How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Lawn [5 Methods]

It’s tough to figure out what to do about a mole problem for many reasons. You don’t want to be cruel towards animals so it can make you approach the situation a little halfheartedly if you’re an animal lover. Whatever your thoughts on the situation are, it’s imperative that you find a quick solution to the problem. There are a lot of different methods you can make use of to get rid of the moles in your lawn and learning about your options will serve you well.

Making Use of Repellents

One of the most popular ways that people attempt to get rid of moles is by using repellents. If you don’t have the heart for exterminating the moles outright, this can be a good option for driving the moles away from your property. It’s possible to buy repellents that will do this sort of task but you can mix up a sort of home remedy version of the mix that will serve your purposes.

Mixing up some castor oil along with dish soap will create a very effective repellent. The moles will abhor this mix and it can be used to drive them away from your property. If you apply your concoction to your lawn it will eventually make the moles leave the area. This method may take a while to work and you’ll need to apply the repellent several times.

It’s also important to understand that you’ll need to reapply this mixture after it rains. The rain will wash away the repellent and negate any effects it had. Being diligent can help you to push forth with this method and see things through. After several applications, the moles will flee to a space that is more agreeable to them.

single molehill in lawn


Vegetative Barriers

Vegetative barriers can act as a sort of mole deterrent as well. Planting certain things in your yard will help to keep the moles away. Plants such as marigolds, fritillarias, and daffodils have proven to work very well for this purpose. Moles don’t like these plants for whatever reason and won’t want to stay in your yard if they’re present.

Another plant that works as a vegetative barrier is the castor bean plant. Some people avoid using this plant because it is poisonous. If you’re worried about harming the wildlife in your yard, it’s best to simply use the other plants. Castor bean plants will be quite effective at getting rid of moles but it may not be worth the cost.

ricinus communis or castor bean plant repels moles in garden and lawn

Let Mole Predators Do the Deed

A way to let nature handle the problem for you is to attract the natural enemies of moles into your yard. One of the most prevalent predators that prey on moles is the owl. Attracting an owl to your property is actually pretty simple. You can climb a tree in your yard and place something known as a nest box.

Put some straw inside of this nest box and eventually, an owl will get curious. The owl will make the tree its new home and will begin eliminating the moles for you. They’re going to feed off of the moles and you won’t have any more issues going forward. This is an effective and inexpensive way to get rid of the headaches that the moles have caused you.

mole in lawn coming up

Trapping the Moles

It’s also possible to trap the moles. You can buy different traps that can be set up in your yard. Even better, you can get traps that go inside of the tunnels the moles have dug. They will get curious and become ensnared in the trap. You should research the different traps that are available and choose the one you think will be most effective in your yard.

There are three typical types of traps that people buy when dealing with moles. There are loop choking traps where the mole will get ensnared but there are also lure traps and traditional circular rodent traps. All three will work well to remedy your problem. Simply make an educated decision on which trap is going to be the best fit for your situation.

Gas the Moles

This method is something people like to go to as a last resort. Using gas bombs in the mole tunnels can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, if you have pets or small children, this method can be especially dangerous and it is not recommended. If you have decided that this is the easiest method for you to get rid of your moles, then please exercise extreme caution while using gas bombs.

You can purchase these gas bombs at most stores that carry pesticides and rodent traps. The bombs need to be placed in the mole tunnels and set off. Just remember that this gas is harmful. It can be fatal and you could harm yourself if you don’t take all of the necessary precautions.


Eliminating moles may seem like a big hassle at first but really there are a lot of ways to go about it. Some of the easier methods involve driving the moles away from your yard. Other techniques will exterminate the moles completely. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to be careful while you’re taking care of this problem.

Getting rid of your mole problem won’t be too difficult when you use the above advice. It’s smart to choose the method that will lead you to the simplest solution. Soon enough, you will be able to mow your lawn without having to deal with mole holes. Having this knowledge will allow you to swiftly handle any future mole infestations that pop up as well.

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