Fast-Growing Vegetables for Spring and Fall

When there isn’t as much daylight as in summer, you need vegetables that grow fast so you can harvest in time before winter. In addition to fast growing vegetables, some vegetable cannot take the heat of the summer sun, and do much better during the cooler months of the year. Here are a few examples of fast growing vegetables for spring and fall to get you started.

Radishes Are Ready to Harvest in Four Weeks

Radishes are easy to grow and typically ready to harvest within a month. They are hardy vegetables and great for those who are new to gardening. While you can plant radishes in the spring or fall, the summer tends to be too hot. In the spring, you can start sowing the seeds about four weeks before the typical last frost.

Choose a sunny spot and till the soil before sowing to loosen the dirt. The same as carrots, radishes are root vegetables that primarily grow in the soil. You may also want to add healthy compost or fresh soil to create a better environment for the seeds. Sow the seeds one-half to one inch deep and about one inch apart. Within four to six weeks, you will have fresh radishes.


Harvest Fresh Turnips in Less Than One Month

Turnips can go from seed to harvest in less than a month. In fact, you may have some that are ready to pull within two weeks. They are cool-weather veggies that grow best in the spring and fall. In the spring, sow several weeks before the last frost.

Similar to radishes, they should be planted in a sunny spot in loose soil. You do not need to make holes for the seeds. Simply scatter them and cover with a half inch of dirt. When the seedlings reach four inches, they should be thinned to four to six inches apart. While you may get some early ones within a couple weeks, it may take four to six weeks for them to fully mature.


Scallions Are Often Ready Days After Sprouting

Scallions are among the fastest-growing crops. When growing scallions from seed, you may want to start indoors. The seeds are very fine and difficult to grow from seed. They also need daily moisture, which is easy to handle when you start them indoors. An alternative option is to buy sprouted scallions. These pre-started crops can be planted outdoors and should be ready within days.

You can also re-root scallions or green onions that you buy from the grocery store. If they have two to three inches of root, you can place them in a glass of water near a kitchen window. Every few days, you can trim the tops to have fresh scallions or green onions.

scallions or green onions

Quickly Grow Garden Greens for Your Salads

There are also many varieties of greens that grow quickly in the spring or fall. Some varieties can even be harvested throughout the season, offering a continual supply of fresh salad greens.
Arugula, spinach, lettuce, and mustard greens are all great options. They are easy to plant and perfect for the fall season. Sow these plants in late summer to have an early fall harvest.

Lettuce is very fast growing

Several weeks after sowing, you can start trimming the spinach or lettuce to collect the outer leaves for your salads. This allows you to harvest the greens several times throughout the spring or fall. Arugula may take four to five weeks to mature while mustard greens are typically ready within a month.