Best Way to Edge a Lawn for Lazy People

Our lives are so fast — everything we do we do quickly. This is sometimes necessary, but it can be tiring and draining. Sometimes, among the bustle, we want to take some time to slow ourselves and enjoy the things around us — the trees, the grass, the air.

Best Way For You

When we want to slow ourselves, we have a few different options. We can take a day off of everything and laze mellowly in the day. It is great to do that sometimes, but it isn’t the kind of thing most of us can — or any of us should — make a habit. We can also pick up a hobby like drawing or writing (or reading). This is a wonderful way of slowing our minds while still staying sharp and focused on something. But those things aren’t for everyone, and even when they are for you, you may find yourself wanting to enjoy the air of the outside.

When that describes you, there is often a great way of slowing down and enjoying the life around you right out your back door. Caring for your yard is a great way of keeping yourself both focused and at peace. If trains your eyes on the things that lie right in front of you — your immediate surroundings — and so even though you are focused, it isn’t on the next meeting you have to run to.

Focusing on your yard is as great way to slow yourself, and it is a sure way to make you appreciate the little things in your life. But how should you go about doing this? What is the best way to take on a messy yard with serenity?

lazy gardening


First, it is important to get all of the necessary equipment. You will need, of course gloves and safety gear. You will need a lawn mower. You will need an edger, a hedge trimmer, and if you are cultivating a garden then you will need gardening tools. Beyond that, you need only your own focus and your time.

Next, you need to focus on small tasks. By breaking down what might be for some of us a large chore into small, manageable tasks, you can ensure that you take things one step at a time. The whole point here is to slow yourself down, and that means not thinking too far ahead. By focusing on the things you have to do next — right here, right now — you help your mind to focus on what is in front of you. And that is a great way to slow down a busy, muddled, rushed mind.

lawn edging equipment on lawn

Edge Your Lawn Like A Pro

As you slow down your life and focus your attention on things around you, you may find yourself caring more for your yard. And as you do that, you will find that there are certain things you have to do. One of those things is edging, which is something a lot of people don’t like.

Edging seems scary to some of us. It is noisy, messy looking, and it comes with a whirring spinning blade or plastic wire that seems dangerous to some people. But really edging is perfectly safe and not at all difficult.

The best way to edge is to learn how to use your device properly and safely. The first thing you will need to do is get safety equipment — safety googles, ear protection, perhaps a mask if you have allergies, and gloves. Then you will need to adjust the length of the wire, which is not a difficult task. After that, it is simply a matter of starting the edger (away from your body) and trimming the grass.

To properly edge grass, you need to lower the edger to the grass slowly, keeping it as level as possible. This is important to maintain a consistent cut. Then you just have to make sure that you are cutting it to the same height as the surrounding grass. It is not a difficult process.

Once you know how to edge properly and safely you can enjoy your time with your yard. Slow down, take a breath, and make your home beautiful.