Where can I buy a Wood Chipper – best options for home users

If you’re shopping for a wood chipper, it might be worth your while to look into what options you have as far as where you decide to make the purchase. There are a number of options out there including in store as well as store or manufacturer websites.

You also have the option of buying wood chippers through Amazon.com, which is a choice growing in popularity for a number of reasons. This article is going to discuss the pros and cons of these purchasing methods to help you decide which one will be the most convenient for you.


Manufacturer and Store Websites

If you like purchasing online, store and manufacturer websites can be an excellent source of information for particular brands and the models that those brands offer. It can be a great source if you’re looking to compare models within a specific brand or in brands that you know are sold at a specific store. However, it is important to keep in mind that the selection can be limited due to only certain brands being available on a given store or manufacturer website.

There may also be a relatively high shipping cost, considering the weight that can come with the wood chipper itself. Sometimes, you may be able to get free shipping due to the price but heavier products are often more difficult to ship and therefore have more of a shipping cost typically.

Purchasing In-Store

Shopping for a wood chipper in a store can offer you the opportunity to get a good look at the machines up close, which can help you get a good idea of what kind of wood chipper you’d like and the ways in which you can use it. The trouble with making the purchase at a store is that you often end up having to haul the wood chipper home yourself, which can be a difficult task.

While you might have some help getting it out of the store, once you get home you may not have that extra help to get the wood chipper where you want it. This can also be troublesome if you find any reason that the machine needs to be returned. Taking it back to the store can be a huge hassle if you don’t have any extra help in doing it.

Buying from Amazon

Amazon.com is a great way to compare a variety of different brands and models very easily. You can also get a good look at all the pricing options available as well as read a large variety of reviews from people who have already purchased certain wood chippers. That can be highly convenient in giving you a better idea for the kinds of positive and negative aspects that a given wood chipper may have.

You’ll also get the benefit of having the wood chipper delivered to your home. You’ll also having control over the shipping speed depending on how quickly you want the machine to arrive. If you have or are interested in trying out Amazon Prime, you may also be able to get the machine shipped to you for free. If not, there may still be options available that can allow you to get free shipping, which is hugely beneficial, especially because shipping can sometimes get very expensive for heavy machinery.

Amazon also typically offer a very convenient system for returning or replacing items that have arrived in a damaged or unworking condition. While it isn’t common for those kinds of issues to occur, it’s nice to know that if you do have any problems, you’ll be assured that the help you need will be readily available.


There are plenty of ways that you can go about buying a wood chipper, from in store, to store websites, classifieds and more. Largely, the resource that has the opportunity to be the most convenient is buying online from Amazon.com. Because of the ability to compare a wide variety of brands and models easily as well as potentially get free shipping, which can be great considering the shipping price that can often come with these heavy machines. You’ll also be able to make use of their great return and replacement policies if there should happen to be any problems with the chipper you order.