The Best Hedge Trimmers Reviewed

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If you are maintaining your own yard, chances are high you can’t live without a decent hedge trimmer. They are the only option if you want to get your hedges and bushes nicely trimmed.

Nowadays there are so many different types of hedge trimmers, and each type has their own specific benefits and drawbacks. This can make it hard for the average person to know what is the best hedge trimmer for them. In this guide we will try to make this buying decision a bit easier for you.

Hedge Trimmer Reviews

We have reviewed the top models in each category of hedge trimmers. We did this by reading hundreds of customer reviews, weighing pro’s and con’s of all the models. We were able to make an honest judgement out of this information because we have so much experience using these machines on a daily basis in our landscaping business.

It is impossible to name one best hedge trimmer for everybody. This is because anybody who is looking to purchase a new hedge trimmer, has specific needs and a different intended purpose.

Firstly, I have identified all these different categories of hedge trimmers. There are different ways one can classify hedge trimmers. One can either divide them by power type, which is what is most commonly done.

Another way is to classify hedge trimmers by their intended purpose. Examples of this are the best hedge trimmer for tall hedges, or the best hedge trimmer for thick branches.

Another categorization can be the type of people intending to use the hedge trimmer. For example, during my research I found that people often search for the best hedge trimmer for women, or the best hedge trimmer for elderly people.

I have attempted to take all of these classifications into consideration in an attempt to find the best hedge trimmer for anyone. In this article I will list them all, along with a short description and a link to their respective pages.

I really hope you find my efforts useful, and I hope you will be able to find the ideal hedge trimmer for your individual needs.

Main Types Of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers come with different power sources. The power source that is best suited for your individual needs, will depend on a few factors. We will go over them in a little more detail in each sub section.

The first thing that is important to consider is how much hedge you’ll be working on. Basically, how big is the job going to be? Will it simply be a matter of trimming a couple of bushes or hedges once or twice a year, or will you be cleaning up acres of land?

Once you have that question answered, you’ll be able to get a good idea for how much power you will need in a hedge trimmer. Most people will only make this main distinction. It will be specific enough to be able to choose a good model of hedge trimmer for your needs.

I think the power source for your new hedge trimmer is an easy choice to make, especially if you already have some experience with hedge trimmers or other types of outdoor power tools.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Gas powered hedge trimmers are probably the most recognizable for most people. For most people, when they imagine a hedge trimmer, they imagine a purring little gas engine, perhaps with some smelly smoke lingering around. That is probably the largest drawback right there. The lingering smoke.

When you are using a hedge trimmer, you will always have the machine close to your body, there is no way around that. Often times you will even have the trimmer at eye level, because that is the height a lot of hedges are cut at.

The result of this is, that you will be inhaling the smoky pollutants constantly while working with the machine. During my time as a professional landscaper, I sometimes found this unbearable.

Another huge drawback is the weight of these machines. When you first lift them up, the weight is not that bad. But remember, you will have to use this machine for extended periods of time. Adding to the discomfort, is the position you have to hold the hedge trimmer in.

To do any kind of proper job, you will often have to hold the trimmer away from your body, in a horizontal or vertical position. If you do not hold the trimmer level, your hedge will look terrible as a result.

This position is extremely taxing on the body, especially for those not used to the position. I would even go as far as to say that gas powered hedge trimmers are not suitable for home owners.

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best gas hedge trimmer

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

These types of hedge trimmers obviously always need to be plugged into an outlet to be powered. This is their biggest drawback as well. Power cords limit the reach to the length of the power cord.

This is not their only disadvantage. The power cord will be present all the time. This means you have to be vigilant not to cut through the cord. It happened to me. I have seen it happen to experienced people like my dad. If you use corded hedge trimmers long enough, it will likely happen to you too.

Cutting through the cord is not the end of the world, provided your power source is well protected by fuses. Cords can be mended. It’s just a pain.

However, corded hedge trimmers offer great value for money for the occasional home user. I absolutely recommend these types of trimmers for most people who either have a small yard, or only use the machine a few times per year.

Take your time, do not rush anything, and be aware of where the power cord is at all times. Working consciously whit this in mind will help you prevent cutting through the cord.

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best corded electric hedge trimmer

Cordless Hedge Trimmers (Battery Powered)

This type of hedge trimmer is slightly new than the above mentioned types of hedge trimmers. For the first years, battery powered garden tools were often subpar compared to their gas powered counter parts.

They used to be not powerful enough to cut through thicker branches, and the more powerful models had seriously heavy batteries. So heavy, that it made more sense just to carry a gas powered model.

This has changed in recent times, though. Especially with the emergence of lithium-ion type batteries, these machines offer many great advantages. The batteries now have become super lightweight, as well as very powerful and long lasting.

Even professional landscapers starting are starting to use these machines now more and more. Why? They are:

  • Lighter weight
  • Quiet
  • Emission-free

The lighter weight will let you have more enjoyment in your work. You will not feel stressed out just by the thought of having to trim the hedges anymore. Also, your end result will be better, because the machine is easier to handle. This allows you to keep a straight, level line all the way.

The lack of noise means you do not have to wear ear protection anymore. Clunky hearing protection can be a nuisance on hot days, as most of us will know. It also means you are not bothering your neighbors anymore, and you can even clip the hedges on Sunday or early mornings if you please.

The last huge benefit is the lack of exhaust fumes. No more breathing in those noxious fumes all the time you’re shearing the hedges. This makes a huge difference, as the machine will often be at face level when your working with it, or else it will be right under your nose!

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Special Types

Apart from the power source, there are a few special types of hedge trimmers.

Pole Hedge Trimmers

If you have especially tall hedges, you might want to look into a pole hedge trimmer, pr long reach hedge trimmer, as they are sometimes called. With these special types of trimmers, there won’t be a need to stand on a step ladder with a regular hedge trimmer anymore. Using a pole hedge trimmer in these situations is obviously going to be the safer choice.

Pole hedge trimmers come with all power types we mentioned before. There’s gas powered, corded, and cordless pole trimmers. Read through the above paragraphs to find out which one of these motor types will be best suited to your situation.

Typically, most homeowners will be fine with a corded model. These offer great value for money, due to the lack of expensive batteries or combustion engine. With a little care and mindfulness, these machines are perfectly capable of handling most hedges around the house.

Cordless, battery operated models are also available for people with larger yards or proffesional users. With some brands, you can use the same battery to power multiple machines. This allows you to just buy the bare tool.

If a cordless pole trimmer is the first battery powered garden tool you will buy, consider looking into a brand that has a line of machines that can use the same battery. A good example of a brand that offers this, is Greenworks.

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Best pole hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmers For Specific Needs

Hedge Trimmer For Women

Do women need different types of hedge trimmers than men? Probably not. For most women, I would recommend a battery powered hedge trimmer. They are much lighter in weight than gas-powered models, and far less intimidating as well.

Cordless models are preferred so there is no chance of cutting through the extension cord, possibly electrocuting yourself. Keep an eye on the length of the blade. Longer blades mean the machine will become much heavier and more difficult to handle. Something like 16 to 18 inch would be preferred in my opinion.

You might want to look into a cordless pole hedge trimmer. With one of these, you will not have to balance on a step ladder with the hedge trimmer. You can reach most hedges with both feet on the ground, without cords, and without noise and fumes. That might even make hedging an enjoyable experience!

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best hedge trimmer for women

Hedge Trimmer For Small Garden

For small gardens, my recommendation is quite straightforward. In a small garden, there is obviously not going to be a need for gas powered models. Also, you might not necessarily need a battery powered model, since you can probably reach all corners of your garden with the power cord.

So, I would recommend a corded hedge trimmer. If your garden is really small with only a few small hedges or bushes to shear, you might even want to consider forgetting about hedge trimmers and looking into a decent pair of hedge shears. Read more about the differences of hedge trimmers vs shears.

hedge shears for small garden
Perhaps hedging shears are a better option for a small garden

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Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

For tall hedges, definitely look into the aforementioned pole hedge trimmers. They will prevent you having to stand on a ladder with a sharp hedge trimmer, thus preventing any potentially dangerous situations.

If you’re set on getting a regular type hedge trimmers, choose one with the longest blade possible. Keep in mind though that these can be exhausting to work with. As the weight gets farther away from your body, it will be harder to keep stable and maintain a level, square line while trimming.

It is also worth mentioning to choose a model of which you can turn the head in a 90 degree angle. This is extremely handy when cutting the top of a tall hedge.

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Pole Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmer Brands

  • Ryobi
  • Homelite
  • Greenworks
  • Remington
  • RedMax
  • Echo
  • Stihl
  • Husqvarna
  • Worx
  • Little Wonder
  • Shindaiwa
  • Black and Decker
  • Craftsman


Overall, the kind of trimmer that is right for you will depend on your needs and what you value most. If you need a lot of power, then a gas-powered hedge trimmer is the way to go. If you have an interest in environment-friendly options, then the electric trimmers are absolutely worth looking into.

If you don’t want to drag around a cord, then a battery-powered hedge trimmer is going to be the ideal fit. In any of these options, if you will be trimming branches that are tall, or need to be able to reach the tops of your hedges, then it’s worthwhile to look into your options for a pole trimmer. In their own way, each trimmer is a very useful tool. It all depends on what you need it for.