Best Gas Chainsaw for the Money

There’s plenty of folks out there in this day and age who are following a strict budget. Money is tight in many, many households these days. It’s understandable in these turbulent economic times. Despite that fact, every now and then things pop up around the household that need to be taken care of.

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can take a toll on your property. Thousands upon thousands of dollars of property damage has been caused by downed trees and the like. When events like this happens, you’re going to need to get your yard cleaned up.

One option is to simply hire outside help to do it for you. However, going down this route can end up being rather costly as well when you look at the hourly rates for services like this. Quite often, it’s actually more cost efficient to just purchase your own chainsaw and do the job yourself.

Depending on your budget, choosing a cheap chainsaw generally comes down to two options and price ranges. If you are looking to spend less than $100, I would recommend an electric cord operated chainsaw. However, if your budget is a little bit higher, you are probably better off going with a gas powered option.

Who Should Consider a Gas Powered Chainsaw?

If you can afford the slightly higher price tag, it’s more often than not a better idea to purchase a gas powered chainsaw over an electric one. They offer unmatched portability and they possess more power which makes them ideal for more extensive cutting needs (particularly so if you need to saw through much larger trees).

There’s one important thing to keep in mind however. While gas chainsaws are known for having more power and durability compared to electric or battery operated varieties, when shopping for a budget option, the power and durability will end up being slightly lower. You have to keep your expectations in check. Don’t expect a chainsaw that can handle extremely heavy duty tasks for a budget price.

The portability is a huge benefit for many people as well. Since you can never predict the extent of property damage possible by storms, or even what type of unexpected projects may pop up, it’s important to be able to conveniently use your chainsaw where required. It can be a huge hassle trying to set up extension cords in order to reach the edges of properties. Gas powered chainsaws bypass this requirement entirely.

So, with all of this in mind, I’ve gone ahead and done all of the research for you already. I exhaustively compared many of the best gas powered chainsaws available on the market. I wanted something that was both affordable yet still had enough power to get the job done.

After extensive research, one clear cut winner emerged. So without a doubt, the best gas chainsaw for the money available today is the following option:

Poulan Pro 967061501 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw with Carrying Case, 20″

This Poulan Pro 20 inch 50cc chainsaw is undoubtedly the best gas chainsaw that you can purchase while on a budget. It’s true there’s definitely cheaper gas powered models available, but in my opinion, they sacrifice too much in both quality and safety.

This model is powerful, easy to start, lightweight for ease of use, and it’s equipped with an OxyPower engine for even more added power. And even better, it’s backed by a two year limited warranty as well. Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome features this chainsaw provides.

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  • OxyPower engine technology gives you the extra power for nearly any task — provides not only a more powerful engine but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption
  • Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force by 30% for incredibly easy starting
  • Combi tool integrated directly into rear handle; always there when you need it
  • The purge bulb is protected to reduce the risk of damage
  • User friendly combined choke/stop control allows efficient starting and increased reliability
  • Double post chain brake increases safety by right hand activation and automatically by inertia
  • Ideal for firewood cutting and general property maintenance
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Molded plastic carrying case included


  • While the chainsaw is considered lightweight at 17 pounds, certain individuals may still find this to be a slightly heavier option
  • While this is an excellent budget friendly option that offers tons of value, the price tag may still put off some people looking for a cheaper option

All in all, this is a fantastic chainsaw for the price range. A 50cc engine is the perfect middle ground that provides plenty of power to handle most homeowner needs such as cutting and bucking firewood, clearing brush, or tackling basic home improvement projects. The OxyPower engine technology is incredible as well, giving this Poulan Pro chainsaw even more power while making it extremely fuel efficient as well.

And again, keep in mind that even though there are certainly far cheaper gas powered chainsaws available, all of the options I came across gave up way too much in either power or safety. It’s for that reason I couldn’t recommend other options here as a top choice. I feel confident in settling on this Poulan Pro as a top recommendation for the gas chainsaw for the money.


If you’re looking for quality and value at an affordable price when it comes to gas powered chainsaws, there’s really no better choice than the model recommended above. It has the power and portability to meet pretty much all of your needs in an easy to use format.

However, if you find the price tag somewhat off-putting, I would instead recommend you consider looking into an electric chainsaw. Otherwise the Poulan Pro I recommend here is more than enough to get the job done. It receives one of my highest recommendations.