9 Evergreen Trees in Michigan

Evergreen trees are a Michigan staple. In the winter, they provide natural insulation for homes and prevent snow from accumulating on sidewalks and roads. They also give animals places to live year-round, help with air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, and create a sense of peace in neighborhoods that have been through tough times. 

The state of Michigan is home to over 100 species of evergreen trees (including different cultivars) that can be grown in all regions of the state. If you’re looking for the perfect tree for your property, here’s a list of ten ever-popular Michigan evergreen trees to get you started!

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1. Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus)

Eastern White Pine Tree (Pinus strobus)

The Eastern White Pine is a fast-growing tree that thrives in northern Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region. It’s native to New England and Canada but was first introduced to Michigan by French missionaries as a way to barter with American Indian tribes for goods. Because it grows so quickly, the Eastern White Pine makes excellent firewood. Pine needles are also known to repel spiders in your home, making it a great addition to any home garden, deck or patio!

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2. Japanese Yew (taxus cuspidata)

Japanese Yew
JumpStory Japanese Yew

The Japanese Yew is a popular, low-maintenance evergreen tree with green needles and red berries that is native to Japan. It thrives in wide open spaces and tolerates Michigan’s cold winters and hot summers. Its dense shape prevents snow from accumulating on walkways and lawns, making it a practical addition to any yard or garden.

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3. Norway Spruce (picea abies)

Picea abies
Frank Richards Picea abies

The Norway Spruce is a dependable evergreen tree that can thrive in Michigan winters. It has an upright, conical shape and bright green needles that are soft to the touch. The Norway Spruce not only provides protection against harsher weather conditions for birds, but also offers shelter from predators.

4. Green Giant Arborvitae (thuja standishii x plicata ‘green Giant’)

A hybrid of the Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae and the Thuja plicata, this tree has an upright, pyramidal shape with copper-green leaves. It’s best suited to sunny locations in drier soil but can also grow well in shady spots. The Green Giant Arborvitae is a great choice for homeowners looking for a medium-sized, fast-growing evergreen that requires little maintenance.

5. Leyland Cypress (cupressus × leylandii)

cupressus × leylandii
W. Baumgartner cupressus × leylandii

The Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen tree known for its dense, compact form. It thrives in full sun but can also grow well in partially shaded areas. The Leyland Cypress can withstand Michigan winters without extensive snow accumulation on its branches. Because it’s so tolerant of the cold, the Leyland Cypress is used in places like Chicago and northern Michigan to protect against snow drifts.

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6. Black Spruce (picea mariana) 

Black spruces Picea mariana
Nicholas A. Tonelli Black spruces (Picea mariana)

Black Spruce is a coniferous evergreen with short, dark green needles. It’s one of the few trees that are adapted to cold climates, making it perfect for planting in northern Michigan. The Black Spruce doesn’t grow quickly but provides excellent natural insulation for homes and can survive harsh winters without snow accumulation on its branches.

7. Eastern Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana)

Eastern red cedar Juniperus virginiana
Nicholas A. Tonelli Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

The Eastern Red Cedar is known for its dense, compact form. It has scaly blue-green foliage that can grow up to five feet per year and tolerates dry soil conditions better than other evergreens. People often use the Eastern red cedar in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but it will thrive in all areas of the state with rocky, acidic soil.

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8. Eastern Hemlock (tsuga canadensis)

Tsuga canadensis
Plant Image Library Tsuga canadensis

Native to Michigan and the northeastern United States, the Eastern Hemlock has a pyramidal shape and dark green needles. It’s one of the toughest evergreen trees you can find in North America because it grows in most conditions with little care. The Eastern Hemlock grows slowly but is perfect for large properties with wide open spaces!

9. Juniper (juniperus)

Juniper Tree
ErWin Juniper Tree

Junipers are fast-growing evergreens with bright green buds and needles. Junipers produce an abundance of bright blue berries that birds love, making it a great addition to any backyard! They’re known for their adaptability to a variety of soil conditions but also the cold winters of northern Michigan.