Best Chipper Shredder for Composting in Your Garden

When handling all the gardening work, there will likely be a pile of twigs and branches left when you are finished. The problem becomes how to deal with them. Transporting them for disposal is a hectic affair and costly in its way. It turns out to be uneconomical every time you tend your garden that you have to ferry the waste. Thus, other methods of handling the debris came into existence.

That is where the chippers and shredders come into the picture. They help in dealing with organic debris from trunks to leaves and branches. Nevertheless, from all available options, there is always the dilemma of trying to find the best. Depending on the need, one can opt for one of several chipper shredders. This article gives details concerning the best chipper shredder for composting.

🥇 The Best Chipper Shredder for Composting

  • Ideal for turning branches and twigs into nutrient-rich garden mulch
  • Powerful 15 amp motor effectively chips and shreds branches up to 1.5-Inches...
  • Compact design with 6-inch wheels for easy portability; Sound power level: 113...
  • Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened....
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty

For lighter electric chippers, both in price and in operation, the Sun Joe is one of the best offers you can find. It handles branches of regular sizes very well and is easy to operate in a safe manner.

Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher

  • 53 GALLONS/MIN: That’s right, the 13.0...
  • RIGHT INTO THE BAG: Disposes of leaves...
  • 11:1 MULCH RATIO: That’s 11 bags...
  • STURDY YET PORTABLE: At 20 lbs., this...

This leaf shredder makes short work of the piles of leaves every year. Combine it with the worx cordless leaf blower for a great efficient workflow.

Earthwise GS70015 Chipper/Shredder

  • Powerful 15-amp motor shreds branches...
  • Chute and tamper tool to keep your hands...
  • Easy clean-up with the 1.2 Bushel...
  • Electric corded chipper/shredder shreds...
  • Durable back wheels that offers easy...

The Earthwise GS70015 15-Amp Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder with collection bin is a great option if you’re after a powerful compost shredder and easy clean up

Why use a chipper shredder for composting?

The process of creating compost for your garden is very lengthy. First is the reduction of the material’s size. When done manually, it is a tiring and hectic endeavor. Secondly, the debris has to be placed in the compost pit awaiting decay. Before it can decay and be ready for application, a lot of time has elapsed. Moreover, the stench from the decomposing organic matter is unbearable. Thus, in every sense, the traditional method for preparation of compost is backward.

A better and more convenient way is to use the chipper shredder. It breaks down the waste into conveniently tiny sizes, the purpose of which is to speed decay. That is possible because the surface will have significantly increased which allows elements of rot to work on the material more efficiently. The process is so quick that the output can be applied almost immediately. Right from the machine, the shredded matter is applicable as compost.

twigs for compost

Chippers, Shredders, and Mulchers

Before we go any further, we must demystify a critical element and clarify the difference between a chipper, shredder, and a mulcher. From the outside looks, it may seem there is not much difference between them. However, that is not the case.

The chipper, in layman’s terms, handles the bigger and harder load. It chops logs and tree trunks into smaller pieces; its mechanism is designed to withstand that kind of material. Its blades are sturdy and spin at high speeds; additionally, they are very sharp to slice through both dry and wet wood. Consequently, it is safe to say a chipper’s output is much larger.

The mulcher is much more delicate in design. In fact, it cannot handle any wood lest it get damaged; thus, its purpose is to shred smooth organic matter. Their most common load is made up of leaves; its output is intended to for use as mulch in the garden.

The shredder falls in between the two. It handles twigs and branches. Though less noisy, it uses blunt blades. That means it is unable to process tough wood. Nevertheless, its output is much smaller in size compared to that of the chipper.

composting with wood chipper shredder

The chipper shredder

There are several types of chipper shredders. Their classification can be according to different criteria. However, the most effective classification relies on the source of power. From the power source used, we can determine the two groups of chipper shredders.

electric wood chipper with bag of chips


The electric chipper shredder draws power from the main power supply. That means it must have a connecting cable that meets the demands of the garden. A long cord is preferred to allow for movement of the machine to some distance from the supply. Nevertheless, they are not as powerful as other models using different power sources. They can only measure up to about 2 hp. Such power is not enough to handle tree limbs, just smaller twigs, leaves and light debris should be put down the chute.

Despite the lack in power, the electric model is well known for being quiet. Its operation is almost silent. Additionally, it is very lightweight which makes it suitable for moving around when in use. Based on the effects to the environment, the electric version is safe and environment friendly. There are no harmful emissions associated with it.

Gas Powered Compost Shredder

The gasoline model depends on fuelling with gasoline for it to function. The primary advantage of the gasoline type is its power which supersedes the electric version regarding the load it can handle. That means it can work on considerably larger inputs, and works much faster. Thus, when it comes to managing more extensive gardens, the fuel-run machine is the preferred option.

  • DEPENDABLE - 212 cc Viper engine with a 5-year ; Always-ready, 11" wheels will never go flat
  • Accessories - Optional vacuum kit featuring a unique air gate and largest-in-class rotor, Tazz produces 20% more vacuum than similar chipper shredders
  • Convenient - 25. 4" Wide by 29. 9" Long, It takes up minimal room in your garage or shed
  • Easy-to-use - rugged easy-to-use debris bag featuring the bottom-out zipper and a quick dock-and-lock bag connector
  • - 5-Year on product if it was purchased on or after 3/15/2017

Nevertheless, with the advantage of better power comes some shortcomings. First, it is noisier. Because it generates more energy, it equally produces more noise. That makes it uncomfortable to work with. Also, it is not a suitable option for use in quiet neighborhoods. Secondly, it emits fumes and waste gases. These are harmful to the environment and contribute to the global warming pandemic. Together with that, they are detrimental to the health of the operator. Exposure to them and for long hours can create health problems.

Electric models will require investment in a lengthy power cable to allow for movement. The gasoline machine, on the other hand, can be moved without that restriction. The major problem is that it is much heavier than its counterpart. Thus, the inhibition of movement may persist in a way.


Selecting either of the two models described above will depend on several factors. These factors will determine which will be most suitable. They include:

  • Size of the load – larger loads mean larger equipment needed
  • Location of residence – farms in rural areas are large and will require massive machinery to do the work


Using a compost shredder to break down waste for composting is economical and time saving, and, it is the best method, with all factors considered. The best compost shredder should be able to handle the specific job. The two outlined above, electric and gasoline, are the best models to use. Read our buying guides for more info on the topic. Each has its advantages over the other. Thus, the final decision rests solely with the user. You could try to rent one or several models first to see what you like before you spent your money on buying one.

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