Best Place To Buy A Lawn Mower

As a home owner with a yard, it is crucial to have a lawn mower handy for its maintenance. A well-maintained lawn goes a long way in improving the aesthetic value of a home. A major part of lawn maintenance lies in the cutting of grass and pruning of weeds.

Even if you hire lawn maintenance services to cut your grass for you, a lawn mower is important for those times you decide to handle the task yourself. Lawn mowers are made widely available in the market by numerous manufacturers. We are going to take a look at some of the places one can make a lawn mower purchase for the best results.

Where To Buy Your New Lawn Mower

If you have made the decision to purchase a lawn mower, next up is the question of the best place to buy a lawn mower. With the rise in popularity of online stores like Amazon and Home Depot, more and more people are leaning towards ordering their new lawn mower online.

There are a number of benefits that draw people to purchasing online.

  • You can browse the range of products in peace, without being bothered by pushy sales people.
  • Online retailers typically have a larger range to choose from, allowing you to select the perfect model for your needs.
  • Due to lower overhead costs, online retailers can offer you the same product for less money than brick and mortar stores.
  • You do not have to arrange transport or trying to fit big appliances into your car and driving it home.
  • If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, the mail main will just pickup your product and take it back, no hassles.

As you can probably tell, it really is no surprise brick and mortar stores are going out of business and online retailers keep growing year after year.

Considerations when Buying a Lawn Mower

Most home owners looking to buy a lawn mower only consider a machine that will cut their grass. However, the requirements of a good lawn mower are much more than that. Lawn mowers come with different characteristics that are suitable for different lawns and individuals. Here are some considerations to take before buying a lawn mower:


Cutting grass is not an easy task, especially if you are dealing with a large piece of land. This does not mean that a lawn mower cannot be crafted to make things as comfortable as possible.

Go for a machine that features great ergonomics. That way, you can easily tweak the controls to your desired level of comfort and keep any muscle cramps and aches at bay.

If age is a factor for you, and mowing the lawn will put a toll on your body, consider a ride on lawn mower. Such kind of lawn mowers require the least amount of effort to get the job done.

understand your lawn mower before using it

Safety Measures

Hundreds of people are injured when handling lawn mowers annually, the main cause being stones and debris sent flying by the fast-spinning blades. Some severe cases are a result of contact with the sharp blades. When searching for a lawn mower, ensure you go for one that has a kill switch for your safety, and that of any other people that are going to use it.


Sharp blades are a must when it comes to lawn mowers. Going for blunt blades will end up leaving your grass roughly cut and in turn make your lawn look uneven. Sharp blades are essential for the smooth cutting of long grass and weeds. Additionally, go for a lawn mower that can collect the grass clippings after they are cut, eliminating the tiring chore from your hands. If you want to leave the grass clippings as they are, go for one that has mulching features.

sharpening lawn mower blades

One main feature to pay attention to is the lawn mower wheels. Even though they are often overlooked, wheels determine the smoothness, speed, and movement of the machine. Therefore, they will determine how much effort is required to mow a lawn. For small lawn mowers, it is advisable to go for wheels that do not require air since they cannot easily be punctured and are easily replaceable.

The Size Of Your Lawn

This factor has a big impact on the type of lawn mower you choose. A push reel lawn mower can be ideal for a small lawn, but extremely strenuous to use on large ones. A ride on lawn mower, on the other hand, can be ideal for large lawns but unsuited for small lawns.

Also, the lawn size can help you determine if you’ll go for an electric or gas-powered lawn mower. Electric lawn mowers are ideal for small lawns due to the limitation of cords for the corded ones, and regular charging for the cordless ones. Gas-powered lawn mowers feature more run time, since they depend on fuel to run. Some big lawn mowers also feature pneumatic or semi-pneumatic wheels. Also, select a mower with wide wheels, which will effectively distribute the machine’s weight and reduce stress on the grass.

buying a ride on lawn mower

Types Of Lawn Mowers

There are a number of different lawn mower types. Each has been developed for specific use cases. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Walk-behind lawn mowers – they run on gas or electricity and require pushing by the user
  • Ride-on lawn mowers – also known as riding lawn mowers; they come with a seating compartment for the user
  • Push-reel lawn mowers – they require no electricity or gas to operate and are dependent on the pushing motion of the user
  • Hover lawn mowers – these type of lawn mowers feature a mechanism that creates an air cushion between the device and the ground. This way, they can hover above the ground as they cut the grass on your lawn
  • Robotic lawn mowers – they run on their own without requiring any supervision. All you have to do is turn them on and let them wander around your yard pruning the grass

All these types come with different features and execute the job using different techniques. Do your homework on how each one operates to find out which one best suits your needs.

Getting A Lawn Mower delivered
Buying a lawn mower online is super convenient

The Best Place to Purchase a Lawn Mower

This may go without saying, but in my opinion, the best place to buy a lawn mower is Amazon. Amazon is an online mall that is available to users from all around the world. Numerous advantages come with buying a lawn mower on Amazon.


You will find a wider variety of lawn mowers on Amazon than you will at any store you visit. This is because thousands of providers use the site as a platform to sell their devices. Therefore, you can reach a wide selection of them all in one place.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, you can read reviews on lawn mowers from other clients who have bought and used the devices. This way, you can better understand the quality you will be getting. The distributor also gives some reviews to provide an overview of the features, functionality, and any information on warranty.


Since credit card and personal information is uploaded on Amazon, the site has taken measures to ensure the security of their clients’ information. The main method of payment used is PayPal due to its high security and availability in most regions across the globe.

Time Flexibility

You can do your shopping on Amazon at any time of the day since the site is available for twenty-four hours throughout the week. Therefore, even if you decide to shop for a new lawn mower at three in the morning, all the options will be available to you.

Home Delivery

All Amazon products are delivered to your doorstep. Hence, you can save some cash on gas and also your energy, which could have been used going from store to store. All you do is give your home address, make payments, and wait for your product to arrive.

Final Remarks

Once you have taken all the factors provided above into consideration, you will be in a better position to select the best lawn mower for your lawn maintenance. After you choose an ideal machine, just visit Amazon on their official site and narrow down their wide selection of lawn mowers according to the alignment of these factors.