The Best Chainsaw Gloves To Keep Your Fingers On Your Hands

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Working with chainsaws, it is a good idea to be wearing gloves for several reasons. There is the danger of getting cut by the chain, but that’s not the only danger. Thorns, sharp branches, glass, are all things you come across cutting through trees and shrubs.

Wearing chainsaw gloves also gives you a better grip on your chainsaw, and it just makes you work more confidently, because you don’t have to worry about getting cut as much. This in turn will let you focus on the job better, keeping you and people and objects around you safe as well.

Best Chainsaw Gloves

Good protective chainsaw gloves are essential, and these gloves from Husqvarna are worth your money. You’ll enjoy how good these gloves are able to protect your hands while still remaining comfortable to wear. They will be durable enough to use for many years and will work well for your purposes.

  • Cut resistant in left hand
  • Spandex fabric back
  • Goatskin palm
  • High visibility colors
  • Reflective Crown H logo

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If you want to buy a pair of gloves that are incredibly cut-resistant, then these will be your best option. The fact that they are lined with kevlar makes them as safe as they can possibly be. They are also fairly comfortable and allow you to maintain your grip very well.

Superior Glove Endura® Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/M
Superior Glove Endura® Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/M
Meets the EN 381:1999 Class 0 for chainsaw gloves; Elasticized hook & loop wrists improve comfort and keep out debris
Being able to purchase gloves that are comfortable is the most important thing for some people. These gloves aren’t as cut-resistant as the Youngstown gloves, but they do provide good protection while being very comfortable. The water-resistant nature of the gloves is nice too, so they have plenty of utility.

If you want to buy a pair of gloves that is cut-resistant, then this is one of the two best pairs of gloves on the market. These gloves will keep you from having to worry about cuts and punctures while allowing you to maintain your grip. They’re high-quality and will definitely be useful to you during long jobs.

Oregon Chainsaw Left-Hand Protection Leather Gloves – Large (size 10) (91305L)
Oregon Chainsaw Left-Hand Protection Leather Gloves – Large (size 10) (91305L)
Highly visible material for extra safety, in size large
If you want a high-quality pair of chainsaw gloves, then these Oregon gloves just might be for you. The leather design feels really nice to wear and keeps you safe from cuts or other little accidents. The leather reinforced palms are a great touch that makes these gloves desirable over many other products that are on the market.

Working with a chainsaw always carries risks, which is why it is so important to protect your body from top to bottom before turning the chainsaw on and starting to work. This includes the right face and eye protection, gloves, chaps, and of course, the right boots.

It may feel like you’re going to extremes when you dress like this, but it is imperative to protect yourself not only from accidents with the chainsaw, but also from flying branches, sticks, and other debris. The right gloves are especially important, because the last thing you want is to do permanent damage to your hands or fingers, or even your wrists.

Like other protective clothing, you need certain types of chainsaw gloves if you want them to be effective, and below are a few things you need to know before you run out and start shopping for them.

why you should always wear chainsaw safety gloves

Why You Need Chainsaw Gloves

This one is easy to figure out, and the first thing you’ll want to look for is an anti-slip pair of gloves so they don’t slip off while you’re working, which can cause not only injuries to you, but also harm to those around you.

The gloves should be thick, of course, and most are made of some type of leather and have protective snagging material in the back of one of them. They usually run from small to extra-large, or sizes 8 through 11, but the most important feature of the gloves is their anti-slip material, because if your gloves slip, it can be extremely dangerous.

chainsaw gloves reviews

In addition, because there is usually extra reinforcement in the palm and finger areas, this gives you even more anti-slip ability, making them extra effective. Without these gloves, you can drop the chainsaw, get injured from falling or spewing debris, and even cut your hands or fingers in some instances.

A chainsaw can injure any part of your body even if you are using it properly, because accidents happen. The right gloves and other protective clothing can greatly reduce the chances of something serious happening, which is why all of these items are so important.

how chainsaw gloves protect your hands

How Chainsaw Gloves Protect Your Hands

The right chainsaw gloves only protect your hands if they are made from the right materials and fit properly, and you need to be wearing them correctly as well. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions, and the ones with Velcro on the wrist are especially effective because they make certain your gloves fit perfectly once you put them on.

If you happen to have hands that are in-between sizes, that Velcro can help a lot because it ensures a tight, but comfortable fit every time. If debris or even the chainsaw hits your hand, the damages are much less severe than they would be if you weren’t wearing gloves at all.

arborist using chainsaw gloves

Another reason these gloves do such a great job of protecting you, is that the materials they are made of are usually quite thick. The manufacturers often use leather or polyester blends, but the other parts can be made of other materials.

For instance, the cowhide leather often used in the palm area can be half-an-inch thick, which both protects that part of your hands and helps you to grip the chainsaw better. The back material often includes polyester or other materials for comfort, and the outer materials can include leather, natural latex, and even polyester.

The combination of the various materials is there to make the gloves fit better, grip better, and not slip off your hands while you’re working, and the fleece often used on the inside of the gloves is there for comfort. The companies that make these gloves know how important their job is, so if you buy them from the right manufacturer, you’ll always get gloves that work right.

chainsaw gloves safety standards

Safety Standards and Certifications

Like clothing, gloves also must meet certain certifications, and it is best if the gloves that you buy are certified by EN420, EN388, and EN381-7. They should be made out of Class 0 materials, and since most chainsaw gloves are made out of cut-retardant materials, this greatly reduces the likelihood of being injured even if your chainsaw does accidentally get near your hand.

If you’re working with a chainsaw, don’t just run out and purchase safety gloves, because they must be a certain type of gloves in order to work right when you’re working with a chainsaw.

orange chainsaw gloves

How to Buy Chainsaw Gloves

Buying the right chainsaw gloves always requires that you try them on before choosing the ones that you want. If you’re ordering through a catalog or the Internet, make sure you measure your hand all the way down to your wrists so that the right size can be ordered.

Most online stores have size charts that can help you make the right decision, and the best places to look are stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Northern Tool Co., Uline, and even online facilities such as eBay.

The main rule to follow is to get the right size, because even a well-made pair of gloves can slide off your hands if they are too big for you. Spend some time making sure that the gloves fit perfectly before you buy them, because it can make a big difference the next time you use your chainsaw.

chainsaw ppe

The apparel and equipment recommended for chainsaw use should always be purchased before you even consider using that chainsaw, because it can make your experience with your chainsaw a much more accommodating one. You’ll want gloves that are safe, comfortable, and most importantly, which fit right.

You can research them if you like, but the salespeople at most of these stores should have the knowledge that you’re looking for to recommend the right type of glove for your needs. These gloves are also inexpensive to buy, and even if they were expensive, they are well worth the price because of the protection you get while wearing them.

There is no such thing as being too careful when you’re working with a chainsaw, and making sure you have the right protective gear is an important part of the process.
chainsaw gloves reviews

Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

Husqvarna Saw Protection Gloves

  • Cut resistant in left hand
  • Spandex fabric back
  • Goatskin palm
  • High visibility colors
  • Reflective Crown H logo


  • Very durable and cut-resistant. These gloves will stand up to regular use and keep you safe.


  • The lack of color options will feel limiting to some people.

It is so imperative to own a good pair of protective chainsaw gloves. These gloves made by Husqvarna are high-quality and will definitely help you to be safer while using a chainsaw. The left-hand design is cut resistant, helping you to avoid injury. The gloves are also made of a very comfortable material, making them easy to wear even for long stretches of time.

The palms of these gloves are made out of goatskin and they will definitely stand the test of time. Husqvarna has made the colors of these gloves highly visible in order to increase the safety even further. You’ll have a good time if you decide to purchase these gloves. They function well and even look very professional.

Youngstown Chainsaw Gloves

  • COMFORT AND PRECISION; Youngstown's unique 3D construction gives your fingers better dexterity, grip, and mobility. We combine high mobility with a comfortable ergonomic fit that keeps you cool and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you.
  • SAFETY RATED; The grey general all-purpose work gloves use an adjustable hook and loop cuff and full Kevlar protection. They are puncture and cut resistant. Certified to Cut Resistant ANSI/ISEA 105 Level A4 and Puncture Resistant to ANSI/ISEA Level 4.
  • BETTER PROTECTION; Our heavy duty 3D design gives your fingers, knuckles, and palms protection that covers the entire hand. We give you more material and protection where you need it. Our kevlar work gloves are safety designed with a 2nd skin fit.
  • THE ONLY GLOVES FOR THE JOB; These kevlar gloves come in sizes small to 3x Large. They're perfect for a wide variety of worksites. Perfect for barbed wire, landscaping, construction, and recycling.
  • YOUNGSTOWN GLOVE COMPANY For over 20 years we've been creating superior quality performance work gloves designed to be the best friend of lineman, utility workers, construction workers, mechanics, welders, and an always expanding array of jobs


  • Superior protection from cuts and punctures. Makes you as safe as you can be.


  • Maybe not quite as comfortable as some of the other gloves.

Youngstown has made a pair of chainsaw gloves that can provide you with absolute protection. These gloves are meticulously designed to keep you safe from cuts and other accidents. The materials used to make these gloves are various, but the lining of the gloves is completely made of kevlar. It would be very difficult to cut these gloves or to puncture them in any way due to the kevlar lining.

Owning a pair of gloves like this will allow you to feel as safe as possible while using your chainsaw. The gloves come in multiple different sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right fit whether your hands are small or large. The gloves also have excellent grip, so you’ll never feel like you are losing your hold on your chainsaw. These gloves will definitely work nicely for anyone who uses a chainsaw on a regular basis.

Endura Cut Resistant Gloves

  • Meets the EN 381:1999 Class 0 for chainsaw gloves
  • Water resistant, smooth, grain goatskin leather palms have built in anti-vibration reinforcement
  • Elasticized hook & loop wrists improve comfort and keep out debris
  • Hi-viz yellow backs are designed for optimal visibility
  • Stretchy nylon/Lycra fabric at the back of the hands features a water resistant breathable membrane


  • Water-resistant and very comfortable to wear. The anti-vibration palms work nicely.


  • Not as protective as some of the other gloves on the market.

If the comfort of your chainsaw gloves is of the utmost importance to you, then you might want to consider purchasing these gloves made by Endura. They are made out of a nylon fabric that is very stretchy, allowing the gloves to fit very comfortably on your hands. The palms are made out of goatskin to help reduce vibrations from your chainsaw as well.

As an added benefit, these gloves are water-resistant. It can be nice to not have to worry about getting your gloves wet. You can purchase these gloves in three different sizes and they come in a highly visible yellow color. You’ll feel very at ease wearing these gloves, and you’ll never feel like they’re bothering you while you’re working.

Ringers Cut Resistant Gloves

  • FLEXIBLE TPR IMPACT PROTECTION WORK GLOVES - Flexible TPR impact protection on the knuckles and fingers makes these ideal extrication gloves for firefighters and other high intensity applications, as well as optimal work, gardening, or chainsaw gloves.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY FOR INCREASED SAFETY - These extrication gloves are made with high visibility materials for increased safety and they feature reflective markings
  • CE RATED FOR EN388 CUT AND PUNCTURE RESISTANCE - These gloves are made with synthetic leather, stretch cordura, armortex, EVA padding and rubber allowing them to get CE rated for EN388 level 2 cut and puncture resistance
  • Durable GRIP AND EXTENDED CUFF - A Durable system on the palm and fingers offers enhanced grip and an extended cuff with gaiter closure keeps out debris. Made with Kevlar stitching and padding on palm
  • RINGERS BEST IN CLASS CUT RESISTANT GLOVES - Ringers manufactures best in class work gloves for firefighters and other professionals while considering dexterity and impact protection.


  • Exceptionally resistant to cuts and punctures. They allow you to grip things really well.


  • Your hands may get hot while wearing these gloves.

Ringers have made a pair of gloves that are very cut-resistant without the use of kevlar. These gloves are made using synthetic leather and other durable materials. They will be very difficult to puncture and should keep you quite safe while you’re using your chainsaw. These gloves are quite flexible as well, making it easy to manipulate objects and get a good grip.

Firefighters and rescue crews have been known to wear these types of gloves for certain tasks. They’re excellent gloves for when you need to be protected while still having full use of your hands. You won’t lose any of your dexterity in your hands with these gloves on, and this can make your chainsaw work even easier. These are a desirable pair of gloves that will keep you safe and improve your grip capabilities.

Oregon Chainsaw Safety Gloves

  • Multi-use, left-hand protection safety gloves for loggers and homeowners – comfortable enough for all-day work
  • Extra thick material on the left hand provides chainsaw protection up to the EN381-7 safety standard
  • Palms reinforced for maximum control when gripping chainsaw; Close-fit wrist protection – stays put, won’t catch, and keeps out rain, dust, and dirt
  • Smooth leather conforms to user’s hands for a natural fit and more dexterity while working
  • Highly visible material for extra safety, in size large


  • High-quality leather construction and the vibration reduction capabilities of the leather reinforced palms.


  • The gloves only come in a standard orange color.

Oregon is another brand that has been making protective chainsaw gear for a long time. This pair of protective chainsaw gloves is another fine product from this company. If you decide to purchase these gloves, then you will be getting a high-quality product that is capable of keeping you safe from harm. The gloves have a smooth leather construction that will feel nice to wear and will give you extra confidence in your safety.

The palms of these gloves have been reinforced with leather to help reduce the vibration of your chainsaw, too. This can make the wear and tear on your hands less of an issue throughout your workday. Anything that can make your workday a bit easier is always welcome. These gloves only come in orange, but this is the perfect color to keep your visibility high for safety reasons.

oregon chainsaw gloves

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