Can You Rent a Wood Chipper (buying vs renting)

When the need for a wood chipper arises, two options will come with it. The dilemma is whether to rent or buy a chipper. For both options, cost is involved. The main difference comes in the duration of the expense. Buying includes a one-time cost, while renting spreads the cost out over a period of time.

This article is intended to show the relationship between renting and buying a wood chipper. The following analysis discusses the question of whether you can rent a wood chipper. It goes further to give the best option among the two.

Renting versus buying

There are elements that users consider when making the decision which revolve around cost and personal needs for using a wood chipper, things like the size of the job, frequency of use, and convenience to the user.


When considering the cost entailed in each of the two choices, there will be various associated expenses. Renting a wood chipper appears cheaper from a first look. However, that is not necessarily the case. The amount for renting spans over several work seasons. For that reason, many people do not make an effort to do the math. The capital to acquire a machine for oneself, on the other hand, looks to be very expensive. That can be an attribute of the one-time lump sum investment.

When the same initial capital for purchase is spread over a long time, it usually becomes cheaper. In essence, the initial capital outlay, given time, will prove to be less than rental expenses. In addition to the amount it costs to buy the machine, there will be costs resulting from maintenance. These costs will also include repairs in case damage happen. Nevertheless, proper handling will ensure top efficiency of the machine. That means reduced expenditures on maintenance.

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Renting a wood chipper for your garden organizing tasks can be very convenient. In the case of a small garden, there isn’t much work to be done. The machine will be called in once or twice a year. If the same user were to buy a chipper, it would mean letting it lie idle most of the time throughout the year. Thus, in such a situation, renting is more practical.

Another way to approach convenience is from the perspective of the equipment available. First, you will need to find the right machine for the job, and that takes into consideration the size of the task to be done. This means that you need to find the right size of chipper that is suitable for your purposes. Such specifications mean there is a likelihood there not being one available in your area. Further still, you may be forced to look far and wide before you can find the right equipment.


To avoid the cost of maintaining and repairing the machine, renting is the way to go. Since the machine is not in your hands, all costs go to the owner. All you will be required to do is to pay the rental fee. However, proper consideration will show that the charge is set to allow for a portion to contribute to future maintenance. So, in a sense, renting is still sharing in repair expenses. Another challenge is that you cannot be sure of the maintenance practices of the owner. In the case they fail to be diligent, the chipper may stall during operation. That will cost you time before it can be functional again.

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Frequency of use

How often you need a wood chipper for your tasks will be a crucial factor. Renting is preferable for few sessions of work in a year. However, for most farm owners, the work is almost constant. Add to that the irregular times it occurs and renting becomes a nuisance, and it also becomes expensive.


While renting and buying each have their push factors, purchasing carries the day. It allows the operator to have their machinery whenever and wherever they need it. That way they can use it at their convenience. Additionally, they can care for and maintain it to the level they prefer. Over time, the cost will even off with rental expenses and after that, fall under it. So, regarding monetary value, convenience, maintenance, and application frequency, buying is the better option.

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