding of what you can do to keep your lawn looking green and lush.

Water in the Morning

The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning. Generally speaking, the air in the morning is quite a bit cooler than it would normally be. It usually won’t be windy at this time of the day, either, barring any unusual circumstances. This gives the water a chance to soak into the lawn properly without evaporating or being blown away.

Most experts recommend waking up bright and early to get the watering handled. Between 4 AM and 10 AM would be ideal. You don’t need to do this every day but watering your lawn once a week on the weekend is a sensible idea. You should see good results very quickly from performing this task.

When Watering, Let it Soak Deep

For the best results possible, you should let your water soak deep into the lawn. If you can get the water to soak into the lawn around six inches deep, it will give you the greatest benefits. You can check how far deep the lawn is getting soaked while you’re watering. Just water for around fifteen minutes and then examine the grass.

Using a shovel, you can lift the sod up and check the dirt underneath to see how well it is going. It’s not necessary to do this every time but you may want to check to make sure that it is getting the sort of deep soak you want every now and then.

watering lawn with hose

A Good Sprinkler Makes Things Easy

Standing around and using your hose to water the lawn may not be the ideal situation. You can definitely get good results by doing it yourself in this fashion but the tedium of it might make you shy away from wanting to bother with it. Thankfully, there are great sprinklers on the market that you can purchase. These sprinklers will be able to make watering your lawn a very simple task.

Not all sprinklers are going to do as well when it comes to watering your lawn, though. It’s essential that you choose the best sprinkler for the job. It’s recommended that you buy a pulsating sprinkler and avoid the oscillating models. Oscillating sprinklers tend to be less effective because the wind negates a lot of the watering.

Pulsating models work very well because of how they’re designed. Water jets out powerfully from a horizontal angle, giving your lawn good coverage. You can find a pulsating sprinkler for an affordable price so this is a great purchase to make when you want to help your lawn out. Having something such as this set up to water the lawn at regular intervals will ensure it stays healthy.

pop up sprinkler in lawn

The best option you can use is an irrigation system built into the lawn itself. This is a bit more complicated to set up and isn’t really common at all for residential areas that aren’t used for farming. Even still, if you want to go to the effort, you will see great results. Irrigation would thoroughly water your lawn but most people will be just fine with a pulsating sprinkler instead.

If your lawn was recently put in, you need to be careful with these sprinklers. New sod can wind up getting harmed by the amount of force from the water of a pulsating sprinkler. The new grass needs to be coddled a little bit while it grows to become strong. It still needs water but you may want to use the hose for new grass until it matures.

Avoid Watering Too Much

Watering too much can actually have the opposite effect from what you’re desiring. Never water your lawn more than twice a week. Even if it looks as if it needs it, it’s smart to hold back a bit. Flooding your lawn is going to make it a mess and could lead to creating fungal growth.

Fungal growth would be a terrible situation for your lawn. It could eventually lead to things such as brown patches. Stick to watering once or twice a week and you will avoid this situation. Making sure that your lawn gets enough water is important but going overboard won’t help you out at all.


It’s important to water your lawn if you want it to look healthy. There are a lot of different ways you can promote a healthy lawn but just giving it access to the water it needs will be enough to keep it looking great in most cases. Remembering to water the lawn at least once a week should be simple. Just don’t overdo it because watering too often is actually harmful to the lawn.

Whether you choose to use a sprinkler system or simply want to use your hose, your lawn will be able to get the nourishment it needs. You’ll create a healthy situation for your grass and will be able to keep it looking nice and green because of it.