Best Hedge Trimmer for Small Garden

All of us, at least sometimes, feel the draw of self-expression. When we speak, when we write, when we communicate with body language. When we play an instrument, or pick up a paintbrush. When we make dinner at night for our families. In all of these cases we are creating something, we are communicating (directly or indirectly, with another person or with the world at large). All of that creation and communication is an act of expression. Just what is being expressed and just where it is coming from may be a mystery, but it is clear that we are expressing ourselves when we do most all of the things that we find to be important.

Self-Expression and Cultivating a Small Garden

If you aren’t a painter or a writer (or even if you are) you may know or want to know the joy of cultivating a great yard. There is tremendous expression in it — in creating landscapes and scenes, growing flowers and vegetables, making a beautiful garden, assembling a place to sit. It isn’t only beautiful because of what comes out of it, it is beautiful because of what goes into it. And what goes into it is.

Cultivation is an almost animal necessity. The need to make something, to bring something to life. To bear fruit (literally or figuratively) is maybe life’s greatest joy and most difficult task. It may not be possible to do it well all of the time in every facet of your life, but you can put some time into your yard and find at least one way to express yourself easily, safely, and right at home. The work that you put into it — and there is a lot of it — will not compare to the work you may do at your job, which can sometimes feel as though it’s the one kind of cultivation that refuses to produce fruit.

Cultivation is something we all do, but when you treat your yard well, when you plant things, when you attend to a garden, you are connecting directly to the power of cultivation in its raw form. The joy of gardening is great; all that is left is knowing what to do and having all of the right supplies.

Trimming Hedges in Your Small Garden

Small home gardens are places of deep serenity. They encourage thoughtfulness and tranquility. They are wonderful places to spend an afternoon, a morning, a summer evening. If they are large enough to house a sitting area, they can be ideal for hosting company — sitting among the flowers and the small trees, sipping on tea and coffee.

There is nothing better, for many people, than having a beautiful small garden. But gardens are not only about the end product — the garden itself, finished and blooming. Gardens are in large part wonderful because of the time it takes to make them. The act of cultivating a garden is more than work — in fact, it is so much of a joy that it hardly qualifies. Attending to your garden, no matter what stage of growth it is in, is enjoyable all itself, and this is due largely to the fact that cultivation is an expressive activity.

If you are looking to express yourself but aren’t perhaps much of a writer, then you may already be attending to a garden. And if your garden is growing large, then you know that part of that attention means trimming back hedges and shrubs, trees and dense plants. You know that you need a hedge trimmer to do the job well, but you may be wondering what sort of trimmer to buy. With so many options on the market, you may feel lost.

Luckily, there are hedge trimmers that are recommended specifically for small gardens. These trimmers are smaller, generally less powerful models, but they are battery powered and fully electric, which makes them lighter, easier to use, cleaner, quieter, and more portable. Plus, you won’t have to buy gas for them (which is costly as well as messy).

If you have a small garden, then you may want to consider picking up a battery powered hedge trimmer. If you have hedges or bushes in your garden, then you likely already know you will need a trimmer of some sort, and these are the best hedge trimmer for small garden use.