How To Get Rid Of Bees (Home Remedies)

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem in your neighborhood. They pollinate flowers and allow many different plants to flourish. Most people are aware that they provide a vital function to the environment around them. Even still, this doesn’t prevent people from being very frightened and threatened by bees being in their yards.

Should You Get Rid Of Bees?

When you have a large number of bees flocking to your yard, it’s natural to want to get rid of them. Some of these bees will be aggressive and dangerous. Others might be completely docile and will only want to pollinate your flowers. If you don’t have the proper knowledge, then it can be difficult to differentiate the safe bees from the troublesome ones.

how to get rid of bumble bees naturally

There are also many people who don’t care whether the bees are harmless or not. Some folks just want them gone no matter what. If you’re one of the people who is suffering from a yard filled with way too many bees, you may be wondering what some effective methods for getting rid of them are. There are a lot of different things beside insecticide that you can try to get rid of your bee problem and many of the best methods are home remedies you can take advantage of.

Eliminating Ground Bees

In general, ground nesting bees are actually harmless. Some people may not even be aware that there is such a thing as bees that go underground. They’re a very docile form of bee and won’t bother you for the most part. Males of this species may appear aggressive sometimes but they can’t even sting you so there is no reason to worry about them excessively.

ground nesting bees
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You could choose to let these sorts of bees remain on your property if you wish. If you’d rather have them gone, though, there is an easy home remedy for getting these bees to disappear from your property. You simply need to water your lawn. These bees abhor damp ground and will leave the area almost immediately if you keep the soil moist.

To keep the bees from coming back, it is recommended that you buy a sprinkler. Simply set it up to water your lawn at certain intervals. This will prevent the ground from becoming too dry and the bees will not be interested in coming back to your area because of this. There couldn’t be a simpler way to get rid of bees in your yard than this.

How To Get Rid Of Bumble Bees Naturally

Knowing how to get rid of bumble bees naturally will help you to have a much safer summer.
Bumblebees are important because they are very good pollinators but they can still pose a safety risk in large numbers. If you have a lot of bumble bees visiting your yard regularly, then you are at risk for getting stung. No one likes getting attacked by a bee so it is prudent to take action before the bumblebee situation in your yard gets out of control.

There are many simple home tricks that you can use to get rid of bumble bees. You can use items you have just lying around the house to handle your problems. One very effective and simple method is to get some laundry detergent and mix it with a little water. You can pour a bit of this mixture down any holes where you see the bumblebees have been burrowing and it will kill them.

how to get rid of bumble bees

Using this sort of method is especially nice because it won’t harm any other plants or animals that frequent your yard. Another similarly effective method is to tarp off the bees’ nest. If you place a tarp around the nest, then the bees won’t be able to escape and will eventually die off. The negative to this method is that bumblebees are territorial and could attempt to attack you while you do this.

If you aren’t keen on taking this kind of risk, you could go with a safer method. Spraying vinegar on the nest from a distance is a bit safer and really effective at getting rid of these bees. A spray that consists of equal parts water and vinegar will get rid of your bee problem easily. Just wear some clothing that will protect you from potential stings as you could be attacked even when trying to keep your distance.

Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees With Music

Interestingly, carpenter bees can be encouraged to leave your property by using a very simple method. You can play loud music near their nest and they will leave to find other locations to occupy. They’re very sensitive to the vibrations made from loud music and it disrupts their well-being to a great degree. If you want to get rid of these bees without a hassle, simply grab an old stereo and crank some of your favorite music up.

These bees also really dislike citrus. You can get a citrus spray to use on their nest or anywhere else they’re burrowing. Spraying a liberal amount of the citrus spray will encourage these bees to stay away from your property. Almond oil is another great option that has the exact same effect.

how to get rid of carpenter bees
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If killing the bees is more what you’re looking for, then know that there is a good option for that as well. These bees are actually quite easy to swat down and kill. They have a habit of hovering in place for many seconds at a time, making it quite simple to smack them out of the air with something such as a tennis racket. The problem with this is that it does put you at risk for being stung.

Overall, the methods you can make use of to get the bees to flee your property are your safest bets. Killing the bees outright is almost always going to have a bit of danger involved. It’s up to you to decide the best course of action but the recommended path would be to chase them away using the various aforementioned home remedies.

Enjoy a Bee-Free Environment

Once you have made proper use of all of these methods, you will be able to enjoy your bee-free environment. All of these solutions avoid using harmful chemicals or industrial insecticide sprays. It’s simple to make good use of household items to solve your bee problems. You do need to try your best to be safe while implementing them because some of these bees will sting you.

Be especially careful when dealing with bumble bees and carpenters because they can be aggressive. As long as you keep your wits about you and wear the right clothing while performing the task, you should be just fine. You’ll be able to have a good time in your yard throughout the summer without having to worry about getting stung.