The 25 Biggest Trees in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and you love trees, you won’t be disappointed because some of the oldest and largest trees on the planet are found there. This includes very tall trees and very wide trees, depending on what you’re most interested in. These trees also encompass trees of all species and types, so whether you’re looking for an oak tree, a fig tree, or any other type of tree, you may very well find it in the list below.


Wherever possible, we’ve included the exact location of the trees listed below, or at least the general vicinity. If you’ve always wanted to see some of the biggest trees in Europe, now’s your chance. The information below gives you a great starting point and goes into detail about the trees’ measurements and what they look like. The list will definitely whet your appetite and allow you to discover trees you didn’t know existed so that planning your trip to Europe is a lot easier.

Keep in mind that some photos are not of the exact tree because we were not able to find usable photos for all.

25. Nolina, Zacate, Pata de Elefante o árbol Botella Mejicano, Elephant’s Foot (Beaucarnea recurvata), 22 feet

Beaucarnea recurvata
Tatters ✾ Beaucarnea recurvata

Thought to be between 250 and 375 years old, this tree is named appropriately because the base of the tree does indeed look just like a large elephant’s foot. It is located in the municipality of Elche/Elx and has a girth of approximately 37 feet when measured at 0 meters (not DBH). It is an attractive tree that is certain to catch everyone’s attention.

24. El Abuelo, Common Oak (Quercus × Rosacea), 27 feet

Quercus × rosacea
Friman Quercus × rosacea

This is a beautiful oak tree found in the woods in Bustillo del Monte, Cantabria, Spain. The girth is roughly 27 feet (DBH), and the tree is roughly 570 years old, give or take 100 years. It is thought to be planted around 1450 give or take 100 years. As with most oak trees, this one is amazing looking.

23. Queen Elizabeth I Oak, Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea), 28 feet

Queen Elizabeth I Oak
pam fray Queen Elizabeth I Oak

Although difficult to know for sure, the Queen Elizabeth I is thought to be nearly 1,000 years old, although many experts say it is closer to 600-700 years old. The girth is around 43 feet and the tree itself is located in Midhurst, England, in Cowdray Park. This is in the County of West Sussex. Because of its girth, this Sessile oak tree is the second thickest tree of its kind in all of Europe.

22. Tejo de Borbonejo, Yew (Taxus baccata), 31 feet

Taxus Baccata
David Ceballos Taxus Baccata

With a girth of roughly 41 feet (when measured at a height of 0 meters and DBH), this tree was planted around the year 900, give or take 200 years, making it around 1020 to 1220 years old. It is found in Spain on the ladera de Pena Rionda in Aleje, Castilla y Leon, in the municipality of Cremenes. While not as tall as many other large trees, it is nicely shaped and has a lot of greenery for people to enjoy.

21. Ombú in the Isla de la Cartuja in Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain, Ombú (Phytolacca dioica), 32 feet

Planted around the year 1550 (give or take 60 years), this tree is the only one of its kind in the area and is therefore easy to find. The DBH is roughly 46 feet and it is a stunning tree with a stout bottom and lush greenery and lots of spreading branches at the top, giving it a very elegant look.

20. White Willow in Geißau, Vorarlberg, Austria, White Willow (Salix alba), 37 feet

White willow salix alba
Yay White willow (salix alba)

This white willow tree can be found close to the Sportplatz Geißau in Geißau, Bregenz. The tree’s girth is roughly 39 feet and while the height is not huge, the tree spreads out quite a bit and is certainly an eye-catcher. Part of the base of this tree is hollow, allowing people to have their picture taken while they are inside of it.

19. Olivastro Millenario, European Olive (Olea europaea), 38 feet

Olivastro millenario
Roberto Ferrari Olivastro millenario

Located in Santo Baltolu di Carana in Luras, Sardinia, Italy, this 38-foot tree has a girth of around 51 feet and spreads out once you look at the top part of the tree. At one point, there was a fence around it and a sign on the tree itself, but it isn’t known if these are still there.

18. Common Ash at São Bartolomeu dos Galegos in Lourinhã, Centro, Portugal, Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior), 39 feet

Fraxinus excelsior
Yay Fraxinus excelsior

Located in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, this extraordinary tree is located next to an old convent church that is roughly 600 feet from the main section of the church in this village. The girth of this tree is roughly 42 feet and it was planted around 1156, give or take 100 years. This means the tree is roughly 866 years old, give or take 100 years.

17. Eucaliptón de Viérnoles, Tasmanian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus), 42 feet

Eucalipton de Viernoles
L.F.Turiel Eucaliptón de Viérnoles

This tree is located in Cantabria, Spain, in the municipality of Torrelavega. It has a girth measurement of around 38 feet and is located right next to personal property.

16. Small-Leaved Lime in Lambacher Hof, Übelbach, Styria, Austria, Small-Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata), 42 feet

Small leaved lime
Mike Finn Small leaved lime

With a girth of around 42 feet and a height that is roughly the same, this tree has a massive crown and branches that spread out quite far to make the tree look even better. It is located in an area near a few homes and is very impressive, not just because of its height but also because of its spread.

15. Kvilleken, Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur), 44 feet

Meleagros Kvilleken

Thought to be between 750 and 950 years old, the Kvilleken is located in Norra Kvill, Kalmar, Sweden and it has a hollow trunk, which is one of the reasons it’s difficult to pinpoint its exact age. It has a DBH of around 46 feet and is currently preserved with cables so that it doesn’t collapse anymore like it did many years ago.

14. Castiñeiro de Pexeiros, Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa), 44 feet

Sweet Chestnut Tree
gailhampshire Sweet Chestnut Tree

The sweet chestnut tree is stout at the bottom and has branches that spread out all over at the top. While 44 feet tall, the girth of the tree is roughly 48 feet. It is located in a prado in Pexeiroos, Galicia, Spain in the municipality of Blancos (Os) and is a very unusual-looking tree indeed.

13. 1000 jährige Linde, Large-Leaved Lime (Tilia platyphyllos), 45 feet

1000 jährige Linde
Beelz3boss 1000 jährige Linde

This large-leaved lime tree is thought to be nearly 900 years old, give or take 50 years. It is located next to the Friedhof, Reinborn, Hesse, Germany, and has a girth of around 49 feet. It is currently being preserved and is located next to a bench where you can sit and enjoy looking at it.

12. Carob in the Castle Garden of San Marco in Santa Flavia, Sicily, Italy, Carob (Ceratonia siliqua), 56 feet

Ceratonia siliqua
Gertjan van Noord Ceratonia siliqua

Santa Flavia is a municipality of Palermo, and you can’t miss this tree because it is the only one like it in the area. In 2016, the DBH was around 42 feet. The exact DBH is unknown because this actual number was taken out of a book, but it is assumed to be accurate.

11. El Drago Milenario, Canary Islands Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco), 57 feet

Drago milenario
Diego Delso Drago milenario

With a girth of around 57 feet, this tree is located in Icod de los Vinos in Spain near the San Marcos Church. It was planted around the year 1100, give or take 10 years, and is therefore well over 900 years old. The surrounding landscape also makes for a beautiful view.

10. Cottonwood in Bosque de Safonov in Krasnokamsk, Stavropol’, Russia, Cottonwood (Populus sp.), 65 feet

USFWS Midwest Region Cottonwood

This tree is both large and very old, having been planted around the year 1621, give or take 100 years. This makes the tree roughly 300 to 500 years old, as of 2021. The girth of the tree is roughly 41 feet, and it is easy to find because it is the only cottonwood in the area. It is found in the raion (district) of Georgievsk.

9. Rubber Fig in Alameda Apodaca, Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, Rubber Fig (Ficus elastica), 69 feet

Ficus elastica
ZSM Ficus elastica

Located in a garden in Alameda Apodaca, this rubber fig tree is easy to find because of the plaque in front of it and because of its sheer size. It is near a fountain in the park and has a girth of around 59 feet. It was planted around the year 1900, give or take 10 years, so it is well over 100 years old. The tree itself is not labeled.

8. Moreton Bay Fig in the Garden of Parterre, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla), 73 feet

Ficus macrophylla
Enric Ficus macrophylla

This Moreton Bay fig tree is 73 feet high and has a girth of around 42 feet. It was planted around 1838, which makes the tree roughly 184 years old, give or take 180 years. It has a massive crown and can easily be found because it isn’t in an out-of-the-way area but instead near homes and other buildings.

7. Pohutukawa in the Garden of Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsus), 79 feet

Pohutukawa Metrosideros excelsus
Lee Taylor Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsus)

This tree has about a dozen large stems that measure around 3.5 feet each and a spread of around 105 feet. It looks a little like it has fallen apart on the ground but that’s just because of the way it is shaped. It is an unusually shaped but healthy tree.

6. Plataniotissa, Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis), 82 feet

Platanus orientalis
Platanus orientalis

This tree is found close to the entrance of the Ortes in West Greece, and it’s easy to find because it is the only Oriental Plane in that area. The girth of the tree is 49 feet and it is surrounded by an exhibit of some sort, which means it is easy to spot. It is also very well-protected and preserved, meaning it should last for a lot longer than it already has.

5. Kapok in Jardín de aclimatación de la Orotava, Canary Islands, Spain, Kapok (Ceiba pentandra), 91 feet

Tall and stately looking, the tree has a girth of around 15 feet and if you look close, it has a purplish-pink tint to the trunk. It is a beautiful tree that is easy to find and definitely worth seeing.

4. Platano di Curinga, Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis), 100 feet

Platanus orientalis.
Lokal_Profil Platanus orientalis

The Platano di Curinga is found near Eremo di Sant’Elia in Curinga, Calabria, Italy. More specifically, the tree is found at Monte Carmelo. In 2020, the tree won Italian Tree of the Year, and it came in second place in the 2021 European competition. As of 2013, the DBH was around 59 feet, and it is a rather crooked-looking tree but still appears to be healthy.

3. La Reina, Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), 150 feet

Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Sequoia
Plant Image Library Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Sequoia)

The tree is located in the garden of Palacio Real de la Granja in San Ildefonso municipality (La Granja). It is sometimes called El Rey and it has a girth measurement of around 47 feet. It is a stunning tree with tons of branches and lots of beautiful greenery from top to bottom. 

2. Tnjri, Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis), 177 feet

Platanus orientalis oriental plane
Jim Linwood Platanus orientalis (Oriental plane)

The tree called Tnjri is near the village of Ghirmizi Bazar in Karabakh, Guria, Georgia. It is actually situated closer to the Republic of Artsakh and is known to be more than 2,070 years old (give or take 50 years). The circumference of the tree is 88 feet (depth at breast height, or DBH), and the base circumference is roughly 103 feet. It is also hollow at the base so you can walk into the tree to get your picture taken.

1. Karri Knight, Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor), 239 feet

This extraordinary tree is found in the Valle de Canas area of Centro in Portugal. It is surrounded by other eucalypti of many different species that are almost as tall as this one, as well as the tallest bunya (Araucaria bidwillii) that’s ever been measured. The girth of the tree is roughly 18 feet, and it was planted around 1890, give or take 10 years.