7 Arrowhead Plant Benefits

Arrowhead plants are growing in popularity, and there are many reasons for this popularity spike. These plants have a lovely and unique appearance, but what else can they offer you and your home apart from looks? Let us find out!

Arrowhead plants are some of the easiest plants to care for and will not take much effort to keep happy. These plants offer benefits to both you and other plants in your home or wildlife in your garden. These plants purify the air, increase humidity levels, and are a great food source.

Fun Facts About Arrowhead Plants

Arrowhead plants have a large area that they originate from; their native land spreads from Canada to Puerto Rico. These plants will generally grow to a width of 1 to 3 feet and a height between 3 to 8 feet.

These plants are hardy to the USDA Hardiness Zones 5,6,7,8,9 and 10, making these plants some of the easiest plants to care for as they are extremely hardy. Arrowhead plants bloom in the summer, and they are reblooming plants, meaning they are perennials.

There are many other interesting facts about Arrowhead plants, but what interests us the most are the benefits you will receive from growing this plant in your home and garden, so let’s go through them!

7 Benefits Of Arrowhead Plants

Arrowhead plants have several benefits that make growing an Arrowhead plant worthwhile and well worth the little effort it takes to care for them. Let’s go through the seven main benefits of Arrowhead plants.

Fresh green arrowhead vine plant
Yay Fresh green arrowhead vine plant

1. Arrowhead Plants Purify The Air

One of the main benefits that Arrowhead plants offer is that they are excellent air-purifying plants. With the rising pollution rates, it is more important than ever to help keep the air around you as fresh as possible, and Arrowhead plants are here to help.

Arrowhead plants can absorb and eliminate chemicals like benzene, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen dioxide from the air in your home, making the air easier to breathe. Arrowhead plants help lower the carbon dioxide levels in your home as well, making the air fresher.

So, these plants can also help people with respiratory problems because of their air-purifying abilities, as they can absorb chemicals from the air that impact our respiratory systems. It is best to keep multiple Arrowhead plants around your home to help combat the pollution in the air around your home.

2. Arrowhead Plans Are Low-Maintenance

Arrowhead plants are not popular solely for their air-purifying abilities, but these plants are also extremely low-maintenance and require very little attention from you to thrive in your home.

These plants are native to swampy lands, tidal marshes, rivers, ponds, and wetland margins, meaning this plant can be planted in soil, but it can also be kept in a jar of water, which makes the plants care exceptionally easy.

With Arrowhead plants, as long as you ensure you keep it in a sunny location, where it receives 6 to 8 hours of sun daily, and you ensure you water it or clean out its water jar twice a week, then your Arrowhead plant will be happy.

3. Arrowhead Plants Help Increase Humidity Levels

Arrowhead vine plants can help increase the humidity levels in your home, reducing dryness in the air, making the air easier to breathe. This ability can not only help you, but it can help your other indoor houseplants that require a higher humidity level.

Arrowhead plants have a transpiration rate of 7, which means this plant is one of the best at increasing humidity levels. So, if you have a problem with dry air in your home, which can affect people with asthma and allergies, you will greatly benefit from having a few Arrowhead plants around your home.

If you have other plants in your home that suffer when kept in dry conditions, then placing an Arrowhead plant next to them can better help them survive these drier climates.

4. Medicinal Benefits Of The Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants are not only easy to care for and air purifying, but they also have a large number of health benefits to them when they are consumed. Arrowhead plants have been part of various traditional medicines worldwide, including in the Chinese and Venezuelan cultures.

A few studies have shown that Arrowhead vine plants can help regulate blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes, helping to treat anemia, lowers your risk for having heart problems, helping support lung and respiratory system functions, and much more.

So, as you can see, Arrowhead plants offer a wide variety of health benefits; whether you have it as a tea or mix parts of the plant into your regular meal, you will reap these rewards from this plant.

5. Arrowhead Plants Provide Food For Wildlife

Arrowhead vine plants also help support local wildlife as they can be eaten by many animals, including birds and deer. There are multiple varieties of Arrowhead plants that form starchy tubers underground that serve as an excellent food source for different animals, especially in the winter.

These tubers are nutritious and have the same texture as potatoes, which attract wildlife to the plant. So, if you want to attract some lovely animals to your garden and help them through harsh winters, then plant some Arrowhead plants in your garden. The wild animals will thank you!

6. Arrowhead Plants Are A Good Food Source For Humans

Not only are Arrowhead tubers a good food source for animals, but humans can eat them too! The starchy tubers can be cooked in the same way as we cook regular potatoes.

Eating the tubers of the Arrowhead plants can offer you the same health benefits as mentioned above in the medicinal section. Arrowhead tubers have a very similar taste to potatoes and chestnuts, so you can use them as the starchy “potato” part of your meal.

Arrowhead tubers also contain some valuable nutrients like vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and copper, which help support different functions in your body, making this plant the perfect food to add to your diet.

Fresh red arrowhead vine plant
Yay Fresh red arrowhead vine plant

7. Arrowhead Plants Are Excellent Ornamental Plants

Arrowhead plants are known for their beautiful appearance. These plants have striking arrow-shaped leaves, where they got this common name from. These plants bloom when they are fully mature, and their blooms almost look like that of a Peace Lily.

Arrowhead plants are also climbers, so you can have these lovely plants growing up a trellis on the side of your home, or you can place them in a hanging pot to create a dramatic effect in your home with the plant hanging to the floor. Their great looks and versatility make Arrowhead plants excellent ornamental plants.